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    I was excited when I read that they would add new types of Ancient items, more powerful, rarer, and have the feeling of playing the game for the first time again farming for these new items. But I'm not excited anymore with this last change in the Primal Ancients.

    In my opinion, we've spent 2 years farming Anctient items since it was released on 1/13/2015 in patch 2.1.2. So we already have many "Ancients with perfect rolls". I do not want to spend 2 more years farming for items that will give me a minimal difference from my current items and it would take even longer to get them.

    I would like the return of the first version of Primal Ancients with increased stats and with perfect rolls! This would be an opportunity to bring back the rarity and quality in the legendary items in general and rewarding the player properly for the time spent looking for them.

    Because seriously, I do not want to spend a lot of my time farming for something real rare just to have 4 dexterity that was missing in one pants or 05% CC missing in one gloves or 33 arcane resistance missing in one belt and etc. I do not think that this current change will bring back players as happened in the 2.1.2 patch.

    So what do you guys think about the current changes in Primal Ancient with perfect rolls? Are you guys happy with the current changes or would you like those increased stats returned and with perfect rolls this time?

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