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    :-D either way thanks for the effort enkeria
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    Quote from CorruptDevil

    Quote from trapsplz

    Quote from CorruptDevil

    We DON'T know, we are only going off what are people are saying, and what the blue posts are saying. This is all we can interpret from the posts. And yes I do think people who got in would be trolling the forums. From what we see we can say that invites did not go out for opt-ins yesterday. If you have your own opinion thats fine, but don't make a flame war of it just because you take other peoples posts differently.

    Until we can actually see that opt-ins have indeed received invites I'm gonna believe they haven't actually gone out yet.
    If anyone got flamed here it was me(not necessarily by you), you should read through some of your earlier posts in this topic, they're not really what i'd call "different opinion friendly"

    Thanks for understanding that we dont know thou, that was the message i was trying to get through, even thou i apparently didn't make myself clear enough on that.

    My threads were always completely based on complete assumption as to what the blue posts and the status of the forums meant. At no time was i rejecting what other people thought. This is just what everyone else interpreted from the posts as i did. If someone else found something to contradict me i would of changed my information.

    Holy Shit do you seriously have 140 post after being here a week. The more you talk without something useful to say the less impact your voice has when you actually do make a good point. Not trying to hate I just think it is odd that you think you have that much worth saying.
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    Ok that is the third time they have logged my account out without a beta invite. I think if they do it again my head will pop off.
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    ok this helm totally looks like sauron's helm from LOTR as does the rest of the armor that goes with it.

    One Barb to rule them all.
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    Quote from aregile_cruiser

    Quote from Akuma_Gin

    That guy removed the screenie. Blizzard in action hell yeah :D

    where was that even from?
    and its sooooo fake, you have defeated the beta, c'mon really??

    how is that any less strange as henceforth known as
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