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    posted a message on [CKS] CKS-Gaming Active Season Clan looking for members (Season 11)

    Hi there,

    I'm a casual D3 player who wants to take it to an higher level.

    For a long time i have played Diablo solo. Learning it from a few video's but mostly just playing it for fun!

    This season i would really like to make some progression! So i'm not that high in paragon. My highest GR isn't high (61).

    But i'm eager to learn an to grind those paragons!

    I hope you will take the time and read my application and consider adding me to the clan! :)

    Battletag: Namanix#2972

    Paragons: 50 S / 651 NS

    Main Class (Season): Barbarian / Necromancer

    Highest Clear : GR60

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