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    posted a message on Poll: Are you going to play season or non-seasonal?

    I'll play season only to get the stash tab and go non-season after.

    Like I did in S5.

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    posted a message on Kanai's Cube - Which affixes will you copy?

    for my WW barb I'll pick

    cube weapon: Furnace - 50% elite dmg

    cube armor: Hexing pants - 25% all

    cube jewelry: CoE - 50% per element

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    posted a message on Rank1 World Gr52 Solo Barb VIDEO (10min44sec)
    Congratz :barb:
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    posted a message on 2h barb: switch to ww or keep farming a1?
    Quote from 3rdbolt

    I have been farming A1 for ages and I can't make good progress in A2 after spending millions on my gear :/. Here is the build/ gear I'm using:


    I managed to kill Belial with 5 stacks but it required skipping some elite packs and dying a lot.Should I just give up on this build and go WW? I have 800+ AR buffed but any nasty elite pack just eats me alive. I love seismic slam but only being to properly farm A1 is getting really boring. I don't want to spend another 100 hours farming A1 so I can get one piece of stupidly expensive gear (str+vit+ar and crit/as/crit dmg) to be able to farm A2 properly.

    I also have a helm of command and a 26% block shield from before 1.0.3 but it drops me to 14k dps (with full fury and 5 frenzy stacks) which is boring as hell with the A2 elite health pools. Not to mention a vortex/firechains/desecrator still wtfpwns me.

    Your Items won't help you much for WW build. They don't have crit chance or crit dmg at all.
    You need to change gloves, helm, bracers, rings, amulet, 2x 1-hands :(
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    posted a message on Tyrael Tattoo(s). Regret?
    Quote from overneathe

    I wonder which part of their bodies demons need to tear off in order to become humans.


    Horns. Like Hellboy :)
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    posted a message on Preordered CE online but want to play at release? I got ideas!
    Quote from Master_M

    Quote from Nokturnal1

    I talked to Blizz costumer support and they are more than happy to refund me and recommended that I purchase it a week before release so the refund is easy with no "pending" problems
    To be clear.... your saying that since i ordered my CE online, blizzard is fine with me buying the digital version from them so i can play right away. Then return my digital CD key to them for a refund once i get my CE.

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Alternatively, you can get the digital version now, play right at midnight, overwrite your license with your CE when you pick it up, and then contact our support department. In most situations they'll be able to grant you a new standard key, which you can then give to a friend, or whatever.

    So you get one new standard key not a refund($).
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