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    I played TQ + the expansion a lot, and it was a nice feature to be able to see a certain item on the creature you were about to slaughter. Other things I also liked about the game, was the "show items filter" to not show normal items and such, and that the item you equipped actually looked like that item on your char., in D2 if you equipped a unique shield or death maul it just looked like that tier item, and not how the actual item. I hope they have a feature quite like these in D3 as well..

    But I still see a tiny problem with the shown item on the creature, only coz of the separate drop thingy.. would be so crap to be a barb, see a nice big legendary axe on a creature, and then only demon hunter would be able to pick it up.. ( especially coz the friends I play with are item whores :P and don't wanna share xD )
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