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    posted a message on [CKS] CKS-Gaming Active Season Clan looking for members (Season 11)

    Heya CKS! I'd like to join your ranks, as I'm looking for an active clan to do group content with.

    My information is as follows:

    Battletag: Lifesnapper#2948

    Main Class: Support Barb - Also gonna be gearing up a Monk at some point during the season to provide more flexibility.

    Paragon Lvl (Season/Non Season if between seasons) My current season paragon is 682, and my nonseason paragon is 1555 - Mainly reached during Season 5 (1386) and Season 6 (1111).

    Highest GR Clears (Solo & 4Man)

    4 man: 102 (Season 6) - 95 in current season.

    Solo: 79 in current season which is also my all-time best - I'm not much of a solo player.

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    posted a message on Delsere Energy Twister Build - Staying Alive

    It's an interesting idea Tero, but I don't think it's really going to work at higher tiers as you're dropping quite a lot of damage by dropping the Furnace, Witching Hour and Magic Weapon. It is my experience that with EB stacks, Teleport(Safe Passage), Slow time up along with defensive buff provided by the group you're pretty hard to kill. I haven't cleared super high yet, I'm still in the mid-80's farming paragon, but whilst fighting density I can comfortably stay still and spam my Twister only really moving to keep Safe Passage up or if I'm stood in too much and start taking damage. If some of the defensives drop for whatever reason shit tends to get a bit scary though :-)

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    posted a message on DMO ET - sticky twister tips

    It's a pretty hard job to make a list up of all the places where you can stick them. But generally if there's any sort of bump or small crack in an otherwise straight/flat wall it's possible to stick them, you can do this by either placing yourself so that when you shoot your twister it will travel along the wall until it gets stuck in the crack. Or you can use another and probably easier way which is to move up to this crack/bump in the wall so that you're stood a few yards in front of it and then shoot your twister directly towards/at it. There's also stuff like some of the spider eggs, bones and other 'solid' objects on the floor that your Twisters will stick to.

    Given the nature of how it works though I'd say the best way to learn where you can fixate your twisters is by simply trying it out in adventure mode visiting the actual dungeons/floor represented in the GR tileset. It might just be me finding joy in doing weird shit, but I enjoyed making it into a game within the game to find out where the twisters stick to as I find curiosity to be a damn good way to improve your gameplay, even if it's forced.

    I don't know if any of this helped you, if not then atleast this is how I am experiencing/progressing with it.

    Once you've got the gameplay down yourself make sure your group is aware of where the tornadoes stick so that they can pull the mobs to one of these locations immediately before all the CC get DR'd

    Good luck with the sticky twisting :D

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    posted a message on Delsere Energy Twister Build - Staying Alive

    It is a squishy build, but if you manage to maintain all of your defensives you should be able to stay alive just fine by standing in the group together with the others as long as the Barb is keeping up his buffs and you're making sure you're standing in the Inner Sanc put down my the Monk.

    As you push for higher GR's you should consider running more Vitality on your Gloves and Offhand instead of the Area Damage.

    Side note: Is your Monk running that exact build and items?

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    posted a message on LFM 70++ Greater Rifts Paragon 750+

    Heya! I've spent most of my season so far gearing and playing an ET Wizard, but have recently started gearing a Globe Monk, as I like playing a support.

    The gear on my Monk is currently nowhere near where I want it to be yet, but it can comfortably do 70+ speeds. My seasonal paragon is currently somewhere in the 750's.

    If you'd like to check out my profile before adding me, then feel free to do so here.

    Add me @ Lifesnapper#2948.

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