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    posted a message on New Expansion Patch: Loot Runs Renamed to Nephalem Rifts, New Passive Effects, Massive Class Changes
    Knockbacks will knockup enemies instead.

    Getting those demons pregnant o.o
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    posted a message on New Datamined Patch - Class Changes, Passive Effects, Item Graphics and MUCH more
    Quote from Freezard

    No one gives a shit about Merlock cause it's just a useless pet. I don't want the best sword in the game to be a fucking sword from WarCraft.

    Please calm down.
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0, discovering its true potential.
    Man I love these posts. It makes me soooo excited for future Diablo content! Good work :D
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    posted a message on What is a Skill or specific Skill Rune you wish was more viable (how would you improve it)?
    I really would like to see the skills with really lengthy cool-downs be reduced drastically.

    This game is far too fast paced to have something with a two minute CD. It's the reason Thrive on Chaos rune is about the only WotB rune being used. The problem is that Wrath is far too powerful versus other skills without that cool-down. The other side of the problem coin is that with such a huge cool-down you are wasting a skill slot 105 seconds out of 120 without the endless up-time Thrive on Chaos provides.

    Perhaps... Wrath of the Berserker could be a passive that activates when you've done something. example ideas:

    - massacre 50+ monsters.
    - kill x# of mobs at once.
    - gained x# of fury in a certain time.
    -gone down to 10-5% health.
    - goes into Wrath when engaging an elite pack with 60sec cool down

    Something that triggers it but doesn't make the player rely on the skill. The WotB could just give a default buff (pretend the runes do not exist since it's a proc type passive) and it lets players feel like they go into a frenzy when circumstances are at their peak of crazy. It opens that 6th skill slot and makes the barb feel a lot more unstable and unpredictable.
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Interview With the Diablo 3 Team, Blue Posts, BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest
    We need to stop getting frustrated that we aren't learning all the juicy tidbits that are most likely being worked on for the expansion and being saved as Blizzcon reveals.

    Lets try and give them more insight into what we like and dislike about all the things in the Diablo series. That's what they are interested in right now. Let's put our money where our mouths are and eloquently lay out some focused opinions on what we actually mean when we say that something is less than stellar in Diablo 3.

    And of course they are going to be promoting the Console version. I don't care about it myself. I Don't own a console. However, why would they not take at least some of the time to express interest in another Diablo product they are shipping soon?

    Cynicism has it's place, but it's too trendy and too easy to fall into a cycle of "Oh they don't care. It;s all PR fluff."

    Well fine, that's what it is. But we can make use of the air time given to us to have some real talks about what we want rather than wasting time trying to get them to reveal features we can see as being for the expansion.

    /two cents
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    posted a message on Why is making a stellar ARPG such a struggle for developers?
    Awesome conversation here :D

    I just don't think we have seen the leap in quality from Diablo 2's days conceptually like we had when Half-Life came onto the scene as an evolution from Doom and Quake based fps. It shifted the perspective of what an fps could be in terms of story and action. It raised the bar significantly. With ARPGs the climb to that next summit has been far more gradual over a far longer span of time.

    Actually... slow ARPG evolution.... HL3 confirmed???
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    posted a message on Why is making a stellar ARPG such a struggle for developers?
    Now this is a subjective opinion but from my perspective there is no singularly amazing ARPG this generation.

    We have a handful of good games that do some things right and some things really poorly.

    Diablo 3 - has some awesome combat and visuals. A very smooth (when the servers aren't laggy and audio assets aren't loading) game.

    Path of Exile - has some amazing options for theorycrafters and end game.

    Torchlight 2 - is smooth and user friendly while allowing for a great mod community.

    There are a few up and coming ARPGs (Grim Dawn, Van Helsing, Marvel Heroes) but they tend to fall somewhere in between these three prominent game's framework.

    In the end, despite some clear strengths they either water down systems too much or stick too closely to the old systems of Diablo 2 where the challenges were derived from poorly worked systems (potion spamming + infinite TP, poorly worked skill trees) rather than being creatively difficult.

    Also, we still have the same approach to leveling via playing through the game 3-4 times normal,nightmare, hell) before you reach end game (if it's even present). After all these years that's the most creative way to level? I don;t hate it, but I am astounded how the genre hasn't really evolved since Diablo 2 (to any great margin).

    I don't want to instigate a flame war. I just don't see much else to talk about right now since Diablo 3 is in a major developmental limbo as far as I can tell.


    I think a good follow up question would be: Where do you see the genre going into the future? What systems would you like to see evolve, added or removed, become more dynamic, etc.
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    posted a message on Everything has clicked suddenly :D
    Since jumping in to patch 1.0.8 this game feels like it has so much more depth than I had felt before.

    The reason for my shift in perspective?

    I'm exploring again. With the changes to density it makes me want to explore and discover what each little cave and nook contains again. Now of course I'm finding new, efficient paths but coming back to Act 1,2 and 4 I am feeling nostalgic for the first few days of playing Diablo 3 in beta and at release. I'm stopping to appreciate little art details or lore books again. Inserting my own personal experiences into the overall story as I've done with all my favorite rpgs.

    It's also made me very excited for the future of the game and what the expansion will hold. I know that even some of us optimistic fans shared some disappointment with what the game was at launch. But now I am feeling better at taking it in stride and being excited for Diablo again. Just a really nice change!
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