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    How to counter? Use rend with bleed and hit em while invsible ... when they pop out of SS, they are dead.
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    Thank you very much Kratos! Added your request.
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    Thank you dude.

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    posted a message on #1 World Best 1.0.7 WD PVP/DUELING Ghost build by TURKNUKEM
    Quote from sechssechssechs

    Quote from fragdieb

    #1 in the world, trololol, learn to play little turk.... pretty poor playstyle.


    Yes, it is an easy build but have you seen Diablo 2 with the FoH-paladin? Or amazons shooting guided arrows? Well then, WELCOME to the Diablo franchise!

    There are always builds that are easier to play then others, that doesn't take away the right to play them though.
    Actually you should thank Turk for showing EVERYONE how to make this build, so that it can get Blizzard's attention (and then maybe pvp-related balancing).

    Yes Mr. 666, wanna tell me anything about d2 foh paladins or amazons ^ ... I slaughtered 1000's of em in over 7 years of league/tournament play (no not ffa teleport pvp as you eventually played).
    The build of Turk btw is pretty mainstream and every wd on ptr played it even before the video was published.

    But you didn't get the criticism so I sum it up again: Hopping anxiously around the borders of the map, throwing in those spiders and going invisible as soon as there's another player on screen, pressing the haunt button on a already hexed enemy to deliver a 1 hit shot, has nothing to do with skill, nor is it related being #1 build/player/whatever under any circumstance.

    But it isn't him to be blamed, the pvp system and the duel map introduced, are just plain crap, not worth to play. D2's bloodmoore had and has more potential to set up a fair duel and still is superior to what d3 offers.
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    posted a message on #1 World Best 1.0.7 WD PVP/DUELING Ghost build by TURKNUKEM
    #1 in the world, trololol, learn to play little turk.... pretty poor playstyle.
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    posted a message on Presenting to you: D3 Clan League for EU duelling
    Nice to see you spirals, bump this thread.
    This will be YOUR community for balanced, rulebased d3 pvp... check it out guys.
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    Quote from Vooodu

    Quote from overneathe

    In 5-6 years of Diablo II I've never seen a single guy PvP. But that's how anecdotal evidence works right?

    ...Cool story.

    Now, here.


    Theres a simple google search for you, Feel free to add any comment or anecdotal evidence you want. But the actual facts speak for themselves.

    Some real keywords if you wanna read about the history of rulebased diablo 2 pvp. Pub games are not even counted into this, it obviously was a lot more than what you can find below.

    duelliga 1n1 ladder
    blutmoor private pvp server
    angrenost realm
    polish clan league
    d2jsp lvl 49 league
    german bvb league

    and this were just the european communities ...

    May be a good idea to use http://archive.org since all those communities are dead and non existant these days.

    Also, stop arguing with those pve lovers who don't believe you anyway. They did not make the same experience as you did, and won't believe you even if you'd dig out all those old websites and forums to prove.
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    Quote from Astrand

    The only thing really needed are maps for different purposes (arena for TDM, CTF, other objectives) and a lobby with possibility of creating teams, everything else could be managed by community, including balancing (banning the use of some skills and/or items in the game description), organized small tournaments, ladders, whatever is needed. It would keep the community engaged in building their own PvP with tools given by Blizzard.

    This is all the game needs to rule for the next 10 years ... seriously, that was why people played d2 for a freakin decade and why there were plenty of private duel communities around. Guess what, it was great fun without your help. Spice it up, give the possibility to battle for loot, to battle as team or even to hold a clanwar. ADD CLANSUPPORT. GIEF SEVERAL OPTIONS OF TEAM PVP MODES. LET US CREATE OUR OWN GAMES. LET US ORGANISE TOURNAMENTS. STOP TRYING TO BALANCE CHARACTERS, you have never succeeded, see WORLD OF FAILCRAFT arena.

    Dear clueless Blizzard lend an ear to all the people who have gathered experience in playing diablo pvp over the past 13 years. Stop iterating your systems and bullshit ideas like: let's incorparate pve elements into pvp... Listen to the community since you have no fuckin idea about what is fun nor do your internal testers. You have proven your internal tests are shit and not worth anything, several times. You have also proven that none of your OH SO GREAT TEAM of developers has ever understood why D2 was so successful ... has anyone of you ever played the game for more than 2 months????

    I hope some blue reads this as they say they do. Read it damn bashiok and pass it on to your team of losers.
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    Quote from Boss_Hogg

    Vooodu Vs. AudioCG - livestream duel on day one patch DEMANDED !

    that would be interesting!
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    Quote from AudioCG

    Quote from maka

    Yeah, posing as the only person here that played D2 classic, and calling everyone a kid........two sure-fire ways of identifying a forum troll. Not replying to that, obviously. IF you actually address what I brought up, then maybe. But of course, that's not gonna happen; it wouldn't be trollish enough.
    Please leave. You'd do everyone a favour.

    Also, D2 classic was better than LoD (with a couple of exceptions).

    Yeah, being a trendy internet hipster (everything is always better when it is older, amirite?) is a sure fire way to identify an internet troll.....

    Also, show me a SINGLE organized competition (as in a event) for D2 PvP, go ahead, i'll wait. (every other Blizz game has had exactly these, except D2, I wonder why....)

    Common, just ONE, according to you, PvP for Diablo 2 was "huge", just one event, just one organized competition, should be easy to produce right? (you cant, because it never happened, because no one took D2 pvp seriously, ever.)

    So.... according to YOU (as in your words, not mine) you have hated Diablo 2 for what? 10 YEARS?

    Why would anyone be surprised that you hate D3? You have disliked Diablo 2 for the majority of its existence, you are not a Diablo fan AT ALL, roflol. (you have literally stated you have disliked/hated Diablo for over a DECADE)

    You claim to be a fan of Diablo, yet you seem to hate everything about the series, your a horribly confused hypocrite.

    Why would ANYONE take you seriously? You (according to your own words, lol) quit D2 after those patches, and by extension, LOD, you obviously have not played the game in around a DECADE, and know nothing about how the game evolved. (you claim to "hate D2" and have "quit playing it")

    So, your waaaaaaaaaaaay out of date, completely irrelevant to the community, and lack any recent experience with the franchise at all.....

    Why would anyone even care about your opinion of the game then? Why would ANYONE care what some douche who hates everything Diablo has been about for the last ten freaking years give a crap about your opinion on the current game?

    Why are you even part of a Diablo community at this point? Did you get lost along the way? ROFLOL (again, because you seem very, VERY confused here, you have hated Diablo 2 for a VERY long time, and hate Diablo 3........ you have not been able to find anything else to do in the last 12 years?!?!? Good lord man.)

    I have never seen so much fail from one person before, seriously man, you obviously hate the franchise, and have for a long time, FIND ANOTHER GAME. (I hear they make other ones!)

    about your statement regarding serious d2 pvp ...

    I played at least 50 - 100 tournaments of organised d2 pvp with a balanced ruleset from classic to 1.11 alone .... there were tourneys with over 100 participating 4 player teams.
    They are still playing organised pvp tournaments on angrenost realm up to date ...

    you spread wrong infos ...

    and yes, those were no tournaments where you could win money or similar things .. but well, those were times were sponsorships for pro players or tournaments with price money (besides sc1) didnt even exist.
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    Quote from ctuck

    Quote from Hans

    Call Blizzard and be polite when you do. Have the email information with you and get the agents name and the ticket number of the call. Try to work with them and see about getting a supervisor to put a ticket through to the email support.

    I doubt that Blizzard will ban customers with no reason and evidence. If they do than I see Blizzard be losing many sales since customer will be saying why am I buying this game if they can ban me for no reason. Trust me Blizzard does not want to lose sales since that is all the suits at ActiBlizzard cares about is the money from sales.

    They did ban me for no reason... This email correspondence proves it.


    "This is the latest response from Customer Support:
    Thank you for contacting us. An additional review of the action taken against the Diablo III account on [email protected] has been completed. We have confirmed our initial findings, and the account action will not be reversed or changed.

    Actions are based on the violation's severity and take previous violations into consideration. This action was taken in accordance with the Terms of Use (http://us.blizzard.c.../company/legal/) and our Diablo III Policies (http://us.battle.net...lo-iii-policies
    ), which all players acknowledge and agree to before logging into the game.

    We understand that these policies may seem harsh, but they are in place to ensure that every player is able to enjoy their time in Diablo III. Thank you for respecting our position."

    Also on 12/5... 6 hours later:

    "Recently, your account was actioned incorrectly as a result of our efforts to protect the Diablo III environment from exploitative behavior. As part of these efforts, we recently closed some accounts engaged in or associated with exploitative activities including the use of third party programs.

    Please note that access to this account been restored and all actions removed. If your account was previously reported as compromised and in queue for an investigation, rest assured that this has not interrupted that process.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and encourage you to contact us with any further questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

    Congratulation on getting your account back. As I said, they are banning innocent people. BlizzTards.
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    posted a message on Notice of Account Closure????
    you possibly got banned by mistake in a bot banwave, it's not the first time this happens. Blizzard isn't perfect and they have banned several innocent players in the past. I would call anyway and give them a talking-to.

    As i said.. calling them would be pointless...

    "We will be unable to investigate account actions over the phone - an online ticket is the only way to contact Account Administration."

    If you don't call, say good bye to your account.
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    Hey it's just about time! Blizzard should give a hint what we can expect and when. They are pretty late and we shouldn't accept it as a fact since we payed for a game with pvp.
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    Quote from GuyGaxx

    Quote from fragdieb

    Quote from GuyGaxx

    Quote from Laekoth

    Perhaps if i had more luck i would of found something that would sell for more then 500k.

    If you've been on a budget, pretty nice job. I'd say 7/10. 2 things right off the bat. Get Vengeance instead of Night stalker. You don't have the crit to make NS work well, and vengeance is awesome for the extra hatred.

    More CD. I'm at the same kind of place and trying to get more. Ammy looks like a great place, since it can have 65. Plus, you should be fine without all the MF there.

    Last, it shouldn't be too hard to find a chest upgrade. That one is pretty middle of the road.


    hmm decent dh, but I assume, too low dmg now there is monsterpower. but there's room for upgrades. maybe try to get a 2nd part of the natalyas. I like that you play bow-A-zon. I give you a 5 out of 10.

    Watch my mindmg!

    Yah, dmg is a little low right now, but I JUST broke 100k, so now I'm optimizing. Loving the bow though. Was running Multishot with the Disci rune before, and basically had perma-gloom (do you find Fire at Will better?). As for Nats, i keep trying but every option so far (under 100mil) has been a ddowngrade, even with the 2pc. I'm thinking boots has to be the way to go. Facerolling MP3, but I'd like to be farming MP5.

    I only get a 5? /sadface

    You could upgrade the ammy on a pretty tight budget i think. And you might be able to bump your health a lot by trading some vit for life%.

    Yep, I find fire at will to be a lot better.
    About the ammy, actually I'd like to have one with ias, cd, cc, average dmg/dex, hard to find one and can't afford :(.
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