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    Yes, I also finished all the achievements for the portraits, pets, and transmogs etc. I guess that's that for this event :)



    But S9 is coming this friday! the first 72Hours of play-time are ok and i kinda like it, even if its RIP after 72 hours for me, especially since I can't get more stash tabs anymore lol.

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    Diablo 3 failed in many ways, and also brought some obvious improvements (right-click to equip or move around items for example, or the shared stash space etc.).

    However, Diablo 3 IMO failed also at one crucial aspect. You see... Isometric games don't live off fancy views of a huge world etc, but they live off of detail of the world presented in the isometric view. That is why the world must be made with a huge love for details in landscape, objects, architecture, monsters, NPCs etc.. This is one of the main reasons why washed out textures work in WOW but not in Diablo 3. In WOW the world lives off the ability to look far at the horizon, and be intrigued to go there and explore. But a game like Diablo that has an isometric view, MUST have much more love put into world-details, high-quality textures, High-quality NPCs, High quality Music and atmospheric ambience sounds, character development, etc.

    Its because those two games capitalize on an entirely different aspect of "graphics". IMO Blizzard failed in terns of "graphics" and art-style in Diablo 3, because they used what worked in WOW, but you cant do that, due to the reason explained above.

    If they would zoom-out the camera a little bit more in Diablo 3, it would make a big difference in how the game would looks. The camera zooms out during the fight with Belial, and if they would zoom out the camera to a point between what we have now and halfway to how the camera is zoomed out during the Belial fight, the game would look much better and combat would also be better IMO.

    Lets see if they can show the world that they know what an isometric ARPG can be, by showing that they finally understand what made D2 the best isometric ARPG for almost two decades.

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    The moment they take away the isometric view from Diablo, is the day they change something fundamental to something entirely else. Isometric view in an ARPG dungeon crawler like Diablo is a key style and genre factor.

    Isometric games, with high-res backgrounds, excellent music, excellent characters and excellent "setting" and story, are magical in their own way.

    I hope they never remove the isometric view from Diablo, like they removed runes, runewords, map-randomzation, character-development, skill-trees, charms, diablo-music, diablo-npc's etc.

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