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    Quote from Butcher2011

    Quote from Airandius

    Lol guys, this forum is smarter than this right?

    Terraria and Minecraft are completely different games. They have a few things in common like having 'blocks' that can be placed and a randomly generated world.
    Which is practically the same as FPS games using weapons.

    There are so much differences between the games that make them unique and fun in their own way you know.

    Yeah that is what I said already <_

    *Pats on head.*

    I'm proud of you.
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    posted a message on I can't remember ever being this excited for a game
    Actually I've lost most of my interest. It's still something I want to play but I guess my mind is in a state of hibernation. I wont be getting it soon so no need to wet my pants about it.
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    posted a message on Airandius' Let's Play Thread [Updated 30th June]

    Airandius here, recently I've been spamming this board with some of my let's plays and I figured I could just throw it all in one thread. So you'll find everything including updates, new series and random pieces of information right here!

    If you like it, please raise your thumbs and hit the subscribe button. I would also love it if you spread the word about me. We small let's players rely a lot on our fans. :D

    Current Let's Plays

    Here you will find series that are not completed yet. They will be update regularly.

    Dead Space

    A mild horror game filled with aliens, guns and me being confused about everything. I've actually played this game before. Somewhere in 2008, I forgot most of it actually so it can be considered blind.
    This series is uploaded on a daily basis.

    [Playlist][Part 1]

    Future Let's Plays

    Here you will find series that I have planned including all the gory details I can give.

    Dead Space 2

    I actually don't know much about this game except that it's a sequel to Dead Space 1.
    I'll start playing this when I've completed Dead Space 1 and when I gain the necessary funds to purchase it.
    It's going to be blind, 720p and will most likely be updated on a daily basis.

    Amnesia: Justine

    A free expansion pack to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I already know I'm going to regret this but I'm going to play it. I have no date set but I'm going to start playing it around the same time as Dead Space 2.
    It's going to be blind, 720p and will most likely be updated on a daily basis.


    Nice little sandbox game. (It was like what, 16mb when I downloaded it off steam.)
    I'm going to let's play this game together with MsZombiePowder, for those who don't know her. She's a friend of mine that lives close by, she actually was a guest in Amnesia: The Dark Decent for a few episodes.
    I might also do a single player let's play or do some bonus video's showing servers of other people.

    Completed Let's Plays


    Here you will find series that I've completed, you can watch them from start to finish.

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Most scary horror game ever! I can't believe I actually played and finished it.

    [Playlist][Part 1]

    Swords and Soldiers

    A goofy little arcade game where you send guys to fight on a two dimensional plane.
    The developers even used the first part as a minor promotion! Talk about being useful. =D

    [Playlist][Part 1]


    It started as an experiment and ended up in a full let's play. It's a nice action packed game about Russia, mutants and me, an American soldier. Doing amazing things like travelling through time. It has a few screamers and some scary segments but it's not a horror game.

    [Playlist][Part 1]

    Latest Update

    Quote from Airandius

    What time is it everybody? Yes! Time for bacon!
    Also have an update for you guys. A lot has happened.

    - Dead Space has been completed and boy was it fun. I'll be getting some money soon so Dead Space 2 will start around the weekend of July the 9th.

    - I started Terraria after a long wait, it's going to be a solo let's play sadly but that can be fun as well. :D Part 1
    All the support, sharing it at other sites and any other promotion is welcome. It's a tough world out there for LP'ers.

    - I'm going to start Amnesia soon, still not sure when cause I'm sure I'll be suffering from a sever lack of sleep but it will come!

    Adeus everybody!

    Quote from Airandius

    Super tiny update but hey, this thread needs some life thrown into it.

    First thing I want to mention is that I got 200 subs. That's really need. (I love subs and thumbs up, like every person with an ego should.)
    Though I wont forget it all started here on this board. :D

    Now for the real update, I got a new microphone so that is really neat. This one was somewhat pricey. Being 25 Euro. But now I should sound a bit clearer. (Before I had to put the sound low and afterwards increase it so that you wouldn't hear bzzzzzzzz background noise.
    I don't have that now though. :D

    As for my LP's. Anybody have some things I can do solo? I'm planning the Amnesia DLC and Dead Space 2 but I want to play something that interests you all as well.

    I also found this funny mod called SMBX, perhaps I'll do something with it but I'm terrible at mario games so I might just make maps. Already made one but it's like my first one ever so not all that good.
    Quote from Airandius

    This thread is now the central hub for all my postings. :D

    Some new things:
    Going to start three new let's plays soon. In about three weeks I'll be doing three at the same time.
    These include Dead Space 2, an expanion for Amnesia and a let's play of Terraria that I'm doing together with MsZombiePowder

    I would also like it if you went to a let's play of one of my first fans. :D His name is MadNek and he has the most epic accent ever. [Link]

    Now last but not least, have some funny statistics:
    The past week I've had around 3000 views. 40% of those views are female!
    Who knew that girls liked guys being scared.
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    posted a message on DiablofansĀ“ Youtube Channels
    Hello there forum!

    I was wondering if there were people on this board that did something significant with video hosting services.

    So what I want you to do is to post your channel and tell us what you upload! LetĀ“s see how much talent this board got. :biggrin:

    Diablofans' Channel
    A channel that contains most and soon all Diablo related videos, for example gameplay footage.
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    posted a message on Monthly Fee/Subscription? Yes or No, if so how much?
    Warning, kind of a messy post and might sound weird, my education uses a lot of fancy words which I don't know in English. :D

    I would like you all to remember that WoW and Diablo 3 are entirely different games and have entirely different ways to support themselves.
    They are entirely different products, have different markets and different marketing models and such.

    It's hard to explain this in a simple way and in English for me but the point is that a pay-to-play model only works for mmorpg games and does not work for entirely different products.

    So please stop using those kind of arguments.

    Also, the SWOT analysis that the OP made (well only the Strength and Weaknesses were explained but still) don't apply to both games. Because they are entirely different products.

    Just to give an example, the reason why WoW has a pay to play model is because it needs to maintain a wide array of servers to host a lot of players in each world.
    Maintaining that and keeping all players in check is expensive.
    The servers for Diablo 3 will be on a far smaller scale and need a lot less maintenance.
    Just one difference.

    If content is what you are interested in then you don't need a pay-to-pay model, other solutions are expansions or dlc's. They are produced and sold, which generate profit.

    There is no need for a pay-to-play model.
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    posted a message on Pay Confirmed?
    Quote from FingolfinGR

    actually what he said is that "different pay models make sense to different regions". so my guess would be that they "might" have pay2play for some regions while others keep the existing "i buy the box and that's the game". Europe and North America are pretty much the second so i don't really worry about it.

    I'm pretty sure it's about different pricing depending on the region.
    For example Europe is divided into rich and poor. Even though all countries have the Euro with equal value. Games cost 50 in rich countries and only 20-30 in poor countries.
    (Steam does it a lot and I hate them for it.)

    Rich European countries currently pay around 60-70USD for a pc game.
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    posted a message on The Diablo Band
    So what does a evil super demon do while waiting for his next game to be completed? Why he starts a band of course.

    Found it by accident and is pretty kick ass.


    Also yeh I didn't die. Still at this forum.

    Also x2, I know this is not Diablo, it's just a band called Diablo.

    Also x3, cookies.
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    posted a message on Why the fake 3/01/12 date will never happen
    Quote from Gheed2010

    I really really don't think they will make us wait until 2012. That would be beyond asinine and well past the realm of douchebaggizm.

    I doubt they would lose a single sale even if it went all the way out to late '13.

    Stop trolling, you trolled me enough in D2 with your crap sales.

    Markets don't work as simple as you are claiming it to be, and no I'm not going to explain it to you either.
    Just go do the bachelor study management or whatever it's called where you live.

    They will lose sales if the game takes to long to produce. Not the entire customer base is made out of die hard fans that stalk this site or battlenet.
    If you noticed they are making this game more casual so that they can have more people buying the game. Casual players or just people that buy the game because they notice it in the store. They are important customers and make up a big part of their potential sales.
    Whatever, but really stop trolling as if you actually know something.
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    posted a message on Remove Subforums, add Prefixes
    Posting in the forums is fun. If there are really good threads to post in that is.
    However sometimes threads don't get much attention, it's mostly threads that reside within the subforums that get the least attention.

    My suggestion is simple, remove the subforums.
    Posts about the five classes will be merged with the Diablo 3 forums and all the topics in general discussion will also be merged.
    There is no real need to separate such threads.

    If the separation is really needed because you think it makes the place more tidy then you could add prefixes.
    It's a feature I saw in a few other forums. Simply before you would type the topic title/subject you would have a dropdown box in which you select a pre-defined option.

    For Diablo 3 these options could be the classes, mechanics, art and what not.
    For General Discussion they could be games, movies, music etc.

    At the very least all threads get an equal amount of attention while still staying tidy.
    Opposed of the current situation where subforums get less attention.
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    posted a message on New D3 Demo this Blizzcon!
    Lol @ magistrate stealing all the thread views for himself.
    You go girl! Or guy.

    I hope the new demo shows some new area's instead of just the ones in the old demo with updated skills and systems.
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