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    posted a message on Fast Teleporting Firechains....
    Add "vortex" to the title page and the pain will be absolute.
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    posted a message on Free diablo 3
    Quote from Xhion

    Ok from the World of Warcraft Annual Pass FAQ it says that if you buy Diablo 3 Collector's Edition you get 4 months of Wow subscription.You get also goodies from the collector's box plus wow pet for wow, dyes,banners,aesthetic lookings for diablo 3 and portraits for SC2.

    I find this cheaper than to have been locked in wow for 1 year and pay 140-150$ or euros. The collector's edition will be priced 70-80$ i presume.And with the REAL AH of Diablo you can make some money to renew your subscription in wow.

    Me i will stick at Diablo cause wow has gone kung fu pokemon panda style.

    Kung Fu is awesome, pokemon is awesome and pandas are awesome. Your argument is invalid.
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    posted a message on At what point did this game become an MMORPG?
    Quote from Soulmancer

    I am wondering at what phase in it's development did Diablo 3 turn into another WoW engine? It seemed to happen so gradually and subtly that no one noticed it... Blizzard should have just called this Diablo Online from the beginning or World of Diablo...

    No offline mode at all anymore?
    Modding now bannable, prohibited and against Terms of Service?
    A real cash auction house?

    Torchlight 2 keeps looking better and better. My support and respect for Blizzard seems to diminish with every announcement. Arrogance and complacency while stepping on and alienating minority fan-bases within your community never has a good end result... Just look at where Square-Enix is today; how the mighty have fallen.

    No offline mode, bad I agree.
    Modding, don't care.
    Real cash, don't mind and WoW doesn't have this.

    Torchlight sucks.
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    posted a message on Shooting in Norway
    Quote from -Mephisto

    Quote from Baracuda

    Quote from -Mephisto

    Minority? Lol, alright, I'm done with this.

    Thank you for correcting my evidently inferior English. Your impeccable use of English is indescribably flawless. Again, thank you for correcting my typo, as I didn't notice this thread and the posts contained in it are subject to review by the SAT board of directors. Us Arabs here in Lebanonstan barely have 2 schools in the entire country teaching English. I might PM you to further strengthen my spelling, grammar, and general lexicon.

    It's not a typo if you type a different word, I just wanted to help not degrade you.

    Yeah, we all know how degrading it is to have a minor English mistake, even when it's not your mother-tongue. God, thanks a lot man, if it weren't for you, my entire reputation and very username would have been forgone to the abyss of hasbeens. You are a saint, my friend.

    It's funny how you make such a big deal of minor things when the point that you're trying to prove is that you don't care, all these long sarcastic replies are just hurting yourself.
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    posted a message on PvP looks...FUN!
    Quote from Absolut

    Yeah. It does look cool. But I also really liked just the ability to hostile anyone and hunt them down and kill them in D2. I mean of course it can lead to complete assholeness but whatever.

    Indeed. There should be an option to toggle hostile mode availability on/off when you create a game.
    Limiting what the players can do and not do is never good.
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    posted a message on How do the rankings work on the forums?
    Quote from aregile_cruiser

    yeah now i see it mines at zero, hrmm i think that may be what the status is generated from

    Just be active on the forums and post a lot, I'm sure there's a higher rank than zealot ;)
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    posted a message on Voice chat in D3?
    The first think that comes to my mind is high pitched little British boys, we can manage without voice chat.
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    posted a message on Which Class to Play?
    Archetype and play style is almost the same if you ask me.
    I want to play the barbarian because he's the warrior(archetype) and the damage soaking hulk(playstyle describing a warrior?)
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    posted a message on A curse named Diablo ...
    That's why we want D3.. because the addiction from D2 is still there in the back of our heads.
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    posted a message on Research Poll: Probability Creationism
    Religion is something created by mankind to trick other men/women that good deeds will reward itself and evil behavior will punish you. To quote Altaïr from Assassin's Creed: "But these new religions are so convenient – and promise such terrible punishment should one reject them – I worry that fear shall keep us stuck to what is surely the greatest lie ever told."

    It's a smart idea in the foundation to fool people into believing that acting nice towards another will grant a good afterlife, salvation from the circle of reincarnation et cetera. It's an easy way to get a better community.

    I don't believe in karma but I do believe your environment will react if you behave bad, that's just natural.

    And to me life just proves from time to time that there is no greater power since good people get punished while evil get away, for example my always kind grandmother died yesterday at age ~70 while my selfish, greedy great grandmother at age ~98 who has smoked since she was 18 still lives. If that's not proof enough I don't know what is.

    Edit: Just to clarify I'm not bashing people who believe in the supernatural creation, only that someone creating humans out of nothing is only something made up by normal humans to fool people.
    I, if you haven't noticed from my text believe in science when it comes to things like this.
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