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    Good, but season of Nemesis is too op. Blizzard won't do anything like 'guaranteed' for primal. Season of ancients also. The key point is, everyone should get easy access to 6 piece set. However, optimizing all the stats and gears must be difficult -- this is how blizzard works.

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    I am sorry, but I cannot agree that you gave full stars on crusader build. In my opinion, this build is way too weak. Terrible toughness, not enough damage. Overall very unstable. Boss kill is way too slow. You even died in boss fight. You spent 5:50 to run a whole rift. This collectively saying that you should not run this gear or build in T13. I am sorry, but that is the fact. The cold truth. No offense.

    P.S. I have fully geared Akkhan Norvald build. I cannot be satisfied with this build at all. I think you know what I mean. What I don't understand is that the fact you gave full stars on that pathetic(sorry) build.

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