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    posted a message on S12 HC EU - Thursday party 1-70 INT classes

    Just wanna see if there is any interest for a 4man party starting thursday 17.00 for 1-70 and gearshare along the way so the season objectives (haedrig) become easier. Im working friday so we are just talking about thursday night rush. Will be active rest of the weekend though!

    WD NECRO WIZ welcome! Gearshare int gear should be really nice!

    Lmk if intrested or add me ingame


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    posted a message on [Patch 2.4.2] GR keys and other changes: What Torment will we run on?

    Hi, a little offtopic here but wanted to contribute with some stuff i found out.

    Generally in normal rifts, when speedfarming, you will kill much more elites than in GRs. I counted to about 13-14 elites or blue packs per rift while a GR only needs about 8-10 elites or blue packs. I guess this has to do with density of trashmobs in GRs being much greater?

    Also the HP scaling @ orek is totally wrong? I mean T X is more like gr50 in health, if you count how easier and faster you get progression since less elites needed to be killed and much more trash mobs there to fight in between, GR 55 would be more "fitted" to equal a TX.

    Anyway so with all this new T13, which according to me equals more of a GR65~ healthwise (10 times more HP than current T X btw..) add another 5 for the density, you will need to speedfarm GR70s today to be able to do t13 efficient. Just a shoutout to all you there. I dont even want to think what will happen in pub games. T13 rift, 14 minutes :D

    Stay low


    oh and btw what is the goal for early season GRs? Many keys and mass GRs? Like 3minute speed grs for gems or whatever u can clear under 5minutes or 10/15 ?

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    posted a message on PTR 2.4.1 | Helltooth Sacrifice compare Helltooth normal (Video)

    I agree you should be using coe instead of tall mans finger and cold rune dogs for a more fair comparison. Tbh sacrifice isnt viable at all.

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    posted a message on Uniqueless Legendary Suggestions - All Items

    "With patch 2.4.1 there are a number of improvements meant to make gameplay smoother in calculation heavy environments."

    I think things / ideas like these you present destroyed d3 long ago. Now it actually starts to show. All these calculations and interactions of multiple runes, brazilions trizilions of dmg + area damage and heals + bigger numbers overall has destroyed the gameplay.

    I think a complete rework of d3 is closer than u can imagine.

    If you compare it with previous games like d2, average hdin for 500 fg would have 4k hp and 10k hammer dmg while the 20k fg hdin would have 5k hp instead and maybe 12k dmg, an increase of 25 % survivability and similar increase of dmg.

    At this point, the original content like x skill does y dmg % is just not available of playing AT ALL. Now you need a set that does x9-14 the dmg else it wont work, on top of that u need 1-2 specific items that quadrupple that dmg and even after that lots of builds just wont work AT ALL.

    A great example in this season is wd, u remove tall man's finger and u are left with nothing. We got 1 skill that does all dmg and the rest of the bar/skills is just utility, survival or plain dmg increase. There is not a single skil with Lon that actually deals dmg other than gargs.

    Compare even with d3 wd before ros, u didnt need a specific set, even if some were better than other (zuni). You would certainly not get it for free for getting lvl 70 :D The itemchoices were wider but there was still a BiS. The skills were both utility and dmg increase, Bears would kill trashmobs while firebats would be more suited for elite fighting or in group with monk. Hell even soul harvest alone, could deal quite some dmg. Another point? Max paragon = 300 stats, maybe a 20% increase of dmg, now? 1240581585835 stats from paragon+augments..

    Another point is 1-70 in 6-7mins. Like wtf, let it at least take 2-3hours, even if u get boosted! Compare with baalruns in d2 where even if u were boosted u needed a couple hours to get to 8x lvl. You needed to stay inside 2-3 screens to get exp, you could rip by random mob, and that was 15 years ago! Make it harder or just remove that content?

    Dont take it personal btw, its just a general rant

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    posted a message on [2.4.1] ALL the New Wings (6/6) VIDEO detail description.

    Looks like a fairy, not in a good way

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    posted a message on Language

    Not in asia server?

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