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    posted a message on Tired of hearing "loot 2.0"
    Quote from CheehC
    • 'PvP' or "PvPvE" actual announcement
    • New 'Devils Hand'/Gheeds Machine/Gambling' systems
    • New Class
    • New Cinematic.. Part 2 of the opening Cinematic.. introduce Inarius and Lilth or something
    • New Crafting features - has it received any love?
    • Loot 2.0 release date.. I have eaten that carrot and don't want to wait any longer.
    You were crazy to hope for any of these. Given how deep you've read the datamining, especially the new class.
    What they've announced this Blizzcon was stuff we've datamined. You've got only yourself for spoiling yourself.
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    Quote from IgnatiusReilly

    Breaking stat groups into Primary (damage) and Secondary (utility) was the biggest reveal as far as items go. Which is a pretty big deal, I guess. But that depends on how well it fixes the trifecta problem. Hard to say until you start playing the game. I mean, will every primary slot have the trifecta wherever you can get it? Seems odd, and certainly not any more interesting than what we got now. It's definitely not the total massive overhaul people might have been expecting, or whatever it is they're expecting.
    If they split a 6-affix item into 3-primary and 3-secondary, and all damage-boosting stats are primary, you can't have trifecta+main stat in a 6-affix item. That's pretty big for me.
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    posted a message on Tired of hearing "loot 2.0"
    Quote from TheRabidDeer

    Diablo 2 had a full expansion after only a year. We are a year and 6 months in for D3 without much in sight. 1.08 was special in D2, then 1.09 did an itemization change. Then october came and 1.10 was released which gave skill synergy, world event, and ladder. All within 16 months of the release of normal D2. We are sitting at 18 months now for D3, and at least a few more months before any other changes.
    I knew something was fishy here, so I went fact checking.
    Patch 1.10 was released in October, 2003 versus 1.09's August, 2001.
    The expansion was released in June, 2001, one year after the original's June, 2000.

    Reading patch notes, the first big and significant change to Diablo 2 came with the 1.07, which was basically the pre-expansion patch.
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    posted a message on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - New Difficulties, Adventure Mode and More; RoS PlayStation 4 Information and Screenshots
    I had a hunch they would change how the difficulties work because a new act would break the current level flow. Not only that, but how powerful would Act 1 Nightmare monsters be, if you can go there after Act 4 Normal (no-expansion) and Act 5 Normal (expansion) and the two guys can play together.
    If they want to keep the "Farm at any place, it's all the same difficulty" of the current Inferno, there's certainly two difficulties that distribute makes the whole game the same level. One makes everything lv63 (current Inferno), another makes everything lv70/73 (expansion's Inferno).

    The current difficulties level ranges range are 1-30, 30-50 and 50-60. The normal one shouldn't be changing, other than the end-point due to act 5, but for compatibility with no-expansion people, let's ignore it. There's a need of at least one more difficulty to fill the 30-60 gap, possibly 2. And I'm not touching on the 60-70 gap. Just level on inferno? No idea.
    There's also the console version to consider. We have Easy, Normal and Hard there.

    With all that considered, these new difficulties seems plausible and interesting, but we'll need more confirmation to be sure of anything.
    Oh, for names, they may be using all-new names to avoid translation name clashes (Hell and Inferno means the same in Portuguese for example.), and names changing meaning.
    If you're breaking the "Normal then Nightmare then Hell" tradition, you may as well break the naming tradition.
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    posted a message on Ask the Devs at BlizzCon, Visit the Community Corner, Blizzard at DreamHack Winter 2013, The New Legendaries and Smart Drops in
    I would be interested to know their opinion on using sets intended for other classes. Also, the lackluster set bonuses of the tal rasha set. I seriously hope they'll change it completely...

    Also, GIANT YES at "class-specific items rolls with the classes' primary stat". No more strength wands!
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    posted a message on Reaper of Souls First Look: The Mystic
    That wizard is wearing pretty common gear. Including 3-piece zunimassa, haha.
    Also typical skills, except for Ray of Frost. Sleetstorm?
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    posted a message on Datamining: Stat Caps Removed, and More; BlizzCon Store Online Sale Now Open, Blue Posts, Remember When...?
    Considering the "Hell" difficulty is called "Tormento" in portuguese, I was a bit confused about the changes. (Poor localization team, there's not much you can do when "Hell" translates to "Inferno". Oops)
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    posted a message on Artisan Showcase: "Leah the Diablo" by Sheh, Demonize Your Digital Closet, Curse Weekly Roundup
    Quote from Elendiro

    Can't believe that there have to be spoiler alerts 1 ½ year after the release of Diablo 3...
    I have a friend that still hasn't finished Diablo 3 normal (he plans to do so the next holydays) that gets VERY angry with all kinds of spoilers. So, yes that spoiler alert is helpful.
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    posted a message on FoM: DH, 2Billion Damage Numbers. Screenshots and Video. Party Combo Build
    This sounds incredible, gotta try it!

    Do you know the range for exploding palm blast? Tooltip just says 'nearby enemies'
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    posted a message on D3's PS3 Multiplayer Trailer, PS3 Custom Skin Giveaway, Blue Posts, E3 Photo Gallery
    Unless your characters are locked away in a server and you have no access to them, you'll be free to create backups of your characters. This is valid for any game with saves.
    Unless your save is locked to your system, you can download other's saves and use them.

    And finally, you'll certainly be able to EDIT your character freely, like in D1 and D2.

    And since you can play online with your offline characters, well that's what you get. D1 was that way. D2 open-battle.net was that way.
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    posted a message on The Fight with Rubberbanding Continues, BoA Stats Will Be Searchable in the AH, Anniversary Buff Clarifications, Idea for a Buff
    If the paragon bonuses increased quadratically with the levels instead of linearly, there'd be more reason to go to 100 and not stop halfway.
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    posted a message on "Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization - Answers (Part 2)
    I really want to like this but that's hard...

    1) Not rolling other's primary stat in class-specific items: YES!!
    2) Asks about something more than gimmicks in items, gets a lecture of what is a best-in-slot. Blergh.
    3) When rares are more likely to drop than blues, you question yourself what is 'baseline' here.
    4) Personally, I consider MF "fixed" by the Paragon levels. Maybe some number crunching there could be helpful.

    5/6) Nice explanation. Too bad fixing this means new items are just weaker...

    7) Well, ok. No nerfs for CD.

    8) A quest that gives a permanent, even if artificial, buff to your character goes a long way for adding character progression :)
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    posted a message on The PVP Blog Is Here
    Eh... diablo 2 style duels should've been in D3 from start. And that's all the PvP that diablo's need.
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    posted a message on At Least Two Weeks for PvP Blog, Bug with Health Link Monsters, Error 3007 for Aus/NZ Area Users, Marriland 3DS Giveaway
    Quote from Mortai

    It's been a disaster since June. In my opinion, of course. Awful, terrible, ridiculous excuse for a piss-poor video game. I recently purchased Titan Quest as part of the Humble Bundle on Steam. Cost me about 70 cents. Came out in 2006.
    Oh, that game. I bought it on a Steam promotion on 1 Jul 2010 for five dollars. I played it for two hours and then closed it to never open again. Yeah, that boring.

    What the hell I play HC I dont want to risk using some public dns's..
    Someone have no idea what DNS means and thus blames Blizzard. Perfect!

    Also, what in this news means that diablo is a fail? So much hate in the air.
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    posted a message on Blizzard - Important Security Update
    Quote from Riar

    I hope Blizzard now realise case-sensitive passwords is a must.
    Assuming you have at least a 10-character password, bruteforcing 46^10 (~10^16) or bruteforcing 72^10 (~10^19) different passwords over the internet, with a system that surely throttles or even reject attempts after 1000 wrong tries, is definitely very efficient and the result of all the hackings over the internet.

    I'm not even going to try listing the more plausible reasons...

    @Topic: Awww... I liked my security question. It was a sincere question that I actually know the answer! (However anyone who checks my facebook could figure it out...)
    And damn, my mail will get a lot more spam now =[
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