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    posted a message on Zero DPS Wiz??

    Are the extra resistance from 4pc Tals being any good? Wasn't putting much faith on it so I went 2pc Delsere with Blackthorn and imunity amulet on my ZDPS build.

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    Some questions deserves more subtle answers than the "yes or not", "good or bad" answers they have.
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    posted a message on Powergaming
    In a sense. I´m competely fine in throwing away high end geared characters or using sub-optimal skills sets just for the fun
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    posted a message on Server Maintenance - Beta Patch 15 Tomorrow
    This patch is really needed, the AH is so broken right now. Expired offers are still there, Items costing 0 gold, search functions not working properly (never did).
    Can't join a public game - error message or no game at all. And, could be my problem though, I'm having much more latency now.
    Hope they fix whatever they can.
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    posted a message on Wizard DPS calculation - beta 13
    Thanks. Big mistake of mine on the atack speed. Never though about crit dmg though.
    I will fix it and repost it soon.
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    posted a message on Wizard DPS calculation - beta 13

    I was so confused about what items should I buy for my wizard (inteligence over raw damage?), that I decided to discover the formulae to calculate DPS and stop spending money on junk.

    This may not be exactly what blizzard does, but my calculations are always and only 1,001 times lower than actual game DPS, so it's not the same but it's close enough to have a good idea what you can expect when changing gear.

    You gonna need to know:
    1 - your Raw Damage
    2 - your inteligence
    3 - your chance of critical hit
    4 - and your atack per second rate
    5 - a trait such as Glass Cannon

    1 - Raw Damage
    This is the sum of all average damage from all of your damage sources.
    The damage source are weapon, rings, amulets, and orbs/books (source).
    Any of these has a minimum damage and a maximum damage, you must calculate the average of everything.

    example: wand = 11-20
    ring 1 = 2-4
    ring 2 = 2-4
    source = 2-4
    Average = [(11+2+2+2) + (20+4+4+4)] / 2 --> 24,5 of raw damage.

    Haven't seem yet any atribute like +x do minum/maximum damage. If you find it, consider as 0-x or x-0 and procede with the average colculation.

    Obs1 - From what I noticed, the DPS shown on the weapon is not relevant cause it doesn't consider the extra atack peed from other items.
    Obs2 - Any bonus of the weapon such as 1-4 poson damage is already calculated in the min and max damage of the weapon, no need to worry about it.

    2 - Inteligence
    You can see this on you inventory - details. Is the sum of your base inteligence, with no gear, and all +inteligence items you have. No big deal here.

    3 - Chance of critical hit
    You can see this on you inventory - details. I don't know if there's an item that changes it or if any buff/debuff can increase it or decrease it on this beta patch. I will keep an eye you on it.

    4 - atack per second rate
    You can see this on you inventory - details. Its your weapon's atack speed plus any bonus from items (generally from gloves) or buff/debuffs (don't know if there's any)

    5 - Glass Cannon
    It increases in 15% all your damage.

    Now the math:
    (obs. considering my gear)
    int = 149
    crit = 5
    aps = 1,46 (1,4 from wand + 4% from glove)
    Wand = example above
    2x rings with 2-4 damage each
    a source with 2-4 damage

    First you gonna apply the (inteligence + chance to critical) to your raw damage.

    (24,5) + (24,5 * 156/100) = 62,23

    Then you do the atack speed.

    62,23 * 1,46 = 90,8558

    Then you do the Glass Cannon

    (90,8558) + (90,8558*15/100) = 104,4842


    The Problem

    I don't know what blizzard does with its calculation. I tried many combinations of gear and different aproaches on how the modifiers are applyed to the damage and I can't figure it out :QQ:

    The Calculator

    So you can have a more practical calculator, do on excel as I did. Don't forget to extend the formulaes to other lines. Everything that is not based on formula, you should type, except weap. Dps.
    (for easier copy&paste)

    While I calculated 104,4842, the game gives me 104,69. So try some different gears before spending any money on items, I don't know yet if these differences gets bigger with lower +int or higher +int that I used. And don't forget to change your inteligence, aps and damages whenever you plan to remove or add an item.

    Thank for reading and if you have any suggestion or correction please inform. The last thing I want is give you false hopes or obviously wrong information.
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    posted a message on Weapon attack speed effect spells?
    Quote from Fiver88

    It depends on how they calculate it doesn't it? Attacks per seconds show it inversely than Attack speed. Attacking 1.4 times per second (1.4/1) is 0.6 seconds faster than attacking every 1.4 seconds (1/1.4). Please advise.
    You don't atack every 1.4s. You deal 1.4 damage per second = DPS
    Look at you weapon. It has a minimum and maximum damage, and an atack speed. The DPS of the weapon will be the (min+max)/2 * atack speed. If your weapon's average dmg is 7, with a 1,2 speed, your weapon gonna have 8,4 of DPS.

    btw: dps shown on weapon is just a reference for the weapon, your final DPS won't consider it. It will consider:
    1 - the sums of all averages damages - average of weapon + average of ring, amulets and others (1-2 ->1,5 or 2-4 -> 3)
    2 - stats that increase dmg - inteligence and critical chance for the wizard
    3 - atacks per second - sum of weapons atack per second + extra speed from gloves
    4 - skills/traits - like Glass Cannon
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    posted a message on Will you make a Demon Hunter ?
    Never liked ranged classes (never played with amazon on D2) but what's the point of having a beta if you not gonna try everything?

    It felt better than I was expecting but I still get bored with its very early gameplay. I blame bola shot and caltrops for that. Guess I can have some fun playing with a near-maxed DH. May be a pain to level up though.

    Wizard my 1st and favourite for sure. Loving my 104 DPS arcane beast.
    WD or Barb next. Barb looks powerfull even on lvl 1, with the graphic effect of bash and flying corpses. WD was also very fun to play.
    Monk... oh the monk... unless this one gives a good achievement I will never play it again. Idk what happened, i just hated this one for no reason. Maxing it was more like "oh god... finally" than a simple "hmm...ok".
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    posted a message on Anybody else not feeling D3 anymore?
    Maybe for those who got the beta key in the first wave. I got the beta 3 days ago I'm playing like crazy. Almost got all achievements before patch.
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    posted a message on Diablofans Diablo 3 Beta Key Contests! 450 Keys to win!
    Yeahhhhh got it. ScyberDragon is the boss
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    posted a message on What gender will you pick for your first character and why? Also, what gender are you?
    I´m male and all my wizzards will be female, just because the male wizzard looks weird. Other classes will probably be random, gender wise. Also, it's not an avatar of myself (like this http://www.essentialmagicimages.com/53/36828.jpg, serious stuff), so character gender and portraits for Profile will be based on a "cool" ranking.
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    posted a message on ACHIEVEMENTS
    Starcraft 2 has a lot of achievements for Campaign, vs AI, customs, mods, ladder. A expect no less in D3.
    The achievements should also be only cosmetic if in-game or flags and decals. It's gonna be a big mistake if they somehow interfere with the game.
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    posted a message on Why do *you* want to play Beta
    I want the beta because the Wizzard looks so cool. Besides the caster-type of play that I like, the spells seems to be very intersting. Time Bubble has the best mechanic effect of all and I expect the Archon skill to be great. Too bad they are not available for the beta, but still, my 1st character for sure.
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    posted a message on [Official] Release Date Speculation Thread
    I'm betting on june too. There´s no reason to say they´re aiming for a Q2 launch and do it on it's beginning - april. In my opinon all these new tweets about more beta keys or Inferno difficulty are just for re-hype those who stopped playing the beta long time ago so Blizz can do more tests on the AH and overall stability. Also, why would they relase more keys if they plan to give us the game so soon? Predicting blizzard is like predicting an earthquake. You know it happens every 10 years, you se the signs and feel the ground shaking, but you can never be sure.
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    posted a message on Top 5 "Best things in D3"
    1 - No more items giving skills (aka cheesy ruewords). Means better multiplayer/coop. Necros shouting? Barbs Teleporting? Really?
    2 - Shared stash. No more mules for runes, mules for gems, mules for uniques, mules for....
    3 - No need to farm bosses.
    4 - PvP is not forced anymore. No more hostile status and random Pkillers.
    5 - Wizzard looks great.

    (edit: yeah I have a signature now)
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