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    posted a message on Can Diablo come back from the dead ?
    I certainly hope he will be back.. Diablo as a game wouldn't be the same without him :P

    After all the game name is, Diablo and not "evil evil"
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    posted a message on Which memory do you remember the best from Diablo franchise?
    Hehe, I remember when I was around 9 or 10 playing diablo 2 on battle.net and someone had hosted a game offering free items.
    All I had to do was download his program which would give me infinite free item. Young and horny for freebies as I was, I downloaded the program while still in his game and ran it.

    Of course it was some sort of scam which took over my computer and opened my inventory to throw everything out and then shutting down the computer with a picture of a skull and bones like the jolly rogers flag. My brother which was in the same room got super pissed off because he knew I had installed some sort of virus on our family computer.

    Ahh scumbags of the internet <3
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    Quote from Verity

    Just updating to tell everyone that I've received a beta key and have been playing a lot and it's super fun imho! Capturing the spirit of Dota 1 and refreshing it. It's of course still in beta so a few quirks here and there and not that many heroes are ported yet. If anyone has the beta and wanna go for a game hit me up! :kitty:

    Cool, check your PM, I sent you my steam if you want to play a game sometime! :pirate:
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