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    Click to see The Black Soulstone Cinematic

    All too often the cinematic side of games are overlooked by the majority of players. In many cases, especially in todays day and age, more effort is placed into these short hyper-detailed cinematographs than any scene of similar length from most full length movies. An exceptionally executed short clip often suffers due to its length. Being so short, it can be easily overlooked, or skipped without much second thought.

    What I'd like to help get across in this article is how much collaboration and skill it takes to create a truly fantastic cinematic. To fabricate such a believable, and detailed world through a computer takes an insane amount of time and precision. It could take thousands of man hours to create a three minute clip as seen in The Black Soulstone. I'll do my best to convoy the process as talked about at this panel. Also for the sake of not turning this article into a picture book, I'm going to link relative picture to text, so click the links to check out the pics.

    Before the presentation had even really begun, we found out that The Black Soulstone clip (which is not the full clip due to spoilers) is only 3 out of 27 minutes of cinematic cutscenes that will be in Diablo III. I don't know about you guys, but 27 minutes of cutscenes like this is in itself enough for me to get a bag of popcorn and watch one by one.

    The most important part of a cinematic is how well it tells a story. This process starts off as storyboards, a collective effort from the team to sketch out in minimal detail scenes they want to link together forming the cinematic. A directer and their crew sits down and forms the storyboard, with close collaboration of the relative crews that will help work on it. This process covers the entire production from start to finish. Be it visual, musical, or character progression; everything has to be planned in the storyboard.

    An example given was how Leah is afraid of Azmodan. How she expresses this fear has to be planned in the storyboard. This one small choice can make a huge impact on Leahs' character progression. If she screams and freaks out, this says something completely different about her than if she just flinches and shies away. Camera angles and focal points also help convoy character emotion. Again, this is where it all begins.

    Color Scripting

    Color has a huge effect on how a scene is perceived, this fact is supported by mentioning there is an entire crew devoted to just color scripting. Diablo with all of its earthy hues is particularly sensitive to this color directing. It is so important in fact that the color translation from early rendering to final production is very often spot on the same.

    The development of a character in Diablo III pivots around three main concepts, game relevance, suiting to the story, and available technology. Azmodan has gone through many iterations, from a mix of Angel and Demon, through a kind of warrior look, and finally to the crab/sumo wrestler you see today. This final concept was chosen because it represents all of the seven sins in which Azmodan, the Lord Of Sin encompasses. For example the shape of his body suggests gluttony and greed, while his body decorations suggest pride and vanity.

    After a characters concept is complete, it must be brought to life. Through a massive effort from many teams, a character is modeled in 3D, textured & colored, rigged for ease of animation, animated, and tweaked for who knows how long before finally making the directors standard. To state that this is an over-simplification is a understatement.

    At this level of professionalism, not everything takes as long as you may think though. For example most of the demon horde you seen in the cinematic was conceptualized and preliminarily modeled in just two days. Life is in the details though, and these details are what take the most time to perfect in these creature models. After initial modeling, the item is passed onto the next team which specializes in texturing. Using the initial 2D concept art, the texture team works on translating that 2D texture into 3D, and accurately spreading it around the creature. They aim to perfectly match the 2D concept, since that is indeed where the director chose to finalize the creature.

    Particle Effects

    Beyond the character models themselves, there are tons of surrounding particle effects that add just as much "character" to the character as the traditional traits like skin, voice, and attitude do. For example, the smokey effect from the Lich Kings eyes adds a lot of supernatural meaning to him. Another example is the smoke rolling off the demons in the Black Soulstone cinematic. These effects have to be subtle, for if they draw too much attention to themselves it distracts the viewer from much more important things happening on screen.

    Reference From Real Life

    When you're aiming to make something believable, what better way than to study related things in real life? This is exactly what the cinematic teams do throughout their work. This is done through setting up target textures, lighting effects, skin tones/textures, etc and photographing them in real life. Then after capturing their target images, the team recreates them over the computer. This is painstakingly done brush stroke by brush stroke using various software.

    The results of this can be truly amazing

    As with perfecting textures and lighting effects, to perfect a believable rendered human first you must study one. To drive the development of Leah, the teams studied how things appear in real life when under similar conditions to what they wanted to reproduce in the cinematic. In general they setup a photographic environment like the one at the beginning of the cinematic, complete with a stone, a girl (their producer), candles, and great lighting. The photograph was then manipulated to closer match what the director wanted to see as the final result in the cinematic.

    Continuing with their study, they took close-up shots of various eyes and facial expressions to better understand how to accurately reproduce a face, which is arguably the hardest thing to do when speaking of realistic art. In Blizzard fashion, they went so much further than just simple photos. They setup a specialized camera rig to capture light exposure, color saturation, and texture mapping of various faces, which they can directly use while creating the character model. From early rendering to near completion takes hundreds and hundreds of tweaks to everything from lighting, to textures, shaders, and many other factors even with the assistance of real life examples.

    Facial Animation

    As with lighting and texturing, the animation team began their study via photographing relative real life objects. They first took hundreds of photos of different facial expressions to identify how the different facial muscles moved during each expression. Their goal in this was to replicate every muscle in the face into their character model so they would be able to perfectly reproduce different emotions through the character, they reached this goal, and the results speak for themselves.

    They did the same thing for eye expressions. When observed closely, the human eyes and eyelids have tiny micro twitches, which we don't even notice until they're not there. When viewing older character models up close in cinematics, something looks off. You can't always place your finger on it, but something tips your brain off that this isn't real, and that negatively effects how that character conveys emotions. It's through these tiny movements that the character comes to life, and suddenly all of their emotions become so much more believable. This can be seen as Leah falls asleep into her dream during the cinematic.

    This trend of study also made its way into hand and writing observations. Little things like how a pen indents the paper as you write, or how certain small muscles contract during tiny movements. Through the close collaboration of the animation, rigging, and modeling teams they eventually achieved their goals of a believable character, interacting with a believable world.

    Dynamic Systems

    Features of a character which constantly change drastically are known as Dynamic Systems. Take hair, and clothes for example. With their success in real life studies, similar simulation techniques were used to perfect hair animation. They tracked down a coworker with similar hair to Leah, found a fan, and went to work replicating movements Leah had to do in the cinematic, with the added effect of wind.

    After they had all the info and observations they needed, they moved onto modeling, and animation. Hair poses a problem in that there are hundreds of thousands of strands of air, which are near impossible to compute or individually animate. So instead of dealing with each strand one by one, they start off with very large chunks, maybe five in total. Then they'll break those chunks up to say 200. Those smaller number of strands are what actually move individually. On top of those large strands they add in hair models and effects in order to make it look like there are hundreds of thousands of strands moving.

    Another thing the Dynamic Systems Team covers are rigs. Essentially rigs are basic models of the character that are broken down into separate parts and placed on different pivot points to enable the animation team to make the characters move. Think of a rig like an action figure. This process in itself is precision work, since if a model isn't rigged correctly, it will be impossible to creature realistic movements in the end character.

    What's interesting is that the movements don't always have to make perfect sense, as long as you're not looking at the entire model. In the scene to the bottom left Azmodan is completely hunched over, which looks reasonable from that camera angle. Now if you zoom out and look at the entire rig to the bottom center, you now see he is actually broken, which says that his movement was impossible speaking realistically.

    To make those believable movements, first the team had to observe similar creatures in real life. Sad fact though, nothing on Earth is exactly like Azmodan. So instead, they choice to observe crabs for lower body movements, and sumo wrestlers for his upper body movements. Through excellent creativity they managed to merge these two and were left with a very believable rig.

    Azmodan Speaks

    Their next production challenge was to get Azmodan to believably speak without any lips. In order to produce sounds such as "P" and "B" you need to have a way to block air flow for a second. It just so happens Azmodan has no lips, so instead they used very pronounced movements of his mandibles and tongue to create relative actions to syllables. The end result comes across great, and adds to his creepy factor during the close-up shots.

    The Hordes Of Hell

    During the end of the cinematic there are tons of creatures marching around, each seemingly doing their own things. In order to populate the entire screen with great looking creature animations, they needed to use some smoke and mirrors. The creatures in the far back are using very simple animations, which don't have those little detailed movements we see in more important close-up shots. The more important, and unique animations are called "Hero Animations". As the link shows, this classification of animation is not bound to living creatures. Another trick they used in order to create the illusion of every creature having uniqueness, is to individually tweak how they hold their weapons. By tweaking this they create a great silhouette across the entire army, where no two spears are tilted in the exact same direction.

    The Right Stuff

    Not everything makes it into the final cut, in fact most of the original concepts don't. On of these that they talked about was Azmodans lava drool. They tested all different kind of viscosities until they found one that worked, they added lighting and texture, and even went as far as you add it on the finial model. Even through all this, the end result didn't come across right. They felt it made Azmo feel sloppy, and even comical, two things that are not part of Azmodans characteristics; so they cut it completely. Some effects that did make the final cut for Azmodan include awesome things like active lighting effects from his mouth and eyes along side a heat distortion filter.

    Lighting Effects

    Lighting effects can make or break everything in a cinematic. During the panel Blizzard mentioned how they adopted the same cutting edge effects major motion picture companies are using. These effects make for great lighting across the entire world, but in particular, faces. No one looks good under a harsh light, it blows out every little detail to an undesirable degree. Through combining the crisp detail of a hard light, and the blended effects of a soft light, they achieved a great shot which looks both crisp and delicate.

    A character has many different light sources effecting them at once. The example they showed was of Leah, which is under five completely different light sources when she faces Azmodan in her dream. When combining all of these, they can go back and tweak each one until they are happy with the result. The second type of lighting passes they spoke about are called render elements. These are essentially just the various layers of each shot. Each other these layers have their own effects which add to the shot, but don't effect one another directly.

    Bringing Down The Walls

    Moving onto the scene where Azmodan brings down the rock wall, revealing his plan to evade Sanctuary, how this was achieved is pretty amazing. Aside from all the lighting effects which had to be changed as the wall comes down, how they broke the wall itself is pretty interesting. They used a shaping technique called Voronoi. Essentially, they place random dots across a plane, draw lines equal distances from these dots, then uses the lines to create organic shapes which look very natural.

    It is also worth mentioning that the falling rocks didn't go through any type of physics simulator. The director had a very specific visual in mind, and so every single one of the 40,000+ rocks you see were animated individually as the fell and interacted with each other.

    Well that about wraps it up, I hope you enjoyed our journey through the making of the Black Soulstone Cinematic, and learned a little bit about the absurd amount of effort that goes into creating these windows into Sanctuary.

    For the full experience be sure to watch the panel!
    Special thanks to Verity for uploading it.

    If you missed any of our other Blizzcon coverages, by sure to check out the Blizzcon Hub, and catch up on what happened regarding Diablo III.
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    When I found out Angels are their wings, and the armor is just really to identify with them I shivered a little, that's such an amazing concept to me.
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    With the game drawing tantalizingly close to completion, there wasn't any ground braking announcements in this particular panel, but one could say none were expected. Most, if not all of the game features have been announced prior, even if they have not been detailed yet. So in that light, while nothing completely new was founded, we received a great deal of detail on already existent features.

    Achievements & Banner
    As the panel opened they jumped right into it, beginning with DiabloWiki.com - Achievements Achievements. We've heard very little on this front in the past, so any news on them was welcomed. There are three main ways to progress through your achievements.

    • Game Progression:
    This is rather self explanatory, there will be achievements for progressing through the game such as completing a difficulty, or defeating a boss.

    • Obscure Gameplay:
    So you've defeated the normal difficulty, neat. How about weaponless, or even gear-less? Such feats of insanity will be rewarded via achievements.

    • Longterm Goals:
    These goals include things such as completing the Bestiary, a feature while tracks what creatures you've encountered. Or finding every lore book in the game.

    Your achievements progress reflects onto your DiabloWiki.com - Banner Banner, slowly but surely adding new ribbons, facets, or other features. New ways to personalize your banner may become available through these achievements also. These small additions to your banner themselves expand as you complete more and more achievements. For example, as you progress in a certain category of achievements more gems may start appearing on a ribbon dangling from your banner. Or as you play through more Hardcore content the mound of skulls and bones under your banner will grow.


    Crafting is getting an overhaul in Diablo III, becoming more viable for any stage of the game. In this topic we got a good amount of confirmation on the abilities that each of our three DiabloWiki.com - Artisans Artisans will provide.

    This Artisan offers item enchantments. This may ring a bell, as a similar system was in place in Diablo II. With the new system you'll not only be able to enchant your items, but continuously do so, each time rolling better and better stats. This enables a player with enough focus and funds to eventually achieve very high stats on his or her item.

    Through these enchantments, you can also take advantage of very off-class type items on your character. An example the developers gave was a Demon Hunter using a one handed axe and a shield, both of which being enchanted with Hatred regeneration, something that wouldn't natural spawn on such weapons. As the Mystic levels up, she will have access to more powerful enchantments, which are dropped as recipes in the game.

    This old man has very simple, yet essential talents. He can combine DiabloWiki.com - Gems Gems, add sockets to items, and remove gems from items. Exactly what scales as he levels isn't entirely clear yet, but one could imagine a few scalable aspects, such as what level gems he can combine, or what level item he can add sockets to.

    We know more of this Artisan than the other two, both through more exposure via Blizzard, and presents in the beta. The Blacksmith can forge a huge variety of items, some are unlocked as he levels up, others only through recipes you find as drops. He even has the ability to forge legendary items, some with set values. This is a beautiful thing, since through the randomness of Diablos' drop system, by the time you find every item in a set for a mid-level character, you've likely already out leveled the set, making it useless.

    Now through the Blacksmith you'll be able to craft your way to a full set if you're willing to front the needed materials and gold, making those low-mid range set items a viable choice. Besides crafting he can also repair your items, something that will likely need to be done regularly come Inferno, seeing as you loose 10% of your item durability with each death in the game.

    PvP: DiabloWiki.com - PvP PvP hasn't undergone very much change, which at this stage of the game shows how solid it is at heart. As was discovered a while back, the Arena will now have a team death match style of scoring. Meaning that your lives are infinite, you respawn shortly after each death, and the team with the most kills at the end of the game wins. Exactly how long each round will be isn't clear, though one full game will likely be around ten minute. The system of health globes that spawn at certain points on the map wasn't spoken of, so where they are with that is unknown.

    Something that has changed is the amount of players in each match, moving from 3v3 to 4v4. Another useful tidbit of knowledge is that you will not be able to swap skills in between matches. This makes it so a team can adapt their play style to counter an opposing team, without worrying about them having an entirely different skill-set from round to round, making it so comebacks are very possible if a team can adapt efficiently. This forces players to think strategically, instead of just swapping skills to deal with a problem.

    Auction House: As known, you'll be able to trade nearly anything you find in-game through the DiabloWiki.com - Auction House Auction House, be it gold, gems, crafting materials, tombs, etc. Whole character selling will not be available at launch, but will likely be added later on. Search features will be extensive, including a "smart search" which detects common stats across your character and searches for items with similar stats. For the more picky person there will be an advanced search feature where you'll be able to pin point exactly the item you're looking for.

    Life Cycle Of Items

    With the introduction of the auction house, comes a new level of item recycling that had never been seen in a Diablo game. Whereas in Diablo II items more or less drifted around form player to player endlessly rotating, in Diablo III these items can be transformed into many forms, and then like a Phoenix reborn, take shape into new amazing forms.

    In Diablo II the ideal life cycle of an item was as follows: Drop > Wear > Trade > Eventually Sold. That's about as far as it went in the best case scenario. This wouldn't be so terrible if gold had any true value in the game, a purpose.

    In Diablo III this is the ideal life cycle of an item: Drop > Wear> Trade > Eventually Salvaged > Crafted into new item > Eventually Sold. Not only are there many more things you can do with an item, but when it is eventually sold for gold, that gold can be used to continue feeding the economy, or even better, sunk into one of the many gold sinks, removing it from the game and delaying the build up of gold in the economy.

    Final Game Tuning

    Those words have a great ring to them, or maybe just the word "final" being used at all. Tuning, or polishing if you will, comes as the last stage of development. It's where numbers are tweaked, and features are perfected for release. This polishing happens across the entire game, so we'll touch on the interesting topics which were presented.
    • Monster Improvements:
    The creatures of Sanctuary are a formidable bunch, each with a role to play in the heat of battle. Fulfilling these roles is an important job, and sometimes new roles need to be created to address balancing issues. One of these issues that's very clear for any Diablo player is how casters can often avoid affixes of creatures, such as lightning, thorns, or other short distance AoE effects.

    To adress this, the new affix called Mortar was introduced, where a creature will lob fireballs across the screen, endangering casters while flying right over melee characters' heads.

    • Passive Skills & Synergies:
    True to their claims of nothing being final, there have been small tweaks all cross the passive skills. In some cases is may just be a number change, though as they displayed there are a couple of new passive skills to support different builds.

    • Synergies:
    Another way Blizzard is supporting build diversity is by cutting down on synergies. While synergies may look appealing, they actually drastically decrease the amount of viable builds. This is due to the very nature of them, where if you have one skill you're most likely best off following it up with skills that all have corresponding synergies. This forces the player down a certain path in order to maximize the effects. While they're not removing synergies all together, they will be down-tuning their effects, or removing certain corresponding effects completely.

    Class Tuning

    With the idea of class specific resources surely came a huge amount of development to get to this point. As with any complex feature, constant polishing is the only way to achieve balance. While each class is fairing well with no major setbacks, small tweaks are being made to adjust how each class handles.

    The trend Blizzard has noticed in the beta is players will skip the small Fury generators such as DiabloWiki.com - Bash Bash or DiabloWiki.com - Frenzy Frenzy in favor for the larger ones like DiabloWiki.com - Leap Attack Leap Attack, or DiabloWiki.com - Ground Stomp Ground Stomp. To account for this the amount of Fury the smaller generators will create is getting bumped up. They also found that come late game the Barb is having a tough time surviving due to the classes' need to be within melee range of creatures. This is a little more complex polish, and will involve a few defensive changes.

    As we've known, a certain section of skills will slowly become less costly as you level, eventually becoming completely free. This system is undergoing small changes which weren't clearly detailed. All spells are also moving to % weapon damage, making weapon more important to casters than before.

    A common concern with this change is - well if casters depend on weapon damage, shouldn't I just run around with a two handed axe? - This is being addressed by also having the casting speed rely on weapon speed, so while your attack may do more damage with a two handed axe, your DPS may be less than if you were to use a wand with a lower attack, but faster attack speed. There are also class specific buffs on many casting oriented weapons that could sway a players choice from say a sword, or axe.

    Mana seems to be unlimited in the beta, and at this early stage of the game it essentially is. Though as the game progresses you'll have to make crucial choices that will effect how your Mana will behave. It was stated that if one were so inclined, they could form a build where you do indeed have infinite Mana, though they'd be sacrificing other aspects of the class, such as damage, or defense.

    Mantras are now going to have a three second period when first cast where they'll grant double the buff they normally would. This makes them feel like less like a maintenance skill, and more like an active skill that needs to be paid attention to. Combo skills are also undergoing some small changes in their basic functionality, both in how they are combined, and how powerful each level of attack is. For example they plan to increase the range in Deadly Reach to make it more viable.

    As touched on not too long again, the DH will have a completely new Hatred system than as the class does now. At this very moment in the beta Hatred constantly regenerates, though as many have found, you end up constantly low,if not drained of it. To remedy this there will be Hatred generating skills and spending skills, much like Fury. Snares will also see some buffs to better keep enemies at range, or help better preform their role.

    While each class have some very specific changes coming, one change is reaching across every class - awesomeness. Through feedback from the community, and internal testing, a lot of players have found skills as a whole don't make them feel as awesome as they'd prefer. Blizzard has heard the cries, and plan to increase the visual effects of many skills, helping enforce the fact that you're a badass demon-slaying demigod.


    Many fans have speculated on exactly how difficult each act will be. Some even feel the entire game will be relatively easy. This may be due to the easy content we've seen in the beta, which is indeed very casual. This is by design though, normal difficulty is meant to be a kind of
    tutorial, which teaches you everything you'll need to know, while not punishing you too hard for making mistakes.

    Very casual players will enjoy this first difficulty, while more serious players will find it laughable. This again is by design, because in essence every serious gamer was once a casual gamer. At one point in time we all were n00bs. Blizzard understands this, and wishes to help turn those casual gamers into more dedicated gamers through nice and easy difficulty transitions.

    Blizzard also understands that a large portion of their fan base are hardcore gamers looking for a challenge. Thus comes the concern that even in later difficulties the game will not present an adequate challenge, well Jay Willson assured us that this isn't something we should be worried about. Through a display of testimonials from in-house testers who have been put up against the Inferno difficulty, we're given an idea of how difficult endgame content will truly be.


    Followers replacing mercenaries wasn't all too popular among the community. The fact that these new side-kicks were only available in single player was a big change it itself, but the added hit of them only being viable in normal difficulty never settled well with the majority of the fan base. In good fashion Blizzard has listened to these concerns and tweaked followers to be viable through all levels of content, though still only useable while playing solo.

    Town Only Skill Swapping

    The title speaks for itself, but the reasoning behind why this change is being made is interesting. The dev team found that more and more often players would have their skill UI open while slaying monsters, swapping skills out multiple times as they played through small areas. This would make for some problems if left unattended. Not only does it take up a large amount of screen real-estate, but it takes away from the feeling of identity with your character when you're changing such a core aspect so often.

    So right now they're testing town only skill swapping where you'll walk over to this area or NPC to swap out your skills. Jay didn't seem very happy about this, and stated how this isn't the final solution. If this doesn't work they will also be testing an out of combat swap system. This second option could make for some heavy development, since it have been stated that Diablo has no in, or out of combat tracker that these type of systems can communicate with.
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    Well, lets face it. The Beta has been out for a while now, and you've likely watched enough footage to write one of these yourself. So, why exercise your eye muscles on this instead of more furious, Hulk smashing gameplay? Truthfully, if I may turn the camera towards myself for a second, I love the DiabloWiki.com - Barbarian Barbarian class. Throughout the Diablo franchise I've been intrigued by no other class, and even with the introduction of the Monk, I've yet to budge in my interests. That being said, I've focused my playtime almost entirely on this class, and have done my best to learn its ins and outs in Diablo III so far. Rather than take you through the story line of the Beta through the eyes of the Barbarian, I'll be diving into the different aspects of the class itself.

    Throughout the Diablo series there has been one primary tanking archetype, be it the Warrior in DiabloWiki.com - Diablo I Diablo I, or the Barbarian in DiabloWiki.com - Diablo II Diablo II and now DiabloWiki.com - Diablo III Diablo III. While other classes can often be built to play a similar role, one could argue it comes most easily to the Barbarian. This is due to three main factors.

    Warning: No information from my experiences will be withheld.

    Through a multitude of skills the Barbarian uses super natural strength to pulverize foes (and barrels ;)). Most of these skills help enforce the feeling that the Barbarian is a heavy hitting character, dealing large chunks of damage with each hit, while not typically as quick or agile as the other classes. The Barbarians' skills are broken down into three groups, Fury Generators, Fury Spenders, and Situational. Though we only get access to a few of each in the Beta, there are still many potent combinations to play around with.

    Many of these skills surprised me with their efficiency. When the Fury System was first announced I had some concern the Fury Generators would pale in comparison to the damage and efficiency of the Spenders. While the Spenders do typically pack more punch, either through pure damage or other effects, the Generators get the job done just fine.

    The skills available in this category during the Beta include DiabloWiki.com - Bash Bash, DiabloWiki.com - Cleave Cleave, DiabloWiki.com - Leap Attack Leap Attack, DiabloWiki.com - Ground Stomp Ground Stomp, and DiabloWiki.com - Frenzy Frenzy.

    I found myself hard pressed to choice between these skills when all of them became available. Since for the most part the Beta is easy as pie, I narrowed it down to which I took the most pleasure in using, which is Bash and Leap Attack. All of the skills are efficient though, and could easily fit into many different builds. Speaking strictly for the Beta, at level 13 (level cap) you out class the monsters by enough that it really doesn't matter what skills you use, so it comes down to preference rather than necessity.

    Sure, the Generators get the job done, but the Spenders bring more to the table in general, after all you have to work for these. These skills are so fun to use; each time I swing my Hammer Of The Ancients I feel like a boss.

    The skills in this category available in the Beta are DiabloWiki.com - Hammer Of The Ancients Hammer Of The Ancients, DiabloWiki.com - Threatening Shout Threatening Shout, DiabloWiki.com - Battle Rage Battle Rage, DiabloWiki.com - Weapon Throw Weapon Throw, and DiabloWiki.com - Rend Rend.

    Each one of these skills is a blast to use, though in most cases some seem to be more preferred than others. Since this is about my honest impressions of the class, I'll say I rarely use Threatening Shout, or Rend. While I could see their use when things get challenging, I find their effects less desirable than other more powerful skills such as Weapon Throw, or Hammer Of The Ancients in the easy atmosphere of the Beta. Even Weapon Throw seems to fall short, not in damage (it does an insane amount), but instead in availability.

    At full Fury you only have enough to use Weapon Throw five times, and un-runed the skill only hits one enemy. So at best, you only get five kills out of a full Fury orb by using it. There is a Passive Skill to remedy this though, DiabloWiki.com - No Escape No Escape, which offers not only a 100% damage boost to Weapon Throw (and Ancient Spear), but returns 20 Fury for each enemy killed with it. Sadly, this Passive Skill is not available in the Beta.

    Unlike the other categories, we only get access to two of these skills in the Beta.

    These two skills are DiabloWiki.com - Ignore Pain Ignore Pain, and DiabloWiki.com - Revenge Revenge.

    Both certainly will have their uses come challenging encounters, but like some other skills, they are just unnecessary in easy environments. Either way, I gave them a try to understand how they could be used if need be. Ignore Pain could be great for a whole bunch of clutch situations, need those extra few seconds to rush through a crowd and attack a primary target? Low on heath and need to get out of there? Ignore Pain certainly has a niche.

    Revenge also has plenty of situational uses, and saved my life once during early gameplay. During one of my early play-throughs of the Beta I came across a mod of Illusionist DiabloWiki.com - Grotesque Grotesque mixed with some DiabloWiki.com - Skeletal Archer Skeletal Archers and regular DiabloWiki.com - Skeleton Skeletons. Mods who are classified as Illusionists split into three when at 30% health or lower, each of the copies spawn with the same amount of heath the original creature had when it split.

    So upon my slaying of the first Grotesque, it predictably exploded. What I didn't realize was the explosion had brought all of the other Grotesque to below 30% heath, so they each split into three. There was now give or take 15 Grotesque surrounding me. On top of that, the explosion killed the two Grotesque the original one split into, so a chain reaction of explosions occurred all around me, nearly killing me instantly (I wish I had a screen shot). Lucky for me, I had Revenge equipped and it had activated. I swiftly deployed the skill, killing most of the Corpse Worms which would have surely taken me, regained a good amount of health from the hits, which granted me enough time to grab some nearby health globes; effectively saving me from a certain and comical death.

    The Passive Skills for the Barb add a mammoth amount options to toy with. Each has a very appealing buff, so choosing between them largely comes down to what you have in mind for your build. These are the toppings to the Barb pizza, adding just the right flavor to your build.

    Click for larger image
    During the Beta four Passive Skills become available, DiabloWiki.com - Blood Thirst Blood Thirst, DiabloWiki.com - Pound Of Flesh Pound Of Flesh, DiabloWiki.com - Ruthless Ruthless, and DiabloWiki.com - Weapons Master Weapons Master.

    As with the Active Skills, some of these Passive Skills will have more appeal to the in high difficulties. Take Pound Of Flesh (Pictured right) for example, during easy, or even mildly difficult situations this may seem unnecessary, maybe the occasional life potion is enough. I'll willing to bet though, that during DiabloWiki.com - Inferno Inferno Difficulty the cooldown on potions will hinder their usefulness greatly, making health globes all the more valuable. These are the situations where less exciting, more tactical skills (both active and passive) will be used.

    Life And Fury

    As with the previous installments, the heavy melee class starts with more life points, a necessary aspect of a tanking class. The Barb starts off with 84 life, compared to the Witch Doctors' 80, and the other classes' 76; this gap only increases with level. Aside from life, the Barb also starts off with 11 Defense, compared to the Monks' 10, Demon Hunters' and Witch Doctors' 9, and the Wizards' 8. Those few points make a world of difference. The Barbarians' 11 Defense grants 50% reduced damage, while the Wizards' 8 offers none at all.

    DiabloWiki.com - Fury Fury has sure turned out to be a great system for the Barbarian. Since the only way to build it is to smash things or take damage (unless you have the DiabloWiki.com - Unforgiving Unforgiving Passive Skill), it pushes you to participate in combat. While some of the other classes have mild issues with their resource, as it stands right now the Fury system works wonderfully. There is no abundance, or lack of Fury during combat. If you need Fury you build it, if you have Fury you spend it, and everything around you is dead by the end of it all.

    If I could think of anything to be tweaked regarding Fury, it wouldn't be Fury itself, but instead how much Fury some Fury Spending skills use. As I mentioned before Weapon Throw is expensive, costing 20 Fury, which only goes into 100 five times. I'd like to see some changes to skills like that, where even if you don't have the perfect build (No Escape for Weapon Throw for example), you can still somewhat efficiently use the skills. This isn't game breaking, but it does deter the use of those over priced skills to some extent.

    Also, I support this message. Special thanks to CherubDown for relaying it.

    Blizzard is making sure all classes rely heavily on gear in Diablo III. The recent switch-up of base damage, to % weapon damage of almost every skill on every class pushes this even further. This change isn't reflected in the Beta, but you can head over to the
    Click for larger image
    Blizzard Skill Calculator to see the changes yourself.

    Being a Barbarian player through the series, you get used to the fact that you are your gear. Small upgrades in armor or weapons can have a huge effect in gameplay. Throughout my experiences with the Barb so far, this holds true in Diablo III just as much as the previous games. The excitement of finding a new, better weapon is relatable to finding a $20 bill on the ground.

    Sadly though, the Beta currently has a very limited amount of content. The only rare items I've seen drop are from the first slaying of the Skeleton King, and the only Legendary item I've seen is Griswold's Edge, which is only found on a randomly appearing Anvil in the Old Tristram Ruins, to which I have found three. I personally am near certain this isn't how the drop tables will be come release.

    Aside from drops, crafting is a very viable means to get great items. In fact, most of the best items in the Beta right now can only be crafted. This is due to the fact that you are able to level your DiabloWiki.com - Black Smith Black Smith higher than you normally would have by the time you defeat the Skeleton King on this difficulty, thus granting you access to gear that out classes the drops at this point in the game. This isn't to say you can just craft a perfect item, there are many variables which lend itself to a great crafted item. These variables are completely random, so getting a great roll can be very rare. This is where the DiabloWiki.com - Auction House Auction House comes in. I personally have used to Auction House for most of my gear. I tried to roll good items, but it just didn't happen.
    What's interesting is for the most part, every class is looking for the same armor. Since the only restriction is level (unless it's class specific), and the Beta has so few sought after stats, as a Barb I'm looking for the same Gloves of many Wizards. This makes for a very competitive atmosphere in the Auction House, which is a great sign for the future.

    As one would expect from a player based economy, most items are ridiculously overpriced at first. Something wonderful is starting to happen though, those overpriced items are not selling. Even in the Beta where players know nothing they're accomplishing will carry over to release, people are still refusing to pay for overpriced items. This brings the item price down, and slowly but surely will come to a standard price for that item depending on stats.

    Blizzard has done a fine job at maintaining the heaviness that characterizes this class. Every time I see an enemy I'm drawn towards it like a magnet. The feeling that comes from knocking skeletons clean from your enemies' flesh is empowering, and extremely satisfying. The physics that ensue after these powerful strikes may look silly while watching gameplay footage, but let me assure you it feels just right when you're behind the controls. There are some tweaks to be done in this area if you scrutinize it, but nothing that will ruin your ground and pounding experience with the Barbarian. This class is for those who love being toe-to-toe with yo foes, ya dig?
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    I've been loosely following this tread for the past few days, and beyond some overly personal remarks, which in themselves are often brought about by this topic, overall I find it very interesting. As long as this topic can be discussed maturely, it yields some good food for thought. While my perspective and opinions haven't changed, I've pondered each and every point made, and so came to this post in which I'll try to simplify what I feel is a complex question.

    This isn't directed towards anyone in particular, but instead to anyone who believes in a higher being of one sort or another. Again, I in no way mean to push anyones buttons, but dancing around the topic doesn't do any good for clarity, so in my posts I may come across frank.

    Many a time in this thread people who believe in a higher being are offended by comparing God to mystical figures such as fairies for example. I'd like to try to clarify why comparisons like this are made so often.

    A common statement a non-believer will make is there is no proof in God. The word "proof" seems to have a broader meaning to some, so this word itself has to be looked at and broken down rationally. Many times in this thread the word "proof" has been attacked, saying nothing can be proven, not even scientifically; this is correct if you're speaking ultimately. This has been braking the clarity of the statement, "There is no proof of God". So instead, I'd like to reward it to, "There is no evidence of God". I feel this reflects the statement better.

    I can say with confidence that Diablo III will not come out tomorrow, because there is a lot of evidence that points to it. Evidence is how we understand the world, and maybe the word "proof" reflects something that we as a race have trouble understanding, since it tends to change context under certain topics. Science has also been attacked in a similar way, saying it doesn't prove anything ultimately. Again, this may very well be true. Scientific laws get proven wrong all the time, and Scientists rejoice (kind of). Being proven wrong means that's just another step towards being truly right, if there is such a thing. The thing is though, speaking rationally, Science works. You can predict things to a very high percentage using it. Science stands on the shoulders of rational thinking. Even new ground breaking concepts are built on math and ration. Without this process we wouldn't have computers, food, or anything for that matter. Without logic, we would have nothing. Abstract thoughts have their use surely, and lead to a great amount of progress. The thing is though, those thoughts are always met with logics in order to produce the end result.

    So speaking of evidence, beyond unusable personal accounts of God, there is no evidence for one to rationalize. I just want to state I'm not speaking of a humanized God, I know for a lot of you this isn't how you view the concept. There is a whole other fine line in that concept where this topic can get fuzzy. If you say God is everything (or at least the unknown), than you're just replacing the concept of nature with the word God, and adding some emotional attachment to it. That's a whole other area of this topic though.

    Back to the point, there is just as much rational evidence of God as there is of anything else with an equal lack of evidence. There are numerous accounts of Bigfoot, all of which from unreliable accounts, which the same thing can be said for God. If I may try and read a common response to this, many who believe in God will say either, -I don't need proof, I've had experiences, or have felt it to be true-, or -God is an incomprehensible concept-. Both may be true, but they can't be used in debate. If you go to court and say, "Your Honor, I swear I didn't do it" the judge is going to ask you to show evidence. If you use those type of statements in this topic you are essentially saying the same thing.

    Cautiously, I ask for a concise answer to why with no evidence, so many choose to believe in God, but not Bigfoot or things of the like.
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    <input type='button' class='bbc_spoiler_show' value='Show = more stuff' />
    Quote from Sabvre

    Quote from Denius1704

    Quote from proletaria

    So: Prove to me your God exists!

    Hi. I can't say i'm religious, and i can't really conform to any of the above mentioned definitions. If i have to define myself as something i would say i'm a determinist and as such the existence of a First Cause is inevitable. You said:

    Infinite-regression arguments for first-cause (flying in the face of quantum physics and the concept of space-time) do not provide proof either
    First of all it is not "infinite regression", it is in fact quite finite and it goes back to the First Bang. That egg could not explode by itself, a nudge had to be made in order to start the processes inside it that caused it to go "boom". And if the the egg made itself explode, that would just mean that the Universe itself had that intent and that would make it "God". Before you say that the processes could have started by themselves as natural part of the "evolution" of that egg, that is not possible either, because time did not exist in that "singular" state that the egg was in, so the only logical conclusion is that those processes had to have been started by an external force (a will). Where there is intent, there is intelligence. A First Cause might not be proof enough for you, but when seen through the eyes of a determinist, it is the only logical conclusion. It is about perspectives, and when yours is different from mine, no amount of proof can sway you away.

    As for the proof lying with the Theists, that is not true either. They are not the ones that want the proof, they rely on belief and faith and that is enough for them. It is the Atheists that are not ok with that and hence they demand the proof, but the thing is that they simply cannot prove that God does not exist. Those 50 proofs that someone posted in the begining are just funny, and they don't really prove anything. Don't try to disprove the christian or muslim God, try and disprove a Creator, a First Cause, something that had intent.

    As a side note i am still to this day puzzled about the amount of energy the atheists spend trying to disprove this and this religion or trying to get in the way of this and this religion. Yes i know that ignorance bothers them and they want to show the world that hard facts and empirical evidence are the gods of our Universe, but then again, ignorance comes in many shapes and forms and religion is faaaaaar from the worse. Religion has given us a lot of things (not all of them good i admit), because of which civilization is what it is today.

    Proletaria is one of those athiests that has already set up his position and will not budge. Something can only be considered evidence if someone is going to review and contemplate it. He will not even review certain inevitable responses as he throws false logic as a retort.

    I repeatedly cited the laws of relativity in that energy cannot be created, and matter can only be create with energy, and his reply is quoting the athiest acitivist carl sagan (who by the way was in his prime before the voyager landers even hit mars) stating we should just believe the universe has always existed?

    As I freaking told him... (and he excludes this due to his picking and choosing) it creates an intrinsic paradox in that the universe no longer adheres to its own laws. The laws of relativity determine that everything requires an origin, as you stated -> even time itself <-.

    Even if we quote M-theory, the big bang... the initial singularity doesn't work. According to M-theory, the dimensional membranes of the multiverse collided and at that moment sparked creation. The thing is... M-Theory still uses quantum physics and relativistic physics within its math... and even if its proven true it all points back to the the paradox mentioned above.

    I'm sorry proletaria but your quote of Carl Sagan doesn't cut it. God and the Universe are not on par. One requires an origin and the other doesn't. If you cannot explain the origin of the universe, and until you can ----- YOU LOSE.

    This may be more along the lines of a scientific post than anything, but I just want to state any mathematician, or physicist alike know and admit that the law of relativity is fundamentally flawed. The theories of quantum mechanics and quantum physics do not mingle well, which was their first sign that the theories have flaws. Next, neither can explain what happens inside a singularity, both laws break down completely, ending in infinity, meaning that a singularity is infinitely heavy, yet takes up no space at all. That puts it terrible simple, but you seem to know enough about this topic to understand. In essence, this means there are fundamental flaws with our basic laws of nature.

    After admitting that, there still it no room in the ration mind to place God in the void of mystery. God throughout history has been a placeholder for mystery. The tribes of early man used God as a place holder for near everything, early civilizations used it for weather and astronomy, among other things. Now we use God as a place holder for metaphysical concepts, which sadly right now are above of knowledge. Looking back at my first statement, even if our fundamentals are incorrect, that doesn't mean everything is wrong, and we know nothing about the world around us.

    Using placeholders does no good when those placeholders don't drive us to move forward. When God is used as a placeholder, one is saying that is the end of the equation, the answer is God. This doesn't do anyone any good, and if everyone thought like this we would have nothing, and I believe that is proof enough on this very particular point I'm making.

    As I've said many times, I'd much rather place a question mark in the equation than write in God as the conclusion.
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    Looks awesome Umpa :), came together really nice with the changes!

    Looks like you have competition though, Wynthysts' looks pretty sweet too. This is going to be a rough judging between all the entries. :(.
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    I Feel A Change In The Wind, Says I

    Over the past few hours a good amount has changed around the Diablo III Community Site, some of these additions are more potent than other. Lets work our way through these updates, shall we?

    The Official Item Page Is Up

    It seems the page is still under mild construction, with some item icons repeating themselves, and others simply nonexistent. All and all though you can clearly see how the page will pan out, categorizing items by body slot, with class specifics gear being conveniently identified by class.

    Through this one page, we have many significant topics to touch on.

    Follower Specific Items

    On top of being able to equip your Follower with standard gear, there will also be follower specific items which are only usable by the item's specified follower. These items don't have stats to them yet, so it's still unknown exactly what buffs they'll grant your follower.

    Her items seem to be based on magical trinkets, such as mirrors and amulets.

    The Scoundrel's items suit his character very well, consisting of such things as dice and satchels.

    For the Templar, we find items like Tomes and Vials of Tears.

    Amulets & Rings Have Sockets

    Confirmed by multiple examples for either item, it's evident both amulets and rings can have sockets. Now to what extent this goes is unknown, can you add sockets to them? If so, can you add sockets to legendaries that don't already have them? Multiple sockets? These are questions without answers at the moments.


    Potion Revisions
    Potions seem to have gotten a nice upgrade graphically, alongside a confirmed "Other" category of potion which grants a buff for a certain length of time.

    If there was any doubt that Scrolls will play a large role in Diablo III, the fact that they have their own page should alleviate any lingering doubts. There are currently three different types of scrolls. The Scroll of Companion, which summons a temporary critter who picks up gold for you, the Scroll of Identity, that identifies rare and legendary items (magic items no longer need to be identified), and the Scroll or Reforging, which re-rolls your item at the cost of negative 10% max durability (there are three ranks of these scrolls, each used for either magic, rare, or legendary items).

    Throughout the world you will find Pages of Training, these alone do nothing. After collecting five Pages of Training, you may combine them to form a Tome of Training which is used to level up the Artisan of your choice. It takes multiple Tomes of Training to level your chosen Artisan.

    Crafting Materials

    As it stands, each difficulty will have four different crafting materials, one salvaged from each corresponding item class (Common, Magic, Rare, and Legendary). Gems will be broken down into Gem Dust which may have many uses, one surely being to craft higher tier gems.

    Crafting Recipes..

    Along your journey you will find Crafting Recipes, which may be given to the corresponding Artisan to teach him or her how to craft a new item.

    The Black Smith recipe pages on the Diablo 3 Community Site not only list the item stats, but also the required Black Smith level, materials needed, and gold cost. These recipes will grant the Black Smith the ability to craft new items.

    Recipes are also required for the Jeweler to craft high level gems. Three of one tier gem will be needed to craft the next tier gem.

    Recipes will provide your Mystic with new Enchantments that she can imbue your items with.

    Armor Dyes

    Not everything about Diablo 3 is about how your gear functions. Making an item your own is very important, it helps you to feel connected with your character. Thankfully armor dyes have been granted their own page in homage of this. There is even a Vanishing Dye, in case you don't want a certain item to show at all.

    Gems Get Overhauled

    Gems have gone through a few public revisions over their development, most have been just graphical. Now it seems there will only be four gem types, instead of the six we've seen previously. Diamond and Sapphire didn't make the cut for one reason or another, leaving only the Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, and Topaz.

    This decision may have been made a while back, as looking back on the last showing of gems there were only four types on screen.

    Unattuned Rune System

    A while back our own Kickin_It reported on how the Rune System could very well change from its form we've seen in the past, and indeed it has. In short, the new system adds another type of Rune drop, one that will drop blank. This Unattuned Rune would only attain a type when you place it into a skill. Furthermore, even after you've taken the Rune out of your skill, it will forever remain attributed to that skill, and may only be used in that skill, even when traded to others. There was talk that the Mystic might be able to clear a Rune, essentially returning it to an unattuned Rune, but this remains unknown. With the new system the Unattuned Runes will also roll random attributes upon attaining a type, further extending the range in which a single rune can vary. For the whole story I highly suggest you read Kickin_It's article on the matter, since it has indeed come to reality.

    Demon Hunter Resource Changes

    As reported on by our own Magistrate in his recent article on the topic, it seems the Demon Hunter's resource has undergone a large revision.

    There has been a consistent trend in the responses of current Beta testers regarding the Demon Hunter's Hatred resource. The complaint was that it simply runs out too quickly, leaving the class unable to use its offensive abilities. Blizzard has heard these claims, and changed the system according.

    Where as the Demon Hunter's skills used to be categorized under Hatred, Discipline, and Utility, now there are both Hatred Generators, and Hatred Spenders, alongside a Discipline category. With this change the class will now be able to strategically choose both hatred generators, and spenders to keep the pain rolling at a consistent rate.

    Complete Skill Damage Overhaul

    While this topic doesn't have it's own page, or even a single mention on the entire site, one could say this is the most drastic change of them all.

    Skills across all five classes generally were based off two types of damage, % weapon damage, or scaling damage which only changes with the rank of the skill; this posed a big problem. When a player found a decent weapon, all of the skills based off of scaling damage instantly became obsolete. In Force's recent Let's Play series he came across this issue many times, where he wouldn't use certain skills simply because the ones based off weapon damage outclassed the ones based of scaling damage.

    What Blizzard has done is base almost every single offensive skill off % weapon damage. This will make nearly every skill viable, where as before it was almost always the better choice to stick with the % weapon damage based skills. This trend can be seen across all five classes. In concept, this change greatly broadens the number of viable skills, though only time will tell how it will turn out.
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    Make The Most Of Your Beta

    So, you were lucky enough to get into the Beta. Awesome! Enjoy your early look at the game! Though as a Beta participant, you do have a certain level of responsibility to fulfill. After all, the whole point of a Beta is to polish the game for release. So with that in mind, here's what you need to know to help make Diablo III even better.

    Think You Found A Bug?

    So you think you found a bug, and want to squash that sucker. Before taking any action on the forums, be sure to check it against this list of non-bugs which may be mistaken as one.

    <input type='button' class='bbc_spoiler_show' value='Show more stuff' />

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    Hey guys,

    I decided to compile and start a running list of issues that have been reported both internally here at Blizzard as well as externally on these forums that are not considered bugs. I will try to keep this as up to date as possible.

    If any of you feel passionately that these issues should be considered bugs and fixed, please post constructive feedback in the Beta Feedback forums.

    When Diablo III crashes, Agent does not close.
    Reason: Agent continues to run because it is expecting you to relaunch Diablo III. When running the Launcher after crashing, it will use the Agent.exe that is running instead of loading up a new one. To turn off Agent, close Diablo III normally.

    The Barbarian is able to generate Rage by destroying destructible objects, while the Monk does not generate Spirit by doing this.
    Reason: The Barbarian loses Rage when out of combat while the Monk does not. We allowed the Barbarian to gain Rage on destructibles to compensate for this.

    Wizard items that are books are classified as Orbs.
    Reason: Books are considered orbs in our game because they function just like orbs. The name is a little confusing, but since all the book does is give you stats like an orb, we call them orbs. The only real difference between a book and an orb is the model.

    When the Templar says "How should I train?" the player character does not respond.
    Reason: The Templar is letting the player know that he is ready for a new skill to be learned.

    Quests/Boss Events
    I declined the ready check/joined the game after my party started the Skeleton King boss fight and now I can't participate in the boss fight.
    Reason: Our boss fights are heavily scripted for ensure epic encounters. However, it became clear in the early development stages of the game that these events would break if players were allowed to come and go as they pleased. We lock the event to only those who accept it at the time it is initiated to ensure that the event will not break by people entering or exiting the game.
    Check this often, it will likely be updated regularly
    Turns Out It Was A Bug?

    Great! Just be sure to check your bug against this list of known bugs before writing up your bug report.

    <input type='button' class='bbc_spoiler_show' value='Show more stuff' />

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    Here is the list of known issues in the Public Beta. This is by no means a complete list, but covers several of the general issues player will encounter or find during their testing.

    Issues that occur in specific places are notated with "Act - Level Area". The level area is the name of the location you are in. It is displayed above your minimap.

    Text can be cut off while on different Battle.net screens at different resolutions. The current work-around is to set the game to Windowed mode and then change it back to any resolution.

    Clicking on "Remember Account" does not remember your account.

    Sending an item from the Auction House to a stash that is full will lock your account of the Beta until a server restart.

    Battle.net Banner System
    Players cannot use a banner to teleport to a player who is not participating in an event started by a party member. For example, if there are three players in a party and player 1 starts the Skeleton King event, players 2 and 3 cannot use their banners to port anywhere even though they are not involved in the Skeleton King event.

    Demon Hunter:
    The Demon Hunter will sometimes say "out of Discipline" when she is actually out of Hatred.

    Fan of Knives is not being buffed by increased attack speed nor increased casting speed.

    The passive skill Brooding has a 5 second-delay buff that is not removed when it is swapped with another passive skill.

    The passive skill Thrill of the Hunt has a 10 second-delay buff when it is swapped with another passive skill.

    When holding down Dashing Strike, the player has a chance to get stuck casting the Skill without spending Spirit.

    Cathedral bookshelves have several issues in the beta. Sometimes loot will drop to the floor above the bookshelf. Other times clicking on the bookshelf will make the player path up to the floor above it. These issues have been fixed for launch.

    Act 1 - New Tristram: The door to Cain's House remains closed after the portal to get inside his house opens. The portal works correctly, it just appears over a closed door.

    Act 1 - Old Tristram Road: There is a canyon north of New Tristram that displays a solid red and orange glow. The light does not fill the canyon.

    It is possible for the Blacksmith's anvil to not appear when the Blacksmith repairs the crown you turn into him.

    Act 1 - The Slaughtered Calf Inn: Leah's VO plays at inconsistent levels when she says " "I came back here to rally the militia, but--".

    Act 1 - Old Ruins: When Leah opens the gate during the quest "The Legacy of Cain : Go to the Old Tristram Gate", the lock flies very far off of the gate.

    Act 1 - Cemetery of the Forsaken: During the quest "A Shattered Crown : Search for Leoric's Crown in the Cemetery of the Forsaken," the Matriarch's Bones event can break if two or more players click on two different Funerary Urns at the same time.

    Act 1 - Cemetery of the Forsaken: You are able to target the Cemetery Gate that leads to the Fields of Misery after using the Stone of Recall during the quest "The Crown of Mad Leoric : Talk to the Blacksmith"

    Certain Rare items will lack names.

    Some Demon Hunter and Wizard helms are not displaying the correct icon.

    Some Witch Doctor-specific item affixes misspell the class as "Witchdoctor".

    Skeletal Archers deal much more damage than other equivilant Skeleton-type monsters

    The lore entry for the Skeleton will not play its voice over. The lore entry itself shows up correctly in your Journal.

    Hydras that are spawned by killing Arcane-affixed Hydras display the name "!!Missing!!" in the chat log if the player is killed by them.

    We are aware of the several issues related to nVidia Optimus machines.
    Check this often, it will likely be updated regularly
    How To Write A Good Bug Report

    So your bug is neither a non-bug, or a known bug, congrats! To be as helpful as possible in reporting your bug, be sure to read through Vasadan's proper bug reporting guide before posting in the Bug Report Forum.

    <input type='button' class='bbc_spoiler_show' value='Show more stuff' />

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    Hey guys,

    Once again, welcome to the Bug Report Forums! I am very excited to work with all of you.

    Now that I've spent the morning going through all of the posts from last night and today, I wanted to touch base with you on what I am looking for in bug reports. Please read through this guide as it explains some Do's and Don't's for bug testing and reporting.

    Alright, let's get started.

    Ground Rules
    First off, feedback is NOT a bug. Anything related to feedback, class balance, boss suggestions, etc. belongs in the Beta Feedback forum.

    I read every single thread that is posted on the forums. However, I will not always respond to them. Please DO NOT bump posts. I will ignore and possibly delete any post that simply says "Bump" or calls out for a Blizzard poster.

    When reporting a bug, please make a thread for each bug you find. Threads that contain multiple bugs are difficult to manage, especially if I am unable to reproduce any of them on my end.

    Please use the Search feature to search the forum and see what bugs are post. If you have a duplicate thread, I will lock it and point you to the current thread where the bug is being discussed.

    Finally, please only discuss bugs within the threads. Avoid completely off topic discussions or other things not related to the bug in the thread.

    Bug Writing
    Ok, you found a bug, congratulations! But now what? This guide will explain how to accurately write a bug report.

    When posting a bug, please include a Summary that attempts to accurately describe the bug. I should be able to understand at least 75% of the issue you are reporting simply by looking at your Summary. I understand that the size of the Summary has to be short, but please do your best.

    Good summary: Tooltip for the skill Bash has a typo
    Bad summary: Bug with smash skill

    After your Summary, include a brief description of the bug you experienced. Include as much RELEVANT information as you can. Where you in multiplayer? Could you reproduce the issue? I need to know this stuf.f

    If you have steps and can reproduce them consistently, write them out. This will help Quality Assurance get a must faster turn around time reproducing the issue and reporting it to the Diablo III designers.

    Finally, it always helps to attach a link to Photobucket (or another picture hosting site) that displays a screenshot of the bug. If you need to include a , link to a as well.

    Types of Bugs
    Below are some different types of bugs you will encounter in Diablo III. I also have included the specific information I would like for each bug reported of this type.

    Combat bugs - These are pretty simple. If there is a broken skill in the game, include the name of the skill and the class that uses the skill.

    Example: The Barbarian's skill Bash does not knock enemies away.

    Quest bugs - These can be complicated. For them, I ask that you include two things. The first is the name of the quest and quest step that you were on during the quest. The name of the quest is the name that displays at the top of your quest log, while the quest step is the specific instructions for you to complete in the quest.

    The second thing I ask is if this happened in multiplayer or solo play.

    Example: During the quest "The Fire From The Sky : Slay a Wretched Mother", you cannot kill the Wretched Mother in multiplayer.

    Environment bugs - Finally, Environment bugs round out the specific types of bugs I need more information about. For Environment bugs, please describe the issue you and tell me where it is located. The level area you are in can be found above the minimap. Every location in the game has a level area, and it helps to know this before I start looking.

    Screenshots are perfect for Environment bugs as well. They will accurately display the issue you are seeing.

    Example - In New Tristram, one of the houses is bright pink.

    Crashes are getting their own section because of their complexity. Anything from your client closing to the entire server going down can be a crash. For these, you just need to be as specific as you can. Is this reproducible? Is this multiplayer only?

    For my required information, I would like you to copy paste the beginning of your DxDiag (or config file for Macs). This will tell me what your computer's specs are, what card you are using, and what your drivers are. If a crash log is generated, please copy the crash line and the first few lines of the stack trace as well.

    Again, welcome to the Beta Bug Report forums! Following these guidelines will allow all of us to work together as efficiently as possible. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!
    Reporting Hacks, Cheating, And Exploits

    Due to the viral nature of these problems, they must be handled differently than other issues. Never under any circumstance post a thread about one of these on the forums, it'll just spread the problem. Your thread will be deleted, and you could be facing a permanent ban. If you find an issue of this type please send a detailed Email to hacks@blizzard.com, or fill out a form here.

    Beta Feedback

    Squashing bugs and reporting hacks aren't the only productive parts of a Beta. Player feedback is also very important for bettering the game before release. Before you express your suggestions for the game on the Beta Feedback Forums, make sure you've read through the Feedback Guidelines.

    Problems With Streaming And Downloading

    Having trouble downloading the game, or streaming it to hungry viewers? Check your issues against the currently known problems, and possible solutions here, or if you're on a Mac here.

    Now that you know how to handle any potential problems, enjoy your time playing !

    Diablofans Social Media

    For those who weren't granted Beta access yet, don't fret. We here at Diablofans have a robust, ever expanding collection of Diablo III content just waiting for you to check it out! Be sure to regularly visit all of our branches for your recommended daily amount of Diablo III. Subscribe to our YouTube, Like us on FaceBook, follow us on Twitter, and join us in IRC!

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    posted a message on What annoys me in the beta
    Quote from CurseYouAll

    In order of annoyingness ;)

    1. Monsters and destroyable scenery fly like pinballs when struck. Looks very unrealistic and silly! Blizz, can you please tone down the physics a bit? It feels like Titan Quest!
    While the rest of your list I could go either way on, I personally very much so disagree with this gripe. The physics in Diablo 3 are one of my favorite parts of the environment thus far. If you've noticed, every spell has a different force of impact on objects or creatures it comes in contact with. For example, the Barb's hammer of the ancients skill sends monsters and the like flying almost off the screen in some cases, which I love, I feel it enforces the fact that it is a very physically powerful skill cast from a very powerful character.

    On the other hand, skills we've seen from the Demon hunter don't have this type of effect on objects or enemie, which makes sense considering an arrow would not have much impact force.

    All "fanboyism" aside, I genuinely enjoy this feature of the game.
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