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    posted a message on Jay Wilson article is UP
    TLDR: Release christmas 2012.
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    posted a message on Path of Exile
    yay keys :-)
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    posted a message on Path of Exile
    i've watched streams and so far this game looks nice. it has a lot of potential. i like the scary atmosphere.

    no beta key so far though :-(
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    posted a message on Why so casual?
    Quote from Conax

    baso80: And you think them ruining PvP will attract a wider audience?

    Dude, I'm on your side and one of the few on this forum :)

    I didn't even mention PvP in my post. I am not even going to play D3 because mr Wilson removed the ladder so I know where you coming from.

    By simplyfing the game I didn't mean less gaming options such as PvP modes or other modes for that matter (mods/PvE ladders etc).

    I mean simplyfying game mechanics such as skill trees and such so that the casual gamer instead of playing Barbie with his character, that is worrying about what 1 point to use in that skill reading huge guides on min/maxing and getting maximum amount of headache and spending 50 minutes worrying about the skill trees and dresses and playing only 10 minutes, they can now just jump into the action ASAP when logging in.

    Removing PvP of course is not simplyfying the game rather limiting gaming options, not to be confused by simplyfing as in removing "dress my character" options if you know what I mean :)
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    posted a message on Normal, Nightmare, Hell and INFERNO
    Quote from Passive

    I was just watching the Diablo III The Story So Far - Interview: Boyarsky
    and during said interview the question is asked

    "is there any chance of humanity in sancuary having to decide to side with Angels or Demons (Heaven or Hell)"

    and the answer in short was yes. a good chance of that.

    I was thinking just theroy crafting here,i love the idea of Inferno being a new difficulty but i dont know if im a fan of it being a 4th play through.

    So here is my theroy:

    Inferno:Your hero gets to choose, Angels or Demons, instead of another playthrough You and other real life players that made the same decision you made, get to either enter heaven and hunt Angels or enter the gates of Hells and smash demons
    and some kind of mode where mass mayhem brakes out and a war is sparked, you as your char. must fight for the team you decided to pick.Some kind of End game Once a week Battle or some thing..

    The choices are almost limitless, but using this idea, How about people come up with some ideas of what might happen if
    we get to choose a side and how that could effect Inferno difficulty

    Some kind of "mew mode" of game play that blizzard might throw at us for end game content

    I was ready to be negative and start flaming like I often do here at DiabloFans ever since my baby "PvP ladder" got scrapped but holy Diablo Batman this idea was actually good and I think you actually might even be right.

    Why would they have a "secret" inferno difficulty if it didn't have some kind of twist.

    You get the biggest +1 I have handed out this year. And coming from a negative person like myself that means a lot :)

    You will be remembered when Blizzard actually announce your idea and if they don't they damn should listen to you.
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    posted a message on Beta Logistics = Good News
    Quote from brimg

    1) The beta is not for playtesting or balancing. It seems to be solely to test their servers having everyone online at once.

    2) The beta is one half of one Act, and can be played through in an hour.

    If players are only playing for an hour (maybe 5 times, once for each class), yet they want as many online at once, then... they will hand out a massive number of beta keys. Probably they will start somewhere reasonable, and keep handing them out as they see what the servers can handle and more players have already played through enough.

    More importantly, the will only need a very short beta. Even two weeks could work if all goes very well. Probably one month is reasonable. Go go release date!

    Thank you Blizzard representative for giving us this highly anticipated information. I am refreshing this page every minute hoping you will post here again and bring more earth shattering news about beta.


    At least put a source to your post when you specially say things like "what the beta is not".

    The beta is not for playtesting or balancing

    followed by a bit more careful:
    It seems to be solely to test their servers having everyone online at once.
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    posted a message on Kill streaks.
    Kill streaks? Hmmm... that sounds something that eventuelly could be competitive aka "who has the most kill streaks".

    Quick, someone call Jay Wilson and tell him to stop this ASAP since this smells potential "e-sporty" to me. You are not supposed to compare yourself with others in Diablo 3! We are all supposed to have fun, hold hands and sing "we shall overcome".
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson, PvP, who actually thinks like him.
    rofl. so many pvp haters making their voice heard in the thread where the poll shows otherwise.

    how about we use the same argument as for the rmah. if you dont like it dont do it. it wont affect you since the game is not going to be balanced for pvp.

    and to the guy quoting the SC2 about most players only played campaign. what a god awful statement.

    tell me, what is that keeps starcraft BW still being played after 10 plus years. what is that will make sc2 be played equally as long. who gives a damn about pve in the long run? unless the content is updated as frequently as wow the pve portion of diablo is also going to get old fast.

    why is pve players crying so badly that the game will contain more content that wont affect them? is it because you dont like that spotlight amongst players, epeen and bragging rights will move from pve to pvp?
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    posted a message on What will it take to get blizzard to add more options for PVP?
    they will add more pvp content but probably not at release. remember wow didnt even have bgs at release. they know they will eventually need to add more content or they will lose a portion of their player base which I believe is big enough to make a difference.
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    posted a message on Status in D3 "E-peen"
    There will be difficult achivements to show off probably.

    In the end community will find someway of competing and comparing themselves with each other.
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    posted a message on BETA-Pool
    If I get in beta I will give away my key to someone here on Diablofans.
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    posted a message on Name System
    Quote from TeknomanDante

    There is no way that'll happen

    They are using bnet and thus bnet functionality. Bnet has this functionality for SC2 and also for D3.

    Nothing to get worked up about.
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    posted a message on There IS a PvP Rating Matchmaking System in D3
    Quote from Umpa

    I'm kinda glad. It'll keep those D-bag from D2 out. You know, the ones that would "lololololololololololololololol you cant even damage me im such a l33t dueler". It forces you to either be there because you enjoy the game, or leave. I can dig it. :P
    well you wouldnt even face those l33t duelers. since you suck your mmr would be low and you would be matched against equally bad duelers. problem solved. only difference is since there is no ladder people wont see just how much you suck.
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    posted a message on There IS a PvP Rating Matchmaking System in D3
    Quote from TitanREW

    "over my dead body" jay Wilson.

    disgusting statement by Jay. Since all other dev leads in both WoW and SC2 always says something along the lines of " We wouldnt do that but we don't want to say never".

    Jay Wilson is really unprofessional and many times out of touch and alienate the PvP community in a single statement like that is horrible.

    I so hope that statement will bite him in the ass one day. Right now Blizzard and Jay is living off the good name and reputation of Diablo franchise and seems to feel thay can say and do anything they want but they shouldn't take their success for granted.
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    posted a message on There IS a PvP Rating Matchmaking System in D3
    Quote from ScyberDragon

    You won't have a visible rating but you will have a visible rank/level. You gain pvp exp everytime you fight. If you win, you get more and level faster. But losers (like myself) will still be able to raise mine by playing a lot more.

    Lets just be very clear about the rank/level so that people aren't confused. The rank level is only tied to the amount of games you play.

    Everyone will sooner or later have win/lose ratio of about 50% because of the MMR system so the rank/level you see will only be a testimony of how much you have played.

    I dare say 95% of the players won't level faster than anyone because of them quickly getting their MMR to the point where they are being matched against equals. There will always be some exceptional PvPers (there are in SC2 as well) with an impressive win/lose ratio although being in grandmaster league (highest league).

    So "losers" and l33t people will gain xp just as fast unless they award more xp for those with higher MMR which I doubt since then the community by number crunching, god forbid, can find out who has imba MMR and who has not.

    Also they won't show your win lose ratio most likely but only show wins Jay stated iirc.
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