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    Quote from Graphics_I

    ... Excuse my youngster Australian-ness ignorance but what do people do in Vegas apart from gamble?

    They fear and loathe. B)
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    Definitely not before the end of April. And this is very positive thinking.
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    From "The Smell of Rain", one of the best albums I have heard. Perhaps my all-time favorite. :)
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    Quote from Kojain

    A hot topic to say the least.
    Absurdly hot. But a Diablo newbie like myself should stay silent, when the Big Boys are talking. And so I shall be.
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    I am old, bitter and bleak.
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    Quote from Siaynoq
    Do I see them shooting guns in this? Should be interesting.
    Yes. What Crate had to say about the setting was: "Grim Dawn will be set in a unique fictional world that is loosely inspired by the Victorian Era but is not meant to actually take place on Earth ..." There were guns around in those days. Also, if you take a look at the picture in the bottom of this page, you can clearly see the musket in the other hand.

    A thread about weapons can be found in the official forum. You have to create an account to see the pictures of those pistol models, though...

    EDIT. Okay, here's the picture (just to save your time):

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    Back in the day (well, actually, not that long ago) story and dialogue were all I cared for in RPGs. But after I discovered action role-playing games, I have become more materialistic; good loot is all I crave. :cool: Perhaps that's the reason why I loved Torchlight so much - despite its paper-thin plot. But I loved Fallout and its first sequel too. When I learned that Leonard Boyarsky is involved in the creation of Diablo III, I became even more interested of the game.

    Quote from Don_guillotine

    ... perhaps three of the best RPGs in the history of gaming (Fallouts 1 & 2 and Vampire Bloodlines) ...
    You forgot "Planescape: Torment". Best computer RPG I have played. I just hope that Planescape universe will be revisited before the next decade...
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    Personally, I haven't been waiting for Diablo III very long, perhaps from last April or so. But it's well understandable, because the first time I heard about it was last winter. I don't remember how I exactly stumbled upon the title; I guess I was searching for something Blizzard related from Wikipedia, and clicked a link leading elsewhere. But, eventually, I visited the official Diablo III website and the game immediately caught my interest. A couple of weeks later I downloaded a pirated version of LoD from P2P just to give it a go, and (like I mentioned in my introductory post) felt in love with it right away. I have waited for the sequel ever since. [And, yes, I do have a retail version of Diablo II nowadays. :cool:]

    Like I said above, I am a newbie to the whole Diablo universe, so my patience hasn't worn thin yet. I can wait until the end of the next year. :yes: Other, more or less interesting titles (including Torchlight II, M&M:HVI and perhaps Dungeon Siege III) will be released before Diablo III - assuming the infamous "leak" has anything to do with Blizzard's actual, planned release quarters for their upcoming titles. I will happily play those other games until I have Diablo III in my hands. Not to mention I just started playing Titan Quest. :)

    In my youth I waited for Amiga versions of some games, but I think the wait for Diablo III will be the longest one in my gaming life. I shoud consider myself lucky, I guess. There have been (and still are) days when I think: "'When it's done.' Jesus. Can't they even give us a rough estimate of the release date, like: 'QX 201X'. It can't be that hard." But, again, I can wait. And, hopefully, Diablo III will be the best ARPG ever released; a game that will stand out above the rest.

    [EDITed. Again.]
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