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    Crusaders cant heal anymore, that's why.

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    Support Sader


    Chakram DH

    Cleaning up my D3 account to prepare for SS7. These chars have been deleted, except for the support Sader (my love for Sader though xD). My char list was full but I liked these 3 the most.

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    Can you separate the filter for The general type (solo, 2,3,4man group) and Classes. For example: I would like to check the ranking for Crusader in 2,3,4man group rather than just solo.

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    I have built something similar but I thought EP without Gundo and Fist of Az is not really viable for pushings.

    So I just made a build for T10 rift/fast 50-55s build that just like Inna pet but optimize the SWK 4pc for trash mobs.

    Skills: T10 -> GRs

    Mantra of Conviction - Annihilation (for movement) -> Agility for grift (or you can just keep Annihilation)

    Sweeping Wind - Fire Storm (for maximum radius) -> Inner Storm (for Spirit Regen)

    Dash - Way of Falling Star (for speed) -> Blinding Speed

    Epiphany - Insight -> Desert Shroud

    Cyclone Strike - Implosion (maximum pull radius)

    Mystic Ally

    Passives: I use NDE, Unity, Momentum and Beacon of Ytar for T10. Switch Momentum for Harmony for GRs. I can actually drop NDE for another dmg buff passive (Determination probably) but I don't like Molten affix kills me xD

    Gears: 3pc SWK, 5pc Inna, Binding of Lesser Gods (Nems for T10), Kyoshiro belt, avarice band + boon of hoarder and Obsidian ring (switch avarice band to CoE for GRs). Cubed Vengeful, Crudest and RoRG

    This build is not for pushing since it lacks dmg reduction. But I managed to clear T10 rifts sub 3minutes. Not as well as OPM but it's something fun to try because I got tired of OPM.

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