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    Quote from Ascendo312

    This week a spent several days maxing out every class and obtaining every achievement. Here are my tips and observations.

    5 Tips for Launch Day:
    1. Select “Elective Mode” in Options. I overlooked this at first because I didn’t know it was there. This will allow you to fully customize all of you skills and toolbars.
    2. Invest ALL your gold and resources into your blacksmith. Crafting will be the best source for gear. Craft selectively based on your biggest slot need.
    3. Select purely DPS skills, attributes, gear. Normal difficulty is going to be so easy that you want to maximize your killing efficiency. I maxed out all 5 classes to level 13 without dying once. For the boss fights, if needed, you can always temporarily swap out for some defensive and buffing skills before the fight.
    4. Play in a group for the best drops.
    5. Witch Doctor’s Soul Harvest is not OP. I admit this is the most powerful skill in beta, however do not assume it will be the best skill for the full game (or that WD is the best class). We don’t know how this + intelligence will scale up with leveling. The DPS boost for a level 50 character could likely be much less than a level 10 character.
    5 Opinions from Beta:
    1. D3 feels exactly like D2. Except with a predictable facelift to the graphics and UI.
    2. GameSpot Review predication: 8.5 – 9.0. The game has been in development for so long and expectations have been so high, I just do not see it scoring any better than a 9.0. There is nothing groundbreaking (e.g. no PVP) about this game. Torchlight has already incorporated many of the innovative ARPG concepts that made the Diablo 3 announcement so exciting back in 2008. Yup it has been 4 years already.
    3. D3 will be perfect for a console. You literally can play the whole game with just a mouse. It is mindless hack & slash. Expect D3 to be on PS3 and XBOX within 12 months.
    4. Too many barrels, urns, bookshelves etc. The amount of interactive junk in the dungeons almost seems silly. The only yield tiny amounts of gold so what is the point? I think they should reduce the amount of interactive junk and increase the potential for a drop so players don’t ignore it.
    5. Barb was the most fun. The barb felt like an invincible cannonball--leaping into the fray and destroying everything in the way. For me at least, this seems like what a fast paced ARPG should feel like.
    I Disagree with pretty much everything you say. I know its not very constructive but Im just throwing that out there.
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    Quote from R3jeckt

    I miss the days when videogames were just for "nerds",
    and I was wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

    To be more specific:
    I hate how online communities are filled with jerks now.

    When I was a child I played many online games (SWG PreCU was my favorite) to escape from the jocks, bullies, and jerks in real life. The online communities were always so nice; people were always willing to give you a hand when you needed it, and the majority of people were so polite. I rarely ever ran into someone trying to screw me over. It was my dream world, where almost everyone got along... Maybe it's because us "nerds" all wanted the same thing: Somewhere we could fit in, without being judged or attacked by another person.

    As the years have passed and videogames have become a more casual thing, I feel like videogames are no longer an escape for me. Don't get me wrong, I still love videogames, and they are my favorite passtime. However, The jerks that judged and mistreated me when I was younger, now play videogames almost as much as I do because now it's socially acceptable. I feel like I need to isolate myself when I play online games (unless I'm with my friends) because now people are just as horrible to eachother online, if not worse, than in real life.

    Maybe I'm wrong.
    Perhaps I was just niave as a child or I was just lucky.
    There could be another reason for this change, if there really was one.
    Maybe it's because games are more competitive than cooperative today.

    Anyways, I want to hear what you guys have to say about it
    I had primarily positive encounters playing D1 and D2 and found a level of generosity and care that is rare in real life. Here's hoping D3 will embody that same spirit and provide an escape for those who are looking for one. Maybe look for some of the nicer posters from this forum and add them to your friends list once the game releases.
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    Quote from AcidReign

    I would prefer the theme of Diablo III to be similar to D1
    I second that motion
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    Are you trying to suggest that Diablo 3 should take the form of that game they used to have at the video arcade where you beat those groundhogs on the head with a paddle as they poke out of their holes??? BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No just kidding, that's a pretty choice graphic you made there!!!
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