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    posted a message on Serious Zdps Barb Here

    Looking for serious players to speed farm 80's and no boss kill 100+ Paragon runs



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    posted a message on p880 Wizard LFG GR80+ (NA Seasonal)


    Globe Barb on every day

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    posted a message on Globe Barb looking for High Grifting!

    I have A 700 Paragon Barb ready for a dedicated team to push for Gem Leveling 85+

    I have 3 sets all able to push High End content.

    Charge T10 Gold Build.

    Quake DPS Solo Build. ( Main )

    Globe King Support Gem Leveling ( Looking for Group )

    please message me here or in Game to talk about grouping

    ( if you message on here tell me about your setup / class / Paragon )

    ( if you message me in game we will test out the comp in game )

    Battle tag - Tim-12795

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    posted a message on My Defense.

    I feel as if you guys at DiabloFans.com are not considering the development of conversation. just because I am a youtuber does not mean I am focusing on " revenue " it's the total opposite... personality does not stream through forums to capture the idea or emotion towards a topic is way easier to film.

    now I would understand if I was posting in a Diablo ONLY section of the forums but I simply am not. ( I will copy and paste what General Discussion states )

    General Discussion (you are Viewing)

    For the general, intelligent discussion of all topics not related to Diablo, including real-world events, other games, et cetera.

    so why would I be considered A Illegal poser when I in fact broke no rules.

    my recent post was about A Format of idea's that Blizzard could do for Overwatch's progression system.

    this is no flame produced topic just me stating I am in the right and should be able to share my video with a community in free form.

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    posted a message on Overwatch's End game and Progression system

    Hey guys Twwjr here with A new video about Overwatch! super excited about this game so I thought I would talk a little about how I feel personally that the End game goals or a smart Progression system should work maybe you feel the way I do? let me know on my video!

    (link redacted)

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    posted a message on Destiny is ripping players off!

    hey guys Twwjr here, just thought a good talk about topic would be about how destiny is robbing fans and supportive players with crazy scam like personality towards their new business plans.

    i made a pretty interesting video about it, it wont take you that long to watch if you would be so kind as to leave me a comment on youtube letting me know how you feel about what I said

    (link redacted)

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