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    Every hour or so one should get up and walk around to stretch one's legs and give one's eyes a break. As for me, I don't endorse gaming more than three hours a day. Of course, anyone with a busy life and a lot of responsibilities (such as myself) would be hard pressed to play for more than an hour a day, save for on occasion.
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    I don't think it's a coincidence that the number of blue posts have declined significantly as of late. Blizzard is going to announce beta during their conference on the 9th. The beta will begin by the end of this month. Yes, I am that much of an optimist. ALSO, the release date will be at the end of June because:
    - 95% of all game content/items/monsters/etc are actually complete and they are just keeping quiet about it
    - they have already been playing through the entire game, working out a lot of major bugs and are within a couple of months of producing a polished ready-to-ship version of D3
    - the beta will go so smoothly, fixing the remaining smaller bugs, a major glitch here and there, and correcting balance issues without any major setbacks

    Too optimistic for most but I'm absolutely confident!

    *disclaimer: this entire post is absolutely pure speculation on my part*
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    Demon Hunter's Molten Arrow:

    Shoots a piercing arrow that causes minimal fire damage. Upon initial impact with an enemy, Dog the Bounty Hunter is summoned as a pet for 30 seconds. Upon being summoned, he walks up to and binds individual enemies -- rendering them motionless for 6-10 seconds. The theme song to his show plays quietly in the background while he is summoned. Cool down between summons: 2 minutes.
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    Witch Doctor's Sacrifice:

    Causes a Zombie Kanye West to appear, interrupting both melee and ranged damage from enemies and friends alike for 10 seconds before letting combat finish by exploding, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
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    Relax guys, this is just a tribute. . .
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