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    I hope someone asks about increasing texture details at blizzcon.
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    I would like to see topless female demons at blizzcon lol.
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    I guess there is a "NEW" skill system involving diablo 3.

    My link

    The new skill system is pretty awesome. The first time I saw it I knew it fit. Of course I'll look like a fool if we change it again, but I think we found something that fits the game really well. It's actually not too far off from the tiered approach we had shown before, but a few important differences really make it something different and awesome.

    From the one and only bash. Some "important differences" from previous skill tree's we have seen. Who knows what it could be. :dead: He also mentioned it wasn't far off from a "tiered approach".

    It's nice to see there doing something interesting with the skill pages though. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued.
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    This will be a long post but it should be fairly interesting if you are looking forward to diablo 3, so don't dismiss it right away please.

    Imho I am worried about diablo 3. Hear me out please and take all my points into consideration. I feel that they are not being original enough with diablo 3. Yes I am going to say it, "world of warcraft" but really I don't have any problem whatsoever with that game. In fact when I played it I enjoyed it thoroughly. The only reason I quit playing was because it ended up becoming more like an actual job rather than fun. My real quarrel is that they just aren't being original enough with diablo 3 and maybe they simply lost their blizzard touch on this one.

    Again if you are still with me, hear me out please because I would really like to get my point across in detail. I will list a bunch of reasons regarding why I've decided I am worried about diablo 3 and potentially future blizzard games. Some regard to WoW and some regard to the game itself, some points just regarding blizzard in general. Keep in mind my main focus here isn't to compare it to WoW its simply to compare my points to the unoriginality that's being pushed on Diablo 3.

    I will be bringing up some old points and some new ones. But again I would really like you to follow through with me and take a Look and see where I am coming from because really I am worried about D3 and future blizzard products. I have no doubt D3 will be fun but it isn't the diablo 3 I envisioned when I was imagining what it would be like when I was playing diablo 2. I know everyone out there that played D2 envisioned what a diablo 3 would be like in their own minds in the future. I have to say that I didn't envision D3 to be anything like what they were and still are creating.

    I will list my reasons for the personal conclusion that I've come to and please keep an open mind. This comes down to originality and making diablo 3 as good as it can be and what it should and could have been like with the right minds doing the right job.

    1. My link This is a link to the dark cultist. Copy and paste undead WoW. They could have been a bit more original on this. Yes doing things like this saves time but... it just cuts the originality of Diablo and its sequel #3 like a hot knife through butter. This point is insignificant, but what it really comes down to is if they are going to do something as obvious as this WHO KNOWS how many more of these there could be in the game that were just copy and pasted? That is really a scary thought.

    2. Diablo 3 items when they first released information about them were originally going to be in a unique- then -epic order with epic items being purple colored and the best you could get until the community outraged and it was changed (at least I think it was changed?). Even if it wasn't changed the point stands on an originality basis.

    3. The original Character screen U.I that can be seen in the original gameplay trailer found on the D3 website. Basically copy and pasted from world of warcraft. Again, it isn't WoW being the problem, its the unoriginal eye being scoured into D3 like some hot twisted piece of metal. Yes it was changed for the better, but what kind of product would we have got if we never said anything about their work??

    4. The stylized art style. I know its a hot topic and we all know it isn't going to change because it would basically be resetting everything they have done. That isn't the point though and I'm not asking them to change it I'm just dropping it into the melting pot of my overall concerns.

    When I first envisioned diablo 3 I envisioned something like this.
    My link

    I really have to admit that I did not envision anything like this..
    My link

    5. Health orbs. Yes they feel very arcade like and everyone knows they could do a better job on it rather than putting floating red globes everywhere for health. We all know there can't be any more potion spamming because that just doesn't work but floating red balls that pop out of enemies? Come on, we all know they can do better than this so what the hell is going on? Imho I really do think they lost their touch on this project.

    6. 60 level limit now. I think this speaks for itself. Nothing really wrong with it but it isn't original for diablo 3, it isn't a good idea in my opinion and it kind of ruins skill tree's based on the fact that you wont have the amount of points to play around with that you did in D2. Once you finish hell you should be level 60. I'm just wondering if there's going to be mounts at 40 now based on this unoriginality thumb print that I can't seem to wash out of my eyes for diablo 3. Just because something works in another game doesn't mean its the best solution and the best idea.

    7. The glowing aspects of the game that just look ugly and dumbs the game down. Take the original gameplay trailer as example. The skeletons have glowing shields, the entire area under the dungeon is glowing. There's virtually no realistic firelight radius at all. The glowing weapons on the barbarian that deal extra lightning/ice damage is way to excessive. It's just all too pretty for diablo 3. Just refer to this picture again.
    My link This is what it's all about. Not ridiculous amounts of glowing objects/areas however that seems to be the theme on what diablo 3 is based around.

    8. Only 4 characters per game based on how intense the visuals are. Here's an idea... tone the visuals down? The combat doesn't have to be a giant glowing rainbow bomb unless they want it to be.

    9. None-changing area's. Only dungeons are randomly changed. The outside world is static. I find this completely boring if the level cap will be 60 and if we will finish hell by level 60 I see a very boring game that will be a lot less repetitive than D2.

    10. The original U.I bag system. Basically copy pasted from WoW. I'll say it one more time since this is a long post and you tend to forget things said earlier, this isn't about WoW its just about the unoriginal take on the entire project. They wanted to add little tiny pixel icons for our gear images. A HUGE part of diablo is seeing your gear and having it look awesome in your inventory. That is why the tetris inventory was so unique and cool. If we never said anything about it, we would have had the same u.i as WoW's aside from the hotkey bar and the orbs on the sides. Again, not about WoW, just about the unoriginal take on diablo 3's entire project and the entire idea it seems was to make it less like diablo with everything. Yes it was changed for the better because people voiced their concerns. If no one did that... well I'll leave it up to you to decide what the end result would have been.

    11. Frozen stat allocation. Another hot topic. I am 50-50 on this for obvious reasons such as equality among players however the loss of it making it less like diablo and the loss of customization was rather disappointing.

    At the moment I can't think of any other reasons to prove my point that I am very concerned with diablo 3 and concerned for diablo 3's unoriginality and the ideas and gameplay that made blizzard what it did at the time of D2//warcraft 3. When I look at diablo 3 what pops into my mind on what they have done so far is "what was the easiest solution", "What can we copy and paste that will work?", "lets do what will save the most time and resources". Even if those statements are not true in reality over at blizzard that is what pops into my head when I take quick glances at Diablo 3 and then when I look at everything all together... oh man.

    Imho those are the first things that pop into my head when I take a real good look at Diablo 3 so far. I'm just worried about diablo 3 and future blizzard products in general if they are going to keep doing this crap again and again then that REALLY worries me.

    I mean just think about what we would end up with if we didn't voice ANY concerns about the game at all. Really think about that and re-read my points as much as you want. Just remember, what would we get if we didn't say anything about their progress?

    Anyway, I hope you thought this was interesting and at least insightful on some level or another. Fun may it still be, the point is what it could have been. In the end my main goal with this was to at least open some peoples eye's just a little bit so we don't end up accepting everything we get without question. If we do that we will all end up like console gamers in the very near future. My hats off to all the people who DID voice concerns on points #2, #3 and #10 so that they were changed for the better. Just think what we would have had if they never took our advice or heeded out concerns? Imho if anything I hope if any blizzard eyes actually end up reading this that this gives them some more motivation to make it the best diablo 3 that they can.
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