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    Quote from enkeria

    What do you guys think?

    I have always played Diablo 2 with expansion alone in a one-player mode "so called".

    Will D3 be good enough to be a one-player adventure? I thought D2 was great!
    I hope I can play both alone and with some friends and feel that it gives me one hell of an adventure however I choose to play it.

    Any comments? Thoughts?

    What do you think?

    Easy as pie. You'll probably have to play singleplayer before going Hardcore - and you can still play hardcore alone you know! But if you're just a singleplayer fan then its possible too. D2 was made so and D3 will by 99% come out that way too.
    In my opinion the game is best when played hardcore. Everything becomes more true because you care for the things you've aquired, not to mention the build you thought would be key to unlimited power :) I would drop dead by boredom if playing singleplayer only.
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    Quote from Airandius

    Yeh I even said that once.

    I just can't bother to remember the lore of a game I played 5 years ago for the last time. My memory wasn't that far off though.
    In the end they could not defeat each other like I said, and using some dark magic Tyrael is kept in the room.
    You know scrap that, I was right but I just suck at telling a story.

    Anyway why would Duriel be stronger then Tyrael.

    Quote from keranov

    Quote from Airandius

    I just can't bother to remember the lore of a game I played 5 years ago for the last time. My memory wasn't that far off though.
    I think Duriel isn't strong enough but as you said there is some dark magic helping him to contain Tyrael in that tomb.

    Tyrael is without no doubt stronger than Duriel! The force that contains Tyrael is not Duriels making. If tyrael wanted out he could probably just blow the lid of whatever that tried to contain him, if not for magic! Duriels role is to keep incoming away and he's pretty nasty at it, so he's definitely a force to recon with, eventhough he is primitive.
    Tyrael just can't reach Duriel, because he's magically entombed. Duriel the guardian trying his best, though dying a thousand times :)
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    Quote from Airandius

    Nice idea but I don't like the fact you are forced to wear certain gear regardless of the buffs. What if I didn't put on the amulet? Perhaps if it's something else that doesn't take part in the inventory it would fit in Diablo 3.

    Anyway the talisman is a whole page in the UI like inventory. Currently the best speculation is the talisman being a container for charms. Otherwise we don't know much.

    Nice story.

    Andrew Loyd Augustus Simpelton crapped his pants on spot, without feeling shame... nano secs later he was profoundly slaughtered by the multitude of groaning shadows as he screamed all the way into total oblivion. He had himself a new job downtown on a factory - producing the most perfect and shiny beautiful crafted cow bells in the whoooole realm of scantuary :olddiablo:
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    Quote from DarkMagicc

    as for how they are stored, thats pretty simple.

    If i have one gem and it occupies one box in my inventory, when i have more than 1, they stack. (its the only logical way)

    so on the bottom of inventory it would say 700 _____ gems..or something..

    Yeah - im with you on that one. Im still deeply confused about the gem system. I cant see straight - they've must have done something differently cuz my knee hurts :)
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    Achievements are so boyscout'ish. Don't like them, cuz they don't do anything but take the production teams efforts to make diablo an even greater game. Some things just take time, and a full-serious achievementlist would be a taxing ressourceloss on other accounts.

    I dont "hate" achievements - they probably nice to have - if you ever care!

    Im with Airandius on this one. Then rather have Blizzard keep tuning in on making the "game" THE overall achievement :)
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    Quote from -Mephisto

    I'm not sure I fully understand, but I'll reply to what I think is the point being made here. Respawning of the monsters was one of the more fun things in Diablo. I want everything to be back after I exit/re-enter the game. What's left after you clear out every monster? MUCH less replay value. Baal runs being present and all that shit being present are fair sacrifice.

    Ah .. well ok. I'll explain. Think we agree though.
    If you made a new game in diablo, you ofcause had respawns of all monsters... and thats fine with me.
    BUT in a game named sacred, being a diablo clone, the monsters respawned if you went out a door and re-entered - so to say! I dont like the sacred part, and I was genuine worried about that being implemented into D3.
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    Quote from TheDFO

    Quote from Vampone_4909250

    Quote from Kazatel89
    Will the gain of experience vary from the diference of levels between you and the monster you kill like in Diablo 2?
    Yes - the bait is for you to run deep into the game and fight strong bosses, but at the cost of risk. You'll lvl quicker by knowing what to kill, and where to find it - than battering on low lvl beasts where there is no risk at all. Thats the logic of the game... the invisible hand, leading you into certain death or glory. Thats why i loved D2 - playing hardcore and putting the char at risk. Another concept on that particular subject is allso to know when, in game, to loosen the grip around your axe and be more patient. Nightmare in D2 have many fallen heroes lying to tell the stories of ones who would not accept the speed of the char's development vs the game strength - all obliterated by some sudden mini-boss encounter. Its great with such a system - taunting us, luring us towards "easy" xp.

    Yeah, except you only get a small % of the exp from killing monsters above your level, even if you're not in a party game. Maybe it's different in HC, but my Shaman just ran into a wall because my fissure was so leveled up I could kill monsters 10+ levels above me, but I was getting no experience (I was averaging about 40 exp for each greater spawn kill in the worldstone keep). It would be nice if they changed that, so you actually got more exp for killing something above your level, but they'd have to balance that with team play, to prevent the low lvl leaching of rushes.

    Yep. Actually I "think" i've heard that one about "low level leachers". I've heard somebody talk about that - he wanted parties to consist of top botom level restrictions, within 5 lvls of the players ranks perhaps. But I don't know how Blizzard works this one out. the problem consists of the fact that the less high lvl chars there'll be to fight Big bas bossman, the more damagde the remaining chars have to take. So for the fair part of the game it could be "managed".

    The thing about your xp story I've not encountered - but then again one does not see all that is to see in diablo :) Maybe they've balanced it more - being a technical thingy.
    I think much has been tweaked a bit - meeting their requirements of game dynamics.
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    Quote from MaggotsGalore

    Okay, :P.

    Found AN AMAZING QUALITY one off gametrailers



    Yeah, the rest of the videos are basiclly the same thing, just shittier quality XD.

    Niiiice - they were pretty good quality. Good camera job :ninja:
    Well -

    - I like that they've made the potion fix, so you drink on pickup when needed! Crucial decision :)

    - Still I need to see som spell descriptions and he allmost caught one. Allmost!

    - Id like to know a lot more about runes and skills, curious and all :)

    This is old but i still like the conclusions this particular part is about.
    (05.15) Runes & Skills and the proces making them fit

    And this is so sweet - in acordance to the first link.
    Rune effects with use of skills
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    Quote from MaggotsGalore

    I'm sure Blizzard will suprise us with game visuals. We might see some of these things, and other maybe not. But remember, Blizzard knows what the fuck they're doing.

    Quote from Akuma_Gin

    But sometimes we just know better... :D

    Yeah - but as well as we should know they know what to do, we appraise that they allready know we knew that all along :) Otherwise they would miss out on all the fantastic stuff we can come up with... and know :D
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    Quote from Nacho_ijp

    nice quadruple post there Vampone :P (you can use the multiquote button to quote several posts in one post)

    on topic: I never liked respawn, I like dead things to stay dead (not even when you exit the game and get back later) but that's my opinion

    there's going to be hardcore that's confirmed, though I don't know how they'll deal with the corpse an loot of your fellow party members :/

    Quote from Airandius

    You might not want to... what comes after triple post?
    There is a feature called multiquote if you want to reply to multiple posts.
    Just press the 'MultiQuote' button on those posts and when you are done you click 'Add Reply'.
    (Because moderators don't want you to spam the board and might give you an infraction if you keep those 4 posts like that.)

    Also there is an issue with not respawning. They need to have enough monsters in one entire game for a person to reach level 99. Which is impossible as the game is not that big.
    So imo they should stick with the D2 version. When you start a game or load a file all monsters are placed, after that there are no respawns.

    I might as well mulitquote you as the first thing I do - I had to try several times to learn the function :) Thanks for the heads up.
    On the subject of Diablo game dynamics, regarding respawn & Diablo3", Air got the point right with the fact that you had to have a billion monsters to reach lvl 99 in diablo .. so ofcause we have to have respawns if you logged into a new game. But thats what makes diablo great... reaching a waypoint and save! You have to strive for something!
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    Quote from MaggotsGalore

    On the note of the character growth, I think you should be able to customize your character in the way he developes. For example, (stealing this from Fable 2) if you're a wizard you can gain blue-ish vein looking things on your body, or choose from some other choices (some will be character specific). But definetly if there is growth, it has to be something reasonable.

    Agreed! And fine examples you had. It's all about trying to figure out how to portrait the evolution of the character. If the character goes from ordinary to godlike without a sign of change in his core figure it's like a little piece of the story missing out. Not that it would be terrible without, im not saying that ... its merely a conversation on the subject of how to implement time depth into the game visuals.
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    Quote from Airandius

    Actually I don't consider dedication like that a good thing. Isn't it better to put your dedication somewhere different?
    Like a place that gives a higher chance to get laid. Like playing guitar like billions of other people.
    *Guilty of playing guitar to get laid.*

    But to be a serious person for a change I just don't understand how people can even get time to be dedicated like that.

    At the very least it's funny to see a person that spend a lot of time and dedication to something fail at the last moment. The billions of new curse words they throw around is guaranteed to make people laugh, making that person even more angry.

    It's hard to dissagree with you, as to where fun becomes an obsession or an escape. But its not the "Mode" of the game that makes the addiction when letting life slip by one without noticing. I would call that an escape from reality - and thats another thing.
    When im talking of hardcore gaming im stating the fact that you had to have excellent skills to pull of a lvl 99 char - and I hope it stays that way!

    I've lost many high lvl heroes I thought to be both unbeatable but allso the perfect build on hardcore and it felt like dropping free fall from sixth floor when they died. But thats where the tension and suspence lies with my gaming needs. Its like the, maybe, oldest mechanism in gaming history that has found its right place on a pc game. Remember the arcade games - that was the same... game over... new game. In Diablo you can at least pull out and save before a regretable death... so Hardcore is not this very very hard lvl no one can muster.. Its just the way the gamer plays it that makes them get either far or die quickly (cursing cursing). In terms of making the game durable for long terms of use, its crucial, in Diablo terms, to have hardcore function.

    In D2, you had to complete single player before venturing into hardcore mode. Hope they'll keep it that way - its a big help for all players to have seen the game in full length before going hardcore. So many datas to digest :)
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    Quote from VladDracul

    Think he means like say you enter den of evil, clear it. Leave the den and rejoin the den and boom it's full again. This was not in Diablo 1 or 2 and I highly doubt will be in Diablo 3. The monsters will surely respawn when you leave the game and rejoin tho at least for multiplayer, they might go the D1 route for single player and keep dead things dead.
    Excactly! You got the point. No problem in starting a new game replacing all monsters. Thats ok. But the leave & enter-respawn function (as in sacred) must NOT be a part of D3. It would totally re-sculp the feel of Diablo.

    Quote from valeo

    Thought you were talking about respawning after your character dies - wonder if that will be the same? Having to go back and pick up your body etc?
    I really really hope so - having to go back to loot the dead char. That was a perfect trait, because it made you go back into the "evil". It would be playing the game on "child" lvl to automaticly get your lost loot waiting for you at the fireplace. Then there would be no tension in the game if such risky things were removed or replaced.

    Quote from VladDracul

    Quote from valeo

    Thought you were talking about respawning after your character dies - wonder if that will be the same? Having to go back and pick up your body etc?
    They have already said there will be no corpse picking up. You respawn at a checkpoint not far from where you died with all your gear. I don't remember exactly if there was a penalty on the demo tho.
    Well - at least not on hardcore lvl i pressume? There will be no respawn of char if you played hardcore. If so, as in D2 multiplayer/hardcore, you would have to go fetch the loot where it lies. Otherwise I can't imagine what they've done!

    Quote from xXSoulXx

    If memory serves me right (most of the time it does) When you respawn at a checkpoint, you start with only a small percentage of life.
    You have all your gear etc etc.

    So i thought to myself, that if we die, then respawn with low health...use a pot?
    BAM your back in the game!
    Well - not on hardcore lvl I pressume? Most players ressolve to hardcore sooner or later. For instance - I only play hardcore. The game would not be the same without this function.
    I i played a harcore/multiplayer game I would not respawn, but my partymember (if allowed by you) could go loot my corpse to get my items... that meaning that he had to seek out the place where i fell.
    But I don't know if you only meant a normal game, so i just speaking out loud :)
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    I have not really heard otherwise, but I just remembered what a freind once said after playing a Diablo clone called Sacred: "... don't wan't to play a game of respawns..".
    I did not get the point of his remark, but I do now!

    In sacred you could enter a "dark cave" and fight down all taint, leave, enter cave again, and... by god those damn...grrr...taint! and then kill them all over again.

    Its a key stone in diablo that, if there are to be respawnable places, they will give no extra xp if you trigger the respawn mechanism... im thinking about the big bossfight against the ancients chosen 3 on Mount Arreat.. you could respawn it easily but it gave no xp the second time you killed them.

    I want it to stay that way - hopefully there will be no respawning at all.
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    Quote from Airandius

    Quote from Macros

    It's simple math. Let's say you would only find level 5 gems (which is not going to happen, so the actual number is going to be higher than this!). So 14-5=9. You'll need to upgrade gems 9 times to get to level 14. Since I can't find a calculator with the exponentiation function at the moment, I'll do this the hard way:

    1 level 5 gem is one level 5 gem (duh :P).
    3 level 5 gems are one level 6 gem.
    9 level 5 gems are one level 7 gem.
    27 level 5 gems are one level 8 gem.
    81 level 5 gems are one level 9 gem.
    243 level 5 gems are 1 level 10 gem.
    729 level 5 gems are 1 level 11 gem.
    2187 level 5 gems are 1 level 12 gem.
    6561 level 5 gems are 1 level 13 gem.
    19683 level 5 gems are 1 level 14 gem.

    If you only found level 1 gems you'd have to do this 13 times instead of 9, and as you can guess by now, the number will shoot up dramatically at that point:

    1,594,323 level 1 gems are needed to make just one level 14 gem.

    We are talking about runes, there are 5 of them and you put them in skills to change the way they work. :P
    Funny to know though.

    What people often forget is that in the real game you might get level 8 drops or even level 10 drops. So It's not a real issue.

    Sorry - do I miss out on something? If i had to have aprox 700 gems to get 1 higher lvl "x" gem, I should get to feel a bit short on storage for that kind of quantity. That means that either has blizzard made a quantity pool for gems in our inventory or else they had to make up a lot of kategories of gems on the same lvl for us to quantisize them... again in order to even be able to manage them in our inventory. If gems of same color could be "crafted" into one gem (steadily making the one gem you got more and more perfect) I do get the idea - Otherwise I dont know how they will solve the large amount of gems you had to contain before being able to get a new lvl gem. They might have made a downside to this, it being impossible to divide the gems after the fusion/horadric effect.

    My point is - that i believe that Blizzard has made a new gem system. If you take 2 gems, you can fusion these together into 2x1 gem of a particular lvl. You could then take 2 other gems and fusion these - which gives you 2 seperate pools of them same essense. Why is that interesting? Hm - if things will work as I say we will not have any anything near the same problems with inventory space as we had in D2. Gems won't fill up to the brink where you are forced to transfer items between chars because you can just fit them together instantly - if you wish.


    This thread is about runes - and I remember jay said that the rune-mechanics of the game was one of the absolute last things they put together. Maybe that strategy will give them more creative room for the process of keeping the rune-lore as diablo'sh as possible - it being one of their favorite game subjects.
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