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    As I've only had a few days to play Grim Dawn vs. Four Years this might be a bit premature to say but. Remember that "feeling" you got when you played D2(Two no typo), when it always felt fun no matter what act you were in or what you were doing and you just couldn't get enough. Grim Dawn brings back that feeling. It's probably in short called addiction. Anywho, I just can't play D3 for longer than a month or two after every patch. Someone said there is only an illusion of diversity, which is true but I"m starting to think it's an illusion of fun.

    So far what I've noticed with GD is that it has a little of everything I liked from recent and past Arpg\MMO. D3 on the otherhand is stuck trying to be the next big thing. For myself it's not lasting long enough. I'm not here to bash on D3, I like the game, just have to be honest when it comes to my idea of overall fun. D3 is fun, it has it's points that make you enjoy it. It remind me of a sucker, you can only lick it so much then it's gone. How long it lasts depends on how fast you can eat it. I'll be back next patch I'm sure. For now, rather once again I'm gonna play something else till a new patch comes out. If you feel D3 is also a bit stale during Season X or Patch 2.XX. Give GD a try. Might help relieve some of the WTF is going on tension that seems to come after a patch.

    See ya next season.. Enjoy your time no matter what you play or what you do.

    P.S. I do not work for any developers. I'm not trying to sale you anything but my opinion - it's on the house =)

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    It's not you or your pc. As is I run pretty smooth, laggy at times. If I use certain items and skills in a build i can manage to drop down to seven FPS. I've played since launch and watched this game deteriorate over the years. At launch the game ran so damn lag free it was impressive. I still primarily have the exact same pc from then but todays game lags like i downgraded my pc by 50%.

    Last season it was area damage and life on hit that was doing it to us. Not sure what it is this season.

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    This isnt a new game mode, this is what D3 was like at launch. Simply allow the self-entitled everything for me type of people to login to vanilla servers.

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    Here's an idea lol. Seriously it would work out the same if im not mistaken. Change your ignore pain to a key far away from your playing area on the keyboard. numpad or something maybe. Press ignore pain and stick something in there to keep the key pressed down. You will have to ignore character telling you its not ready over and over, but hey, it could work and theres nothing bannable about using Popsicle sticks to automate a key press ;p

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    The real issue isn't blizz and\or content. It's the age gap between the old d2'rs and the new millennium age kids. There's a self entitlement that comes with the millennium age group. They feel as if free content is not enough, changes that make the game balanced are unplayable and that if they are not at the utmost peak in a game, they are let down by the developers. The real fact is, it's the person and their inability to enjoy themselves without having every bell and whistle the developers could have added.

    Personally I appreciate the latest patches that came with free content. If it didn't suite me, who am I to complain as I didn't EARN anything. It was free. The number one statement I seen from the last few patches was a lot of people complaining about the content or lack there of. Look if you can't get the concept that "The game is yours to enjoy however you enjoy gaming" and then the biggest one "buyer beware". People sit around blaming the devs for a decision they made in the passed and a decision they continue to make. It's seriously not up to the devs to allow me to enjoy a game, it's up to me and the rest of you. If you can't do it, try being accountable for your own unhappiness.

    On a different note, Fallout 4 is pretty badass. Instead of bitching at the devs I decided to try something else until they release the patch. <-- And that's how you ensure your happiness. It's situational, people are choosing this situation. It's far overdue but it's time to blame the individual and not the devs. This is a individual issue where said individuals are self entitled. Get over yourself.

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