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    posted a message on What would kill the game for you?
    With the present hardware and evolution of the MMO, the expectations are pretty high, and we have to admit that it's easier to make it wrong that good.

    1. Considering that will be P2P then, as said before, better be a clean server and with seamless connection. I hate bots and spammers (in D2 if open room, there are moments when absolutely cannot see the screen to play with the spam. I have to w8 to see what I'm doing). P2P is a change from what we are used in playing the series, so they must be very careful what they decide to use. I F2P will always be a little more tolerant on performance and many other aspects. But a P2P... OMG, that's something else! (AION anyone, ring a bell?)

    2. In a way I agree that MF is a little bit of a strange implementing thing in D2. I would rather change this to an equally chance for any class, but the quality of the drop to increase/vary base on level, as well the player and the area. And guys, keep the drops to the difficulty level you are in. So, if Normal, NM and Hell difficulty will exists, then keep it there, limit by the player level (so a high level player will have almost no drop in a low/very low level area to avoid pointless farming and promote alts and trade).

    3. Lock the PK, especially in HM. Just do it! Agreed duels is one thing, but mind your own questing and being PK.... Better yet, add an option when entering the game if log-on on the PvP designated server or PvE, at least we know how to deal with.

    4. A team play pushed to extrema, meaning to have too many areas and/or bosses that there is no way to win unless full team. I agree to be maybe un-solo-able bosses, but to be still approachable by a 2 ppl and maybe with hireling/merc.

    5. 3D not fully implemented. I'm sorry to say but the SC2 it had a pseudo 3D. Yes there is some depth and looks 3D but there is no real zoom, no camera rotation, no real 3D movement what-so-ever. If in RTS might be pretty OK that (although I gave-up because of this), in RPG better be well implemented. We need to be able to zoom-in/out, to rotate and view the fight from different angles if necessary.

    There so many other things (e.g. bad customer service, lack of support, bad ping/lag, graphic errors, etc) that if all together/or single can ruin the experience.
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    posted a message on Will we still have mercs?
    I personally like the idea of having the mercenary, as soon as this does not become more of a pain than help. Think how will look D2 w/o, considering the immune mobs. Most probably the only char in game that could do all would be Necro. No solo possible for the other w/o a real pain!!

    However, even so, the mercenary system can be improved pretty much and I like Ophion idea. I liked also the commands from Guild Wars for the Heroes (although I did not go as complex in D3). The mercenary gives you the chance to have some of the skills and/or effects which otherwise are inaccessible for your class. This brings a new perspective on game approach.

    I don't agree with the "god mode" in any game, as I still like the challenge, but I totally dislike the situation of having absolutely no options to approach 80% game, unless I'm in team of min 2 ppl. I know it's a hard job the ballance between solo play and team play, but they must consider this as well.

    My 2 cents!
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    posted a message on Diablo 2 on vista
    I guess the problem is with your OS or something. I use Ultimate and I had no issues to run D2 either or Vista or Win7, not even "Run as Administrator" or "Compatibility Mode". On Win7 I did not even install it, I just use the package that was on the PC before formatting and installing Win7, and works.

    It will be good if you tell us what is the message you receive when you try launching the game.

    Note: If tells you that is not win32 application, try removing the sound.dll and/or sound3d.dll from the folder. Do not worry, the game will crate a new one. in Vista and 7 the standard one that the game come with do not really fit and are not recognized and therefore the game cannot initiate.
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    posted a message on 99% sure the 5th class will use a bow.
    We know now that the 5th is the Milkshake Healer... I doubt will use anything else than staff or wand/shield combo.
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    posted a message on It's official: The Milkman Healer
    OMG! Should be cool! Now let's see how this will bring added value in the group. I hope tho that they will reconsider and let it be with groups of 5 instead of 4. Ya know, at least to have one of each! :)
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    posted a message on A clue about release?
    Quote from Regi

    I reckon they'll announce the release date at this years Blizzcon. I mean, they seem to be far into their development stage now, polishing Act 1? That means the other acts must be somewhere close to finishing as they have multiple teams working on the game, so a team of each act is not out of the question.

    Also, with Act 1 out of the way it's surely going to help as they'll be able to contribute their time to the other acts and mechanics needed within the game.

    I'm pretty sure of a late 2011 release date, so we've got like a year to wait.

    Didn't they say they are wanting to release Diablo III before the next Starcraft installment?

    WoW expansion: Christmas 2010
    Diablo 3: Mid-to-late 2011.
    Starcraft 2: Christmas 2011.

    Sounds doable to me.

    SC2 is already on... :)
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    posted a message on Heroes of Sanctuary (OOC)
    I might be hardheaded or something, but I'm not sure how you consider "complete character" or "missing one skill" to be honest.

    I personally have about a year and so writing a RPG game from a novel of mine (unfinished yet) and I like creating stories... But really I donno how I can qualify in this! I really need to start reading more books in English!
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    posted a message on The new inventory
    For me is OK, especially if anything stored will not use more than two squares, and anything that can be on stack will be in the stack (e.g. materials).
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    posted a message on Hello!
    Thanks! I start again D2, just to refresh stuff in my head! Addicted! :)
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    posted a message on I've done my research, but I'd rather hear it from you guys...
    For D3 I don;t think you have to worry with that configuration. The only thing that might need very little adjustment is the level of details, if playing with max resolution. However, it will not be that much to jeopardize the look &feel!
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    posted a message on Crafting Through Artisans
    This addition it makes so much sense! I love it!
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    posted a message on Diablo III F.A.Q.'s
    SC2 come w/o LAN multilayer. D3 will be the same?

    Are there any FGT? How can be that lucky to get in (as experience I do have with D2 and several FGT and CB).

    Are there cross-class skill effects (so, promoting groups)? (e.g. a Witch skill creates and effect that can boost the damage of Wizard or Barbarian, if successful hit while the effect is in place, ya know).

    The party of 4 has anything to do with the fact that now are 4 known classes? Is so, if the 5th one will be confirmed, could we expect a party of 5?
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    posted a message on Create your own D3 achievement!
    Quester: Finish every single quest in order.

    Maniac: reaching solo level 20 by using only 1 attack skill.

    Naked: reaching solo level 20 w/o wearing armor.

    Vanquisher: killing all mobs in all maps.

    Begger: if reported 20 times that begs for gold/items (and 24h chat ban every time begs again and reported).

    Lame Searcher: 24 of LFG and none accept it!
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    posted a message on Old items returning
    In a way, some of the old item to appear in D3 it will make sense. Maybe not as powerful as in the glory of D2, but at least as name and (enhanced) look.

    The reason I think they should thing/do this is that they will provide a sort of continuity of the world, even confort maybe. However, is not a must, but it will nice!
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    posted a message on Cows in D3
    Tbh I like to see another Secret room. If there we will find the new enhanced 3D cows mooing wround, will be fun, but if we'll find something else as enjoying and fun, still OK with me! :)
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