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    -50.0+x% chance on hit to gain Swiftness, increasing your Attack Speed by 1% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 15 times.

    -Gain 1% Cooldown Reduction per stack of Swiftness.(Requires Rank 25)

    -Each stack of swiftness grants 1% Movement Speed, 1% Critical Hit Damage and 1% Critical Hit Chance. (Requires Rank 50)

    • This would be a nice bump to the gem, allowing it to be more widely beneficial, but not too overly broken
    This is way too powerful. IMO it would be the best gem for almost any build that utilizes ATS and CD. Just movement and increase the stacks to 20.
    Other than that like already mentioned the idea itself is good but your suggestions need alot of tweaks ;)
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    Quote from Kallizk»

    Well i don't like it very much, it would be kinda bad to be pushing for let's say 600-900 leaderboard and when you are getting there you lvl to 901,It would be simpler if you could filter out everyone that has a specific paragon, say remove all paragon 1500+ from showing up on the leaderboard for you, no need to create a new ladder when the data shown is already present in the current ones, we just need options to filter it.

    I rather like the OPs ideas but I agree that a simple filter would solve many problems regarding leaderboards. You can truely see where you stand in your "brackets".
    But....oh well, paragon needs to be revised again anyway. The suggestions for +1-2 mainstat for each plvl beyond 800 is also decent but I would prefer a complete rework which deals with the current plvl problems regarding leaderboards and powercreep.
    You don't really customize your character with paragon which is the actual purpose for it. The stats shouldn't capping out and somehow not break the game. I think a system which revolves about diminishing returns would be kinda the best solution.
    1 plvl point for increasing mainstat +5 (value can be as high as blizzard wishes, just to keep it simple we stay at +5 mainstat for each increase)
    2 additional plvl points for increasing mainstat to +10
    3 additional plvl points for increasing mainstat to +15, and so on and so forth... just to give an example.
    also blizzard should give people more options to spend points in. 4 for each category is simple not enough and my suggestion would not help much with only 4 for each category.
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