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    sry deleted

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    Quote from Psyborg

    Well, statement such as "makes life easier" is not enough when u hit 1 key in order to cast more than the binded skill :P
    It is programming --> not playing as intended, EXCEPT IF Blizz stated that autocast and macros are legal.

    I use it just for EB (not for diamond skin or anything else. i adjusted my farming for that reason)
    I know that it's probably not allowed. But if I would get banned for something that should be a feature. So be it. it would just be plain stupid and probably that's why they won't do that ;)
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    Quote from Psyborg»

    Quote from thatguy181»
    I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything in the ToS, EULA, or a blue post stating that the numlock auto casting was illegal.

    Isn't the automatic way of game play (auto casting, macros) bannable ? Binding a key to do 2345243 skills is legal?

    Well, if that is legal, then there is huge gap into bannable policies apart from the obvious (bots, 3rd party progs)

    when promoting gameplay where you need to click a key every 0.3 sec non-stop it would be stupid to ban macro users just for binding an autohotkey to a certain skill. (e.g in-geom / explosive blast )
    I even play without it in grifts but farming rifts with my wizard would be just stupid to spam that button for hours. it's not even an unfair advantage. it just makes life easier.
    probably even that is not allowed but tbh it's so much more important to ban botters with unfair advantages. cus that is what destroys the game and not simple small things which could as well be promoted as a feature in a future patch :P
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    you mean ww/rend.

    in vanilla hota was trash when using with skorn. well in fact hota was trash overall in vanilla. it was maybe somehow useful for farming demonic essences vs. yellow elites. but like ww shined when using dual wield.

    skorn was clearly a rend weapon (and ofc ww cus it was the most op thing in vanilla (beside of maybe cm))

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    yeah you basically have 2 cheat deaths with each a 60 sec cd.

    but beware. unstable anomaly is a much better cheat death skill.

    beside of knocking enemies back it gives you a big shield buff which last a few seconds, the firebird 2 piece bonus only gives you full life after a short delay (gray screen for 1-2 seconds) and the meteor revives you.

    I'm only playing softcore (since my bad pc cant handle any other fancy things ^^) but it happend several times that a molten explosion is building up while I'm in the "freezing gray state" and then the 2pc will do absolutely nothing for you. you just die another time.

    probably it would be better if the firebird set procs first, since it's really not that reliable when it comes to saving you from death.

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    Quote from Hans»

    Titan Quest is quite good and so is Torchlight 1 and 2.

    Max, and Erich Scheafer (Diablo 1 and 2) worked on Torchlight 1 and 2.

    Yeah, I'm still playing Titan Quest IT every now and then. Somehow I like it alot more than the "new Titan Quest" Grim Dawn.
    Much more fluid and the classes are more interesting. But that's just my opinion :)
    It's my offline game of choice :D
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    completed it. but this survey just scratchs the surface.

    when a new patch comes out i play alot longer and lose interest almost every time half through season. also i think alot (maybe even more than 50%?) of D3 players are 25 years or older.

    also yeah after years of playing D3 more or less intensely I probably play it mainly cus of friends nowadays but i wouldn't count out things you've listed like new content and stuff...

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    on the wizard solo leaderboard there is in the top 10 a para 800ish guy cleared 69 in 1:28. This is impossible. Seems bugged. Just for the record ;)

    edit: it also seems to use the current paragon lvl as indicator. and not the paragon lvl with which the grift was completed (in some cases this is kinda not "fair"). in the game the paragon lvl of the clear is snapshotted

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    posted a message on broken promises; what does "consectuive non-critical hits" mean.
    Quote from mhvn1987»

    Quote from persheal»

    Quote from mhvn1987»

    USe this on your follower, they have a 0% base crit chance and then boost up IAS,CDR and Main stat.

    Yep, this is the only use I found out for it. Be also mindful that their Crit DMG is capped at 150%

    Yeah and since they have a base crit damage of 50% and the follower unique item can give you 100%. All is left is stacking attack speed. Rings of choice for me are oculus ring and Broken Promises.
    the only time this is useful is when you don't need unity on your follower. oculus ring is even if you only stand 1 time each rift in the circle better than BP.
    and then there's hellfire ring and leorics for a small xp boost which i still would prefer over some non-exsistant follower dmg.
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    posted a message on Lvl 50 Gem Effect Ideas
    Quote from roughaxe»


    -50.0+x% chance on hit to gain Swiftness, increasing your Attack Speed by 1% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 15 times.

    -Gain 1% Cooldown Reduction per stack of Swiftness.(Requires Rank 25)

    -Each stack of swiftness grants 1% Movement Speed, 1% Critical Hit Damage and 1% Critical Hit Chance. (Requires Rank 50)

    • This would be a nice bump to the gem, allowing it to be more widely beneficial, but not too overly broken
    This is way too powerful. IMO it would be the best gem for almost any build that utilizes ATS and CD. Just movement and increase the stacks to 20.
    Other than that like already mentioned the idea itself is good but your suggestions need alot of tweaks ;)
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    Quote from Kallizk»

    Well i don't like it very much, it would be kinda bad to be pushing for let's say 600-900 leaderboard and when you are getting there you lvl to 901,It would be simpler if you could filter out everyone that has a specific paragon, say remove all paragon 1500+ from showing up on the leaderboard for you, no need to create a new ladder when the data shown is already present in the current ones, we just need options to filter it.

    I rather like the OPs ideas but I agree that a simple filter would solve many problems regarding leaderboards. You can truely see where you stand in your "brackets".
    But....oh well, paragon needs to be revised again anyway. The suggestions for +1-2 mainstat for each plvl beyond 800 is also decent but I would prefer a complete rework which deals with the current plvl problems regarding leaderboards and powercreep.
    You don't really customize your character with paragon which is the actual purpose for it. The stats shouldn't capping out and somehow not break the game. I think a system which revolves about diminishing returns would be kinda the best solution.
    1 plvl point for increasing mainstat +5 (value can be as high as blizzard wishes, just to keep it simple we stay at +5 mainstat for each increase)
    2 additional plvl points for increasing mainstat to +10
    3 additional plvl points for increasing mainstat to +15, and so on and so forth... just to give an example.
    also blizzard should give people more options to spend points in. 4 for each category is simple not enough and my suggestion would not help much with only 4 for each category.
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