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    Quote from rivenaleemยป

    Instead of making a new topic to ask a simple question, since it's similar to what's asked here:

    Can you point me to a wiki or article explaining why 20% elemental damage is better than (up to) 1000% increased damage for having (up to) 1000 more main stat?

    I guess this is because of Multiplicative versus Additive damage multiplier, however I'd like to read something that goes into detail on this please. For reference, I have an item similar to the OPs and I want to know if it is better to have 10,000 main stat (thus 10,000% increased damage) or 9,000 main stat and 20% elemental damage. Does the 20% elemental equal (in simplistic terms) 20% of 9,000 (1,800%) damage increase for that element?

    Perhaps a little late but it is simple math: 9000 -> 10000 is a 1000/9000 increase (roughly 11%). And it will be getting less with increasing intelligence due to paragon etc. elemental damage is a separate multiplier (mainstat too). So assuming you have only 20% elemental damage on your bracers you go from +20% to +40%. This means an increase of 20/120 and this is roughly an 17% increase. But when you have more elemental damage on your gear, this can change: theoretically you can have with the element fire way more elemental damage (LON builds): cindercoat, Mage fist, andariels visage, stone of Jordan, lidless wall and the devastator. In this case you go from +140 to +160 so it is a gain of 20/240 and this is roughly 8%
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    I posted this on the PTR forum. But I also would like to have your opinion aswel:

    I did really like the U6 in 2.3. Both SSS en EP are very fun skills. However the main problem imo is that from both skills only 1 rune is viable. The EP part is not that big of a deal: it's just a "little" difference in numbers and the other runes are more or less viable without completely changing the playSTYLE. But SSS is a completely different story: when you don't use the relentless assault rune the build becomes basicly unusable.

    So my suggestion is: give the relentless assault rune "for free" somewhere down the line. IMO it can be in the set itself (for instance the 4 or 6 pc) or the Lions Claw or the Binding of the Lost.

    I did not calculate number but perhaps an addiontal benefit is that perhaps (because other elements of SSS can be used and do more damage) other EP runes become more beneficial then now.

    Although there is 1 major drawback: the cold SSS rune gives 7 seconds freeze. But personaly I don't know if that one will be used: it removes the spiritcosts of SSS so it will be more difficult to implement the FR rings (although it can be triggered by manual pressing EP). However this is why there is a PTR: this can be tested...

    What do you guys think about this idea?

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