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    Whoops, wrong title entirely guys. Sorry! That was an entirely different post meant for a different site. lol

    Anyway, I wanted to talk about the geographic logic behind the next character class.

    Looking at all the classes released in Diablos I, II, and III up to this point, there appear to be only 2 regions of the Sanctuary map which have not been claimed by character classes.

    The Western continent has been used up by Barbarians from the Dreadlands, Monks from the Sharval Wilds, Rogues and Warriors (presumably from Khanduras in Dibalo 1. maybe someone could correct me?) and paladins from Westmarch in the Southern peninsula.

    The Eastern Continent is taken up by Druids to the North, The Sorcerer and Assassin that came from the Mage Clans of Kehjistan, the Witch Doctor from the jungles of the Southern peninsula, and the Necromancer from the "far east", presumably from beneath the swamplands (again, corrections welcome from anyoen who better understands it.)

    Then the Island to the North are claimed by the Wizard and those to the South by amazons.

    That leaves only 2 types of regions open for new lore by my count: The Dry Steppes and Aranoch which would mean a "desert class" and the sea which would mean a nautical class. (I know pirates have been suggested before).

    From this geographic reasoning I see only two possible "ranged classes." Either the generic but practical "ranger" of the desert or the new and possibly limitless class of mariner or previously suggested corsair. (maybe even some sort of middle-eastern-looking pirate that can claim both?)

    Now, as far as distinct lore and skills I can't say I have specific idea but those are the only two real possibilities for type of class that I can foresee. Than again, they could go the route of the assassin and have a class from the same region as another but with new and intriguing origins. You never know with blizzard. But, if it is true that this class was the first to be decided upon, I think some sort of sea-based class seems the most likely. It would be the most original class of the 5, and who says a pirate can't be ranged?

    Just wanted to get my thoughts out there. What do y'all think?
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