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    Quote from GamerX27»

    Quote from HanSolo1884»

    A druid, in my opinion, would have made more sense since we are missing the shapeshifter archetype in the game. If we get the Druid AND the Necromancer, I'd be more than pleased.

    What if they had the druids use javelin/spears

    Necromancer druids with javelins? Summoning undead/skeletal wolves with freakin spear-throwers on their backs? Yea, I'm hooked.

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    Quote from melacine»

    I've always felt that the Witch doctor was the necro, with other possible/viable spell versions. I don't see them releasing a necro in d3 as it adds little to the game... potentially a new class with more content might make sense. If it was a necro, how could they make it different than what witch doctor does?

    Your logic is absolutely on point, however you are missing a key piece here - fan service. The same thing that made Legion interesting compared to WoD (technically, every patch/expansion is a fan service, but there are some differences). Legion has Illidan, Karazhan, the Emerald Dream, the Ashbringer, lots of WC 2 and 3 characters. The Necromancer was one of the top demanded things from D3's playerbase EVEN when the WD was revealed as his successor. I wouldn't be suprised if we get the long-promised PvP Arenas or something PvP related for whatever content they have for D3, be it an expansion or a patch.

    A druid, in my opinion, would have made more sense since we are missing the shapeshifter archetype in the game. If we get the Druid AND the Necromancer, I'd be more than pleased.

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    Quote from Moboroshi»

    I am not referring to the marketing strategies but to the success of Diablo 3's predecesors

    Well, Diablo 2 sold good because Diablo 1 was a success. Also an interesting fact when D3 was announced D2 had a big rise in sales, so the hype struck both ways.

    Edit: Just watched the video... Yeeeah. It's pretty subjective. BUT I do miss the D2 character creation screen... it might sound odd but I enjoyed making new heroes because of it to some degree. Nostalgia is wierd.

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    Quote from Moboroshi»

    now a lot of the sales of diablo 3 were based on Hype
    Whaaaat? Sales are based on hype? The next would that marketing and customer demand also affect sales.... Craaaazyyyy!
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    Pretty interesting read, I really appreciate the passion behind the Diablo game series. I couldn't help but notice some words in the document - "instantgratification", "feel good gaming audience", "needless scale and complexity" and some prehistoric DLC talk.I know this horse is dead... but I can't help thinking about all the times people said that D3 is oversimplified because of WoW, whereas it was actually simple to begin with. (You might also be interested in reading about "the mom test" from D2 - http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131533/postmortem_blizzards_diablo_ii.php?page=2, peopleused to complain about the nature of D2's development as well -namely the skill tree system) I guess history is bound to repeat itselfwith Diablo 4...

    Also if you are interested in more behind the scenes stuff for Diablo 1,I suggest you check out http://www.diablo-evolution.net/index.php , I find these types of stuff AMAZING. For example Izual and Andariel were planned to show up in Diablo 1.

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    Quote from inmemo»

    I am one of those "d2.5hd people" and D2 had the same problem you are describing right now BUT while playing a popular build certainly gave you a big advantage, you could make almost everything work when you put your mind to it. That is what I'm missing in D3. There certainly are many builds to play but they consist of a 6p set + various legendaries. There's no room for creativity. When players find out about some interesting synergy it most likely will get nerfed.

    That was slightly offtopic, I actually agree - D3 has diversity, the choices you make just aren't that exciting.

    Have you heard of our lord and saviour LoN?

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    Quote from Mad_Tom»

    No, regular legendaries never get updated (unless it is a nerf like it was with PreRoS Furnace and Rimeheart).

    However, you can keep one of the interesting items you want, and put them in cube after 2.4 hits (50 Forgotten souls and 5 bounty mats per re-roll) and you get the item like it just newly dropped.

    I tied this on the PTR and it doesn't work since the old items have different ID, which means that you need to find them the old fashioned way.
    However, you could get the new set pieces for the reworked sets just by using the cube.
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    Greetings all! I was theorycrafting what I think is an interesting build for the Crusader in the new patch. I managed to test it to some extent on the PTR, but I need some feedback and opinions on how to improve it. Since I haven't figured out most of the item choices, I have avoided to use the build creator for now. I am aware that the method of simply listing items is outdated, but the build doesn't have a final identity just yet.

    Obviously it's not going to be very easy to gear up for this build since you need Ancient Legendaries, but I think it's worth the time since it plays a bit differently compared to the Seeker of the Light Item Set. It also fuels one of my biggest passions in Diablo - coming up with new builds!

    The Build:


    This was my initial build since I am a sucker for Lightning damage in D3..I am still trying to figure out if it's better to switch to physical damage using the new rune for the blessed hammer (The hammer Slows enemies it passes through and has a 35% chance to explode on impact, dealing 460% weapon damage as Physical and Stunning enemies within 6 yards for 1 second), and also replace the Critical rune of Laws of Valor with Frozen in Terror to make more use of the new Hammer Jammers Legendary bonus (IEnemies take 300-400% increased damage from your Blessed Hammers for 10 seconds after you hit them with a Blind, Immobilize, or Stun)..

    I'd also like to note that the Blessed Hammer created by Justice lowers the cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke if you have the 2-piece bonus of Seeker of the Light.

    The following items are what I consider ABSOLUTELY required for the build. You could play around the other slots but these here are basically set in stone.

    Guard of Johanna

    A very significant damage increase. Use this shield even if it's not Ancient.

    Blessed of Haull

    This is how we get our Blessed Hammers out without spending Wrath while also dealing the damage of Justice and procing the stun.For this reason, reduced resource cost, Life per Wrath spent, and Maximum Wrath are absolutely useless stats and should be rerolled and avoided when spending your Paragon points.

    Aquila Cuirass

    Since our Wrath is always full, this item is a preeeeetty big deal.

    Hammer Jammers

    Since the build is centered around stuns, this item is an obvous choice.

    Litany of the Undaunted

    The Wailing Host

    Now here comes the tricky part - the rest of the items. I will list some items for each remaining slot and try to build a discussion around them. I will also make some comments on them.

    1. Weapon

    - Fulminator

    This is the weapon I went with, it is a reasonable choice considering the build is focused around Lightning damage and Stuning.

    - Shard of Hate

    Again another Lightning component to the build.

    - Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

    Lightning damage + debuff

    - In-geom

    This one caught my eye while writing this post, it might actually do be of use since the build uses 4 half-minute cooldowns.

    - Doombringer

    Pick this sword if you decide to switch to Physical skill damage.

    2. Helm

    - Blind Faith

    We will do more damage to Blinded (Stuned/Immobilized targets) so this is a reasonable pick.

    - Leoric's Crown

    Decent item even for cubing since we have 4 short cooldown at our disposal.

    - Andariel's Visage

    Attack Speed + Elemental Damage are always nice

    - Mempo of Twilight

    Attack Speed

    3. Hands

    - St. Archew's Gage

    An additional survival tool

    - Stone Gauntlets

    Helps utilising the Legendary bonus of Hammer Jammers

    4. Wrists

    - Ancient Parthan Defenders

    Since we dish out a lot of Lightning damage (which stuns could stun if we cube Wyrdward

    or if we pick the new Crushing Blow rune for Blessed Hammer), this item could improve our survivability by a good margin.

    - Krelm's Buff Bracers

    No more knockbacks and stuns while spamming Justice

    - Steady Strikers

    - Lacuni Prowlers

    5. Feet

    - Ice Climbers

    Nobody likes being frozen right?

    - Boots of Disregard

    Another theoretical survival boost.

    - Illusory Boots

    Extra escape mechanic when Iron Skin is on cooldown.

    6. Amulet

    - Hellfire Amulet

    Aiming for Indestructible

    - Overwhelming Desire

    Bonus to our damage

    - Haunt of Vaxo

    Do not underestimate these guys

    - Dovu Energy Trap

    - The Ess of Johan

    This could help keeping most enemies away for a little longer. Equiping your follower with is also a good call.

    - Any other Immunity Amulet

    7. Legendary Gems

    - Bane of the Stricken

    - Bane of the Trapped

    - Gogok of Swiftness

    - Wreath of Lightning

    Simply more lightning damage to proc our stuns

    - Zei's Stone of Vengeance

    We need more stuns

    - Simplicity's Strength

    I keep dreaming this could be an alternative to the cookie cutter gems. Theoretically this gives us more survivability.

    8. Cubed Items

    8.1 Armor

    - Depth Diggers

    Increased damage for Justice

    - Cord of the Sherma

    Bonus Blind to proc the Hammer Jammers damage

    Of course there could be other options for the cubed armor item, depending on your taste and your available items.

    8.2 Jewelry

    - Wyrdward

    This is my top choice when going with the Lightning build since stunned enemies take more damage and reduce our damage taken.

    - Convention of Elements

    - Oculus Ring

    This ring gets buffed in 2.4 and could spice up the gameplay a little bit.

    - Unity

    - Arcstone

    If LoN wasn't a set, I would have certainly used this ring. I am just putting it here because some people might enjoy the visuals. Oh and moar Lighting!

    - Any of the Immunity Amulets

    8.3. Weapon:

    - Schaefer's Hammer

    This is the one I tried. I think the damage is quite substantial and also compliments our Lightning theme.

    - The Furnace

    9. Shoulders

    As it stands, all of the shoulders are pretty lack luster for Crusaders. Fingers crossed for a good pair of shoulders in a future patch.

    The playstyle is pretty simple - you spam Justice, pop cooldowns and avoid what you can. I like the aspect that Blessed Hammers are spawned at my target which allows me to hit enemies with it from the edge of the screen and also saves me the hassle of using Falling Sword constantly. Moreover,I am not a really big fan of long cooldowns like Akarat's Champion, that's why I've tried to create the build without relying on it. Since I do not run Greater Rifts actively, right now I am sitting at level 50 GRs with this build.For now the survivalbility is great and I can push further. I still need 2 more Ancient Items to complete the basic item requirement. I am sure that this build could reach 60-70 GRs. This means that i am running Torment X. I am able to kill single goblins on TX, but packs could prove to be a bit harder. While I am at it, I should mention that clearing goblin packs on lower difficulties is really easy thanks to this playstyle.

    So, guys and gals, give me your thoughts on the following

    - Which skill element is better - Lightning or Physical

    - Which skills or runes could work better;

    - Which items should be used in their respective item slots

    - And of course, are you interested in trying this build out?

    Thank you for your attention!

    Screenshot Gallery

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    Quote from CrayZ1430»

    The gap is closing between solo play and groups. This is not the time to implement any follower changes. That being said sets don't make sense since they can't use anything but jewelry and weapons. The last thing I want is to add more jewelry to the drop pool. I have a hard enough time getting decent rings. If the want to create an amulet I would be tolerant of this. >90% of all builds benefit from a 5th passive.

    Well then, the jewelry set for the followers shouldn't drop - it should be craftable. Problem solved.

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    Thank you for the swift replies :D Cheers!
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    I've asked about this on several boards, but it doesnt hurt to ask here as well.

    Does anybody have any idea if I buy a copy of RoS (either a hardbox or a digital copy) will I be able to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition after that without having to pay it's full price and only the 20 Euro divergence?

    Thank you in advance! :D
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    Quote from brx

    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Quote from brx

    In my opinion it really boils down to the fact that they don't know how to generate randomized areas or a shy in using them. In D2 even the towns had randomized elements.
    Random just for the sake of it doesn't add a lot to the gameplay experience, if anything at all.

    The "randomized" elements of D2 towns didn't make the quest feel any more significant. And, in my personal opinion, so didn't the random dungeons in that game either. Now don't get me wrong, I respect that some people like them, and attribute that to the maze-like aspect that those dungeons had (sometimes huge and complex mazes).

    I'd much rather have "meaningful" randomization than just flat out pointless randomization.

    I'm just saying it's different when you're playing a game like Minecraft, where the starting area kinda determines how you're going to survive and start exploring early on. Or Terraria, where the random biomes around your starting area and items/caves that you find early on completely dictate how you're going to progress through that playthrough.

    I'm not saying D3 does have that meaningful randomization either, btw.
    I think you are missing the point. In D2 you had to explore the randomly generated map all the while you encountered enemies (with the most funny randomly generated names too, I hope I am not the only one missing that). You never really knew the map (ok to an extent, like if you only played on single player you could manage to have map with the tp really close to the door before mephisto for exemple...).

    In d3 this is just hallways after hallways. You keep coming back to the exact same place so of course the farms are going to feel boring fast.
    And I think this is why they won't bring back unique loot tables for bosses: players would notice even faster how repetitive and streamlined the farming has become.
    D2 deserts... Exploring borders. Enough said.
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    O hai!
    And welcome! :D
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    As the title suggests I'm curious about what's going to be the driving factor for us to kill elites (champions and rares) in RoS. Note that the devs are planning to get rid of Nephalem Valor since with the introduction of Adventure Mode and Nephalem Rifts, Nephalem Valor would seem even more like a real chore. It's purpose was in most part to eliminate the 30 seconds game sessions and having a 15-20 minute "warm up session" before we can really start playing the game is really tedious.
    Edit: Source for the info - http://my.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/1qjws3/story_time_with_wyatt_cheng/

    However in the live game a lot of people ignore elites as soon as they reach 5 stacks only klling a group if NV is about to expire.
    As for the BlizzCon demo that was available there, we have the percentage bar that fills up with every few enemies killed, so a nasty champion pack might just delay our progress to reaching the 100% for the boss spawn and not seem like the most efficient way of farming the Rifts.
    Also doing bounties will sometimes force people into ignoring elites because they are certainly not worth the effort, because you wish to finish up the bounties and start doing the Rift runs. Again maximum effieciency comes into play. Only when you are tasked with clearing a random dungeon, you will be forced to deal with the champion packs that spawn there.

    So how will the devs make us want to really deal with the elite groups of monters? Obviously better item drops will suffice but in a way that's way too random. There are several ideas that come to my mind that will make you want to see what the elites are dropping:
    1. Crafting Materials - raw crafting materials, increasing in quantity as you scale up the difficulty. All of the commodities in RoS will be BoA so they won't as easy to come by. Kind of like demonic essence functions right now.
    2. Gems - same concept as with the crafting materials. But they might drop a higher quality gem than what is regularly dropped by a normal monsters on the live version. Let's say that there's a chance to get a Star Gem from an elite even though the highest possible drop is a Flawless Square. That or again a quantity incrase or both.
    3. Better chance at getting Nephalem Rifts Key Stones - the devs talked about that the key stones will be aquired from finishing Bounties and as drop from monsters. Well, give the elites better chance at dropping those and we are shaking hands.
    4. Decent experience gain - compared to what we have now on live the time it would take you to kills certain elites is simply not worth it with exp you will get from blasting through areas crowded with trash mobs.
    5. All of the above.

    So let's keep the discussion going:
    1. What do you think will be a nice bonus for you to make you want to kill an elite pack?
    2. Are you killing off every single elite pack in the live game or you tend to ignore it because that's not the most efficient way to play once you have 5 stacks on NV?

    Obviosly when it comes to the most effiecient style of play, somethings will get ignored, in this case - elites. However I think that people should fee like they are rewarded for doing so and punished for the time and effort it took to take care of that Extra Health, Fast, Shielding, Teleportaion Blood Clan Occutist.

    I also have this topic up on the battle.net forum, fishing for blues as you might think :D : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10587168711
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    posted a message on Maltheal not Death? Lore Speculation (Spoilers?)
    So on the issue how Malthael was able to locate the Black Soulstone... Malthael can sense all living things so that makes it so much easier.

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Brian Kindregan:
    The one thing that he couldn't have forseen though was that Malthael would know.
    It didn't take long.
    Brian Kindregan: No, it didn't, right? And that's because the Angel of Death can sense all living things.

    Quote from Drkclone

    Also, if he wanted to trap every angel and demon in the stone, why did he leave Tyreal? Malthael sensed that he was not mortal, he most likely knew that he was actually a fallen angel. Though I doubt he knew that it was in fact, Tyrael.
    Tyrael is mortal. He recognised him and he saw he wasn't 'tainted' like the nephalem, meaning he wasn't half demon half angel. Also wearing his old armour and sword and listening to his voice which he knows for milennia is more than enough to figure out that it was Tyrael.

    I'd like to bring a few things up about the life and death cycles of the angels, demons and nephalem.

    "Tyrael: If you slay him, he will simply return in time..." (Referring to Diablo in the Wrath animated cinematic)

    "Player: What did you do after the Worldstone was destroyed?

    Tyrael: The resultant explosion dispersed the light and harmony of my angelic being. Without form or shape, I restored myself within the realm of Pandemonium.

    It took me twenty of your years, but finally I returned home to the High Heavens.

    Player: You returned as a hero?

    Tyrael: Hardly. Believing my actions had endangered creation, the Angiris Council put me, the archangel of Justice, on trial!

    I knew then that Heaven was doomed unless I could enlist the aid of mankind against the coming onslaught of Hell."

    "Player: Tell me more of the Crytal Arch. You've said that it is the heart of Heaven.

    Tyrael: It is older than time itself, and over the eons this shining realm took shape around it. It thrums with living light and sound that courses through the very fabric of the Silver City.

    Player: It is from this arch that the angels are born?

    Tyrael: Yes. Like musical notes i a grand chorus, angels are the manifestation of the Arch's intrinsic harmony. The purest expressions of this harmony were my brethren, the archangels.

    Player: I do not sense this harmony you speak of. It is long broken, is it not?

    Tyrael: Yes. But Hope has returned. And as you mortals are fond of saying, it is not over yet.

    "Player: What became of Malthael?

    Tyrael: Long ago, when Inarius and his ilk stole the Worldstone to create Sanctuary, Malthael became consumed with discovering its whereabouts.

    As the archangel of Wisdom, he was tortured by his inability to recover the sacred artifact.

    Player: Where is he now?

    Tyrael: Some say he haunts the silent halls of Pandemonium, forever seeking answers to the unknowable mysteries of life and death.

    "The angel Izual was Tyrael's lieutenant, but he was captured by the enemy after an ill-advised assault upon the Hellforge. Izual surrendered to demonic corruption and revealed the secrets of the soulstones to the Prime Evils. Tyrael claimed that Izual was slain years ago, but his replacement has never emerged from the Crystal Arch... -- Archangel Itherael"

    So could angels and demons really die? Most of them simply respawn in their respective realms. That's why the Eternal Conflict seemed like a closed and unedinging cycle before the creation of the nephalem. There is however one exception - Lucion. Uldyssian erased his being from existance, there is no way for him to return.

    I think this is the place to mention that there are other realms beyond Sanctuary, the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. Trag'Oul spoke of the dreamers (a toad like creatures), there are also other celestial dragons like him. Angels and demons used the Worldstone in attempts to create other worlds of their image but they failed. Only the combined efforts of Inarius and Lilith showed fruition.

    So what could have Malthael seen that changed his view, maybe not drastically, but enough to make him want to wipe out all the nephalem. Also the nephalem are not bound to the cycles of the angels and demons, they can choose between light and dark. In this aspect they possess freedom which neither realms have. Maybe Malthael sees that as abnormal and since they are half demons his intent might seem justified. Also Chris Metzen mentioned that the whole Worldstone can not be really destroyed (or it's simply not yet destroyed), we will see more of it for sure in the realm of Pandemonium. This is pure speculation on my side, but I think three key elements will be linked together to form the plot devices for the story in the expansion - the Black Soulstone, the Worldsotne and the souls of the nephalem. And here are some speculations:
    Does Maltheal use the souls to feed the Black Soulstone in order to harness enough power to restore the Worldstone?
    Will he try to link the Worldstone to the nephalem again so he could weaken them or outright wipe them out?
    Will he tap those powers to kill the last remaining demons?
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