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    Ok, one fast question for ancient Yang's Recurve i got last night. That are raw stats:

    1543-1851 Fire Damage

    +9% Damage

    +882 Dextirity

    +851 Vitality

    Reduce all resource costs by 50%

    +12 Maximum Discipline

    It is not that bad. I mean 12 Discipline and 50% RCR are perfect, but other stats are crap.

    So i need advice:

    -reroll dmg. seems like i will not get much from it

    -reroll %dmg. same here, 1% is not that much

    -reroll Dex. I am not sure what the effect will be

    -reroll Vit to Atack speed. more or less i think this will give the best results.

    What you think?

    link to my profile if needed:


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