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    They won't and do not intend to because console version of Diablo can be played offline (understand without a livelink to game servers) so anyone can cheat offline and return online cheated. That would break game balance.

    And it's only the first reason I found amongst many others.

    On my side, I do not care of season challenges and rewards. On console, you can't change your portrait, so only the pet will be available. Also, I do not have time and take fun by playing hard during a 3 months timeframe just to loose everything (more or less) at the end and restart from the beginning.

    I'm playing at the rythm I set, I set up my characters the way I want because I only play solo, I'm not having constraints with meta and narrow group roles, and so on...

    Eitherway, even if by miracle Blizzard implements season on console, I won't play it.

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    Hello Xone player,

    As I understand, you're playing barbarian. If you're looking for a WW build, just have a look in the build section of this site, and filter by class and skill (Personnaly, it was my build on Diablo-the-first, but it's sooooo boring to play now). Like that :

    -->barbarian builds with whirlwind

    Just do the bounties (always do where the bonus is, to get the bonus chest) to grab a lot of materials and some epics, the best is to do them on Torment difficulty (t3 for example, no less) use Kadala blood shards for armour pieces only. It's way too expensive for the other parts.

    Also, go find the Kanaï's Cube, for recipes like "extract power from epic item", "upgrade rare to epic" and "reroll set items". After some time, when you have a lot of materials, you can try to reroll epic items and add primary stats by sacrifying an epic gem (if you want to push Greater rift higher).

    And... Upgrade your stash to the max !! It's mandatory to have as much space as possible (350). Do not care to much about gold issues, one day you won't be able to spend it at all, as gold is of no real use.

    Last one, be patient... It takes time to get gear, and look for the googlesheet on drop rates, to see that some item simply do not drop with some classes, so be prepared to play different classes.

    Have fun, test different builds depending on the gear you have, do not be shy to play as many classes as you want. Personnaly, I have more than 10 lvl70 characters (3 DH, 1 Barb, 1 wiz, 2 WD, 2 monks, 2 Crusaders...) and some lvl1 to carry stuff as the stash is not sufficient after some time.

    For the rifts, you can open them when you want, but you need to complete a normal rift to have a chance to get the key to open a greater rift. Rifts are a wonderfull way to climb levels when rerolling (check some guides on the internet, in less than 5 hours, you can have a second lvl70 character). Of course, the greater the difficulty is, the better are the items found (more materials with bounties, more GR keys by clearing normal rift, and so on)...

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    I spent months on Diablo to have my 'king's axe of haste', it was 20 years ago, I could spend all the time I want farming Hell (without killing diablo of course) just to have another. It was an accomplishment to have a nearly perfect Zodiac at this time.

    Now, I found D3 much better than D2, and, even if "hardcore" players (not the ones playing hardcore mode, I mean those playing 16Hrs a day, botting or not when asleep) are not happy with the drop rates, I do not care. I can only play 2 to 4Hrs per day, so, as it goes, I can equip all my characters, enjoy testing builds and have a good time.

    I'm having fun with D3, that's all I ask from a game. Just waiting for dishonored 2 now.

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    Quote from Purpsels»

    Clues there but have to solve puzzle first that no one solved. What it is?

    She didn't said puzzle haven't been solved already, she just said that, as noone found the pennant and doing so, validate steps to get it, she can't confirm anything for the moment.
    I think some (or many) players have already done the first step (and perhaps more) to get the pennant, unknowingly. If you don't know what to look for, you can't be sure you're on the right track.
    If it requires 3 steps to have the pennant spawn (on Graw or somewhere else), perhaps some have done the first step, then the second one, perhaps even the third and, not knowing where to continue or if their actions have done anything, they have moved forward (to another game to fulfill more quests) and so lost the possibility to drop the pennant.
    It requires a patch she said, so next PTR, everyone will look for changes, datamined information, and so the pennant will surely be tracked down, as forgotten Aidan's.
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    Quote from jibbiers»

    This tweet by diablo totally shows us that most likely the Mace of the Crows comes from a Mysterious Barrel in the ACT 2 region in the water ways. Seems like a good assumption to me. Going to start grinding it soon enough.

    The screen is only for the show, no hint on the real location.
    The suit (and it's color), the helm, the crowbar, and the locations... all is done to remind HL thematic. So ok, the crowbar exists, but this screen do not show anything else.
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    I know what She said. As there have been some 'mismatch' (Ghoul King's Blade, Aidan's...) from her initial sattement, it can be possible that other cosmetics are elsewhere than intended... Just a thought

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    I'm playing on console, so no seasons for me, no start over every 3 months... Just have time to build what I want and update as soon as a new patch arrive.

    I still have set dungeons to do, not all my characters get ancient items, I do not have tested all possible builds and some cosmetics are stil evading my scrutiny and search. So yes,

    You can always find something to do if you are not playing 14Hrs a day.

    Go out, breath air, speak with real people, and not on Diablo, and you'll perhaps always see diablo as a boring game, so perhaps it's just time to move to other things and stop playing a game you're not having fun with, which is the core of a game, having fun.

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    Quote from benifios»

    did you find Ghoul King's Blade in the Gardens tier 2 or Khazra Pennant

    I do not think that the Khazra Pennant have been found atm.
    For the Ghoul King's Blade, if it's like the falcon wings, you'll have to sweep the level many times to find the misterious chest. It took me 20 trys for the wings, more or less.
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    posted a message on 60% gem upgradechance , realy 60%?

    And I lost 2 on 3 at 90% and feeling really unlucky.

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    posted a message on [Fanmade] Avatar (new Druid) Q&A - by Nightcrest87
    Quote from Nightcrest87»

    Quote from TrueColdkil»

    Another really good concept. I like the theme a lot and the way you managed to deal with everything.

    I especially appreciated the focus on channeled spells: they are atm a very non-effective way of playing due to their stationary nature and basically being very resource hungry. A proper class based on channels and supportuing this playstyle is a very nice twist.

    You are right! In D3 channeled spells feel lackluster because of the way they gate your APM and that stops you for micromanaging your other abilities, something that is really needed in higher difficulty content. This is why pretty much all channeled abilities (firebats, archon (beam), strafe, whirlwind, tempest rush etc) have set or legendary item abilities to bring them up to par. It's like... the abilities are soooooooo cool but the gameplay is counter-intuitive. They must be in the game because they feel so right for the class to have them but they can't "survive in the grifting wild" without additional support.
    In the Avatar, legendary item powers and passive skills are sort of interchangeable. Originally, I wanted the channeling gameplay to be unlocked through items, just like all the examples we have in the game so far. But then I was like, what if it was the other way around? What if I make all those abilities true passive skills and make the Avatar a class that works with channeling by design rather than item enabling?
    The Necromancer was a stab in the dark for me. It was an exploration of sorts. Trying to understand and making mistakes along the way was part of the learning process. But the Avatar... This one was a blast! So much more ground to explore and much fewer traps on my way. :D
    I discovered your work on Necromancer, one of my favourite in D2, yesterday after reading the Q/A on the Avatar.

    Both are great works which need balancing/tuning in the actual game and I do hope your work will be taken into account by D3 developper/game designer and both have a room in D3 lore.
    Alas, a bit to late for the Blizzcon announcement (if any).

    /bow & /curtsey for the 120Hrs spent on these concepts.
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