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    Well, I am currently luxuriating in my new office chair.

    It was made to order in uk by the coi company. The chair which is described as a 'Management Task Chair' gives me lumbar support, and comes with all of the usual stuff, castors, swivel, height and tilt adjustable. It's cost is $150.

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    posted a message on <Exile> Exiled-One, Mumble-based clan, currently recruiting

    Yups.. knew that was coming. you a fraud
    dude. insulted the whole clan, lied, slandered members, called us names,
    trolled and your only answer when your feeble attempts keep getting
    demolished is to cry victim.. lmao. just go away dude. failed across the
    board. people like you get cut, flame, get smashed and can't let it go.
    man up and go away. simple.

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    I remember I saw Diablo for the first time in some games magazine (well, not some, it was Secret Service
    - one of the most renown Polish gaming mags at that time) and then
    playing the Pre-Release Demo version from some bonus CD of some other
    magazine in 1996 - it had only like 2 levels of the Church or so, but
    man, oh man, it was simply mind-blowing.

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    We are currently in the process of rebuilding a good foundation for the
    future of our clan roster. So anyone is welcome no matter game mode or
    expereince. We just want you do be active in clan chat, have fun, play
    together and just have a great time

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