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    Yeah, it is nice and quiet.

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    You cannot use any other set bonuses while using LoN rings. You can wear Ancient Set items as long as you won't gain a set bonus,

    Set Bonuses:

    • While this is the only item Set Bonus the character has, their
    • damage dealt is increased by 100% and damage taken is reduced by 4% for
      every Ancient Item they have equipped (2 pieces)
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    I'm from Estonia, I think my English is at least understandable :D... Going to play wizard this season and for at least a week I'll be playing the game for ~10 hours per day.


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    I'm looking for people to play with during season 7. I'm searching for people who are at least 17+ years old, I myself am 22. I'm from Estonia so if someone wants to use skype then we'd have to speak in English.

    I'll be playing wizard in SC.

    Reply here if you want to play together.

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    All you pretty much need is best gems on helm/armor, as high legendary gems as possible and then 6 set bonus to get to t6 to t8. (t6 = random stats on gear, t8 needs decent rolls), all of this takes a day or two depending on your luck.

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