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    Probably some really easy answers to this, but since I don't know what bonuses are mult and add. figured i'd ask.

    What if instead of the compass and trav, convention, and krysbins in cube you did...

    soj (30% elites, 20 physical, 20 max essence), convention, krysbins cubs, and an ammy w phys, attack speed, dual CC

    What you'd be losing is the 100% bonus from compass and trav, but gaining more essence, physical and such. thanks!

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    has anyone tried both? I have tried the build copied from the GR 97, but wondering how it compares to rhykker's build w seismac slam? Thanks!

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    To add on to this idea, when you are grifting you should be able to control what class u have drops for. My support barb is the only good toon i have for grifts n xp. So with the limited time I have thats what i play. But that time would be nicely spent equipping another character since i dont have much time to devote to farming another

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    hey all. Currently in a clan that plays a lot, but looking for others in case all the grift runs are full. Been running 90-95s easy, but havent hit 1000 paragon so would really like to have options for gem leveling and XP in general.


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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Barbarian)

    Gavel for group play





    1300 vit


    24 max fury

    was thinking vit to attack speed? thoughts?

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