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    Quote from Hypz23

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    Blizzard's response is just dancing around the issue. This Bridenbecker sounds like a great PR-type who could talk himself out of anything.

    He doesn't address the core issue that people don't care about all the fake pros that he mentions and want simply want be able to play the game whenever they want to, connected or not.

    I don't really mind the online requirement right now since I will be playing on internet connected PCs at all times. But in the future if I want to play it on a laptop in a remote environment where there's no internet, I'd be pretty pissed.

    Welcome to the modern world. Get 3G or something. You aren't always going to get what you want, you had best start geting used to it.
    That makes no sense. Life goes on, technology advances so I get less choice? I don't care about 3G or smart phones or have any inclination to pay extra for it.

    Welcome to the modern world... that's ridiculous. You're telling me that everyone who doesn't live in a city isn't part of the modern world? Get your head out of your ass.

    3G blows. If I were to get a Rogers Smartstick with the sole purpose of playing Diablo 3, how far would my $50/m for 3GB bandwidth go? Do you have any idea what the overcharges are? They used to be $56/GB. They've been toned down now, but it's still terrible. Then there's the speed - my computer is in the basement, and I lose connection frequently when I use my smartphones internet on my computer (which I do rarely, as I only have 1GB.)

    Another option for me is satellite internet, and from what I hear the speeds are worse than dialup.
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    How can you possibly laud anybody from Blizzard right now for their apparent skill in dealing with idiocy? Are you insane? The so called idiocy on the forums was brought about by Blizzard's inflexibility. They get an idea in their heads, they do it, then when the shit hits the fan they cower behind half truths and silence.

    I *will not* be able to play this game if an internet connection is required. I am irate. I had to move to an area with no internet access, and because of that Diablo 3, the game I've been waiting for a decade to have, is out of my reach? That is unacceptable. What about our friends and family in the military, with shoddy internet overseas, will they have to miss out on Diablo 3? You bet your ass they will. Is that fair?

    And don't tell me it's my fault I live with no internet, or that I should move to a new area, because that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is that Diablo isn't an MMO, and should not require a constant connection. That's lunacy.
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    Quote from "Nekrodrac" »
    I don't think Equinox was pointing out anybody's taste on who or what features they label as attractive, but rather how important a person makes it to be.

    And it all depends on how you look at it anyway- for me physical beauty is just that- nothing very substantial and certainly quite superficial. I can definitely appreciate it however.
    But just how long will a person hold his/her attractive features? Through magic called time, there will ALWAYS be somebody more attractive at one point or another.
    Contemplating a person by looks alone is lame. You are basically putting limits and chains to yourself and how you see the world when you could be free.
    And I hope nobody quotes me- I don't feel like getting really serious in this childish excuse of a thread.

    I love you.
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    Quote from "emilemil1" »
    Now say that to me and I will point at your avatar and silently whisper fail...

    But you realize I say this because comments like that are part of the problem. Don't judge a woman unless you want her to judge you too. I personally have zero tolerance for serious sexism (I may joke around with my girlfriend but she knows I'm kidding.) Every bit of advertising everywhere SCREAMS at women to be skinnier, be prettier, have better hair, wear more makeup, wear less clothes, and when people start saying "she could lose a few pounds" I find that disturbing and controlling. It's her body, it has nothing to do with you, she can choose how much she weighs for herself.

    People (read: men) need to stop being such control freaks, and learn to respect women for more than their beauty.

    emilemil I say "you" in this post a lot, I don't actually mean you, I mean those who judge women before themselves.

    If you honestly have to judge a woman look at your own flaws first and ask yourself how it must feel when so many people mention them to you.
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    Oh god I'm laughing. This soundboard is amazing.
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    If your brother can build, spend the $650 on parts instead and get him to assemble. What broke in your comp? May be able to get away with upgrading a few components instead of the whole thing.

    Edit: Option one has a better video card and a BluRay player, I'd say it's worth it. But I still think you could get better buying parts. I spend maybe $700 (Canadian) on my new PC, fairly nice parts in it, so I imagine $650 USD is worth a bit more?
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    I'd say rent Borderlands first. I thought I'd like it but I ended up despising it and returning it for store credit a week later.
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    Quote from "deathMars" »
    I hope you're all joking about seriously like this idea.

    I think you misunderstand "pirate." Pirates don't all have peglegs and parrots. And they exist in the Diablo universe. If you're such a genius what's your idea, old timer?
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    Quote from "Zoobi" »
    Guess I just don't see the issue with Korean or european fans coming to the U.S. to go to Blizzcon.

    Would you like to go to Korea for Blizzcon? Maybe if it wasn't in your country you'd understand. I'm assuming you live in the states of course. Driving 3, 4 hours across states isn't bad. Paying $300 for a plane ticket, $300 for hotel, $150 for ticket, then food... that's not an option for a lot of us. Therefore, we miss out on Blizzcon every year.

    Every year.
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    I'm still awake @_@ why does it hurt so much!

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