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    you do realize this game actually drops items we are using. 2 years ago...we couldn't even find anything to equip. You want a higher drop rate????? You want to be in torment 1 after a few runs of rifts? ....I think you are forgetting how good we have it right now..... Remember when we did finally get access to high magic find and monster power we got legendaries that were always useless. We all ended up paying 500 hrs before we saw a legendary and then when we got them they sucked and we still had the auction house as the only option... for any upgrade if you wanted to go further than MP 5 or 6.

    Why is everyone forgetting how much more improved this game is. Don't forget so soon how bad it was and included so bad the director basicallyquit because the whole world with any thing Jay Wilson became famous for sucking , but getting so bad his personal privacy and safety were at risk, I even remember Rob Pardo actually replied to a thousand page post bashing Jay. If you noticed rob pardo was not producer on this , but Pierce was, I know they rotate but its still something to consider..
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