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    Put your spoiler here.The point is, 7 years of development canceled, and no one is blaming anyone.

    D3 was actually playable and built 2 years ago, and jay wilson got so much hate because the game wasn't d2.5. But here we have someone who was overseeing a 7 year project and just happens to leave a few months early? LOL

    Can you imagine if it was released as is? The entire planet would be screaming how can you mess up WOW 2.0 this badly?

    I just think its strange when certain things don't seem to effect everyone the way it usually does :)

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    posted a message on Know we know why Rob Pardo left.....

    He get a a lot of crap for d3 and Pandaland... but leaving the company several months before you know TITAN is going to be canceled! It worked....somehow no one has put those 2 together and realized Pardo left because titan was ALL HIS. Creative director for blizzard....

    I cant imagine all those people and teams dedicated for years on that, I wish I could have some back so D3 would have had a bigger team. I just can't believe that a few months ago when Pardo left, I'm sure they knew that project was over. I bet alot of the company started leaving few months ago.

    There was no Jay Wilson to blame, I'm just surprised how much of Pardo's work on the last 7 years has been canceled. LOl. He could have given just a year or two to d3 and it could really be a Saga.

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    you do realize this game actually drops items we are using. 2 years ago...we couldn't even find anything to equip. You want a higher drop rate????? You want to be in torment 1 after a few runs of rifts? ....I think you are forgetting how good we have it right now..... Remember when we did finally get access to high magic find and monster power we got legendaries that were always useless. We all ended up paying 500 hrs before we saw a legendary and then when we got them they sucked and we still had the auction house as the only option... for any upgrade if you wanted to go further than MP 5 or 6.

    Why is everyone forgetting how much more improved this game is. Don't forget so soon how bad it was and included so bad the director basicallyquit because the whole world with any thing Jay Wilson became famous for sucking , but getting so bad his personal privacy and safety were at risk, I even remember Rob Pardo actually replied to a thousand page post bashing Jay. If you noticed rob pardo was not producer on this , but Pierce was, I know they rotate but its still something to consider..
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    posted a message on Looking for uber runs or key farming!!!
    anyone fighting ubers? Or farming keys for ubers? my battletag is Higurashi#1627 add me i can do mp 4 or 5 for farming and ubers so invite if u need help or or can help me fight ubers, or farming for keys.


    USA Server I play all the time nights days wheneverim on, at this minute i am on!
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    posted a message on OFFICIAL DiabloFans BattleTag Thread
    Higurashi#1627 USA server
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    posted a message on Suggestion for rare/ Legendary drops on bosses
    i changed some of the ideas in this but didnt wanna make a new thread.
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    posted a message on Suggestion for rare/ Legendary drops on bosses
    well right now boss runs rarely happen because the loot is so bad. Most gamers run around killing elites for hours. I remember when they wanted people to farm the whole game. I do not want legendaries flooding the economy either, but the rare suggestions should be seen as fair.
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    thats why i said a lvl appropriate legendary, i didnt say kill the butcher and you get immortal kings armor or skorn with 1500 dps, a lvl 60 or 61 would be fine, ive found some since 1.04 and not all are godly. People want best in slot for all slots. If they fill one spot with a great weapon or armor piece they are gonna be motivated to fill their other spots. It was just a thought i had while running act 2 all day..
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    posted a message on Suggestion for rare/ Legendary drops on bosses
    Uber bosses , and boss guaranteed Loot

    Uber bosses should have a low chance of appearing instead of a regular boss if you have completed inferno, this way even after beating inferno players will have more to do. and have a greater increase chance to drop legendaries.

    Now regular inferno suggestions,

    We all know if we have 5 stack
    s of valor we get a few guaranteed drops from bosses but heres my suggestion. Since even the rares are trash whats wrong with increasing the chances of higher level drops.


    The Butcher 3 61 rares
    2 62 rares
    1 63 rare Other trash could be dropped but these would be guaranteed.

    Also to make progress in inferno feel epic, First time you kill a boss you should get a legendary appropriate to that level, so The butcher should drop a lvl 60 or 61 legendary. After that, legendary drop rate should increase 25 percent, Not 25 percent of the time you would get a legendary, I'm talking an increase of 25 percent to whataver the drop rate is. Since the chance for one to drop is so incredibly small a drop increase of that size wouldnt be a big deal.

    But what it does is make people want to kill rares and champions and then finish the act. Right now we have almost no reason to finish the act boss since they drop worse loot than trash mobs LOl.

    Belial 2 61 rares
    3 62 rares
    1 63 rare again other loot could drop but these are guarnteed

    Again a legendary of 61-62 should drop for defeating him first time. Making progress feel greatly significant. At the moment beating an inferno boss doesn't do much for the ego other than knowing you got trash for all that work. On Belial next time and every time after that a 50 percent increase to the drop rate should be applied to getting a legendary. That increase might sound large but it is still abysmal. Mostly the drop rate is for the players Psyche , it doesn't take much to motivate a gamer to keep progressing as long as there is a good enough and reasonable reason to continue.

    Azmodan 1 61 rare
    2 62 rares
    3 63 rares ,other stuff could drop but these would be guaranteed

    guaranteed first time legendary of level 62-63 after that a 75 percent increase to the chance of a legendary. THe increase does not stack so each run you do not increase the 75 percent on top of each other. Again thats like having 75 magic find automatically incorporated into the next and future fights with him.

    Diablo 6 63 rares, again other loot can drop but these are guaranteed
    2 guaranteed legendaries lvl 63 only
    I mean if you can beat diablo on inferno u deserve good loot not the junk people get now.
    He would have a 100 percent increase chance for future legendary drops Remember these drop lists are the guaranteed drops, u can have chances at other items to drop as well, everyone loves the pinata pops!

    The sub bosses as well should have better guaranteed drop
    just an example Skele at least 2 61 rares
    Maghda 3 62 rares
    act 3 sub bosses 2 62 rares, 2 63 rares
    act 4 sub bosses 4 63 rares
    and just like their boss counter parts they should have slightly increased drop rates for legendaries. 10%, 25%, 40%, 50% for the sub bosses.

    Remember these increases are actually abysmally small

    My suggestion is mainly to give people a real since of progress when beating bosses in inferno and that when they do progress they have a chance at something great. A players psyche is very important to cater to if you want people to want to farm.

    If people want forget the legendary ideas in the post but i think guanteed lvl rares is a good idea. Because i dont want the economy ruined even though id love the chance of legendaries to drop on bosses to be increased, if necessary maybe make super bosses or uber versions of them that randomly appear instead of the regular boss that has a greatly increased drop rate. So instead of the butcher appearing sometimes like 10 percent of the time or randomly generated an uber version of him appears and giveds a better chance a better loot. Like a 10 percent chance for an uber to appear in the boss room. This would be possible once inferno is completed then a to be determined increase to the drop rate of a legendary if you beat the boss.

    i wouldnt mind uber bosses available in inferno before beating it but at the mpoment i think it should be for people who have finished it, as a reward and also new content is usually seen only by the top players first kind of light in mmo's, th eraiders see the content first, then eventually after an amount of time its given to the rest of the players to experience.

    To be honest im only mentioning it should be available for post game play mostly because I just beat it today myself after 300 hours and like 200 hours of grinding act 1 and like 50 hrs of 2. And would love a reward for it :)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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