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    posted a message on confused monk. all the bonuses. what stacks with what? push me in the roght direction

    most buffs are additive so that 20% gets added with the other dmg buffs, only a few are multiplicative meaning everything times the %.

    so lets say you have 3 buffs of 10% which are additive so dmg would be at 130% and then also 3 buffs of multiplicative so you take the 130% * 1.30 = 169%

    its a bit weird which buffs are additive and which are multiplicative but if you don't want to go to detailed just think of 9/10 buffs being additive.

    this is the best i can explain quickly but Quin C or Quin69 (whichever you call him) can explain this way better and more detailed.

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    posted a message on Headphone Suggestions

    Logitech G35, build to last.

    My last pair ended up ok for around 4 years

    It has a better mic then most posted here and sound is really good if not better then Siberia V2.

    You'd pay $10 more for a really really good headset

    personally now I use the Logitech G930 which are the wireless version of it and its so far my best purchase (im lazy to put the headset down so i take it with me hence the wireless)

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    posted a message on Grift Tier 85+ Videos

    where can i find the health globe supp build?

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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2015

    I hope they finally allow addons with limits ofc to reduce risk on automating things.

    primarily HUD addons and swap-able gear sets would be nice and some more stash storage (like 10 tabs or so)

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    posted a message on TotalBiscuit aka The Cynical Brit revealed that he has terminal cancer :/
    Quote from Archangel2736»

    Over 10 years ago, doctors said to me that I have an autoimmune disease that almost not possible to be cured...I laughed at them, said that are clowns that have no idea how my body function because they don't have my body and I'll find something or at least try...

    God has done me a great evil in this life by almost no cure for some diseases, greatly humiliated me and hurt, but it was for my own good because I learned a lot and I have healed....

    Bad things can lead to greater motivation to understand parts that you don't like and to have great improvements...

    Analyses are overrated, are persons that can be healthy with ultimate "deadly" values, others with "normal" can have big health problems..

    I cured myself with the help of nutrition, sports, self confidence and of course help of God...

    Nutrition is about vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, fat acids, life style and more....

    Almost anything can be cured with nutrition, sports and self confidence.

    "No pain, no gain", so without elements of bad (evil) aka pain, etc you can't progress. You can't make more muscle if you don't destroy at least temporary the muscles.

    Good can't defeat bad (evil) unless using weapons of bad (evil): pain, destruction, kill, etc...Good is hypocrite when fighting with bad.

    I done my job and said something, I won't reply in this topic anymore.

    Gl to TB and all!

    u are so full of shit...
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    posted a message on I just wanna give up
    Quote from chadwx»

    Getting tired of leaving games because i get a bad rift. It would be a great option if we could close the rift without completing it.

    Ive grown used to bad rifts while doing greaters, but i refuse to do the low density cave map on t10.

    if you dont like it, just exit to menu and retry...
    if you're complaining about rifts on T10 you have no right of talking.
    just u wait untill you try GR 70+ with no good pylons/shrines
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    posted a message on Reply to Buff bar problem. (ITS SIMPLE BLIZZ)

    They could also group up buffs and when you mouse over the icon it shows the entire group but i did not suggest this at first because it require to rewrite a part of the game which they will not likely do so easily, there for going up to 12 icons is alot easier and will fix 75% of the problems in 1 go

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    posted a message on Reply to Buff bar problem. (ITS SIMPLE BLIZZ)
    Quote from Nikonikoneko

    What about debuffs? What about those that exceed 12 buffs? Not a solution.

    place debuffs above the last few

    and you would never reach past 12 buffs that matter when blizz is done with categorizing them (which they explained in yesterdays topic)

    I made a quick new one to explain it for you @Nikonikoneko

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    posted a message on Reply to Buff bar problem. (ITS SIMPLE BLIZZ)

    I've seen the topic on buff bar yesterday and i'd love to add that everything is solved with 12 buff slots,...

    you get a long reply back that is high on prority but that is not simply increasing it will fix bla bla bla.

    If you keep the same icon size and just move the bar a bit to the left and add more so its 12 total its all fixed.

    no clustering is going on most people dont get more then 12 buffs and lets say you get a inna monk and barb shouts + some more shrine effects and rings etc. you'd still find it hard to reach 12

    as shown below a quick copy paste edited screenshot

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    posted a message on Storaged Caches

    you get double caches, not double rewards....

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