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    posted a message on First Character you played in D1 & D2
    Warrior and barbarian

    I enjoyed my barbarian and the warrior was pretty easy to play so yeh.
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    posted a message on They should rename this class.
    Quote from necronergal

    But the thing is, if you were an npc and you heard this person tell you their story of how their family was murdered by demons, and now they hunt demons to have their family rest in peace.
    If they just so happened to walk off after telling you. What would you call them?

    Van Helsing, depending on if they wore a wide-brimmed hat and all that leather...

    Ummmmm yeh I couldn't care less really, though I do like the idea of her being paid by nobles (Italofoca's idea), that just makes her so much... cooler, and cold.

    Problem is now that they've released the class that means they're pretty happy with it and bets are they won't change it.
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    I'd like to see Jordan as a super powerful quest-mage-escort npc quest as a throwback to the stone of jordan :P

    I'd also like to see adria the witch back somehow, if cain can survive that long, then she can, and she's far to crafty to get killed in the wholesale slaughter of tristram.

    Possibly meet the Real (Slim) Summoner

    I think that they could mimic Fable and have a graveyard in New Tristram, and each headstone has something witty written on it, for characters that they couldn't fit in to the game to make a cameo appearance. Especially for long dead but much beloved characters like wirt, griswold, Arkaine (from Arkaine's valour D1), Lachdanan could make a showing, being one of Leorics knights.

    Anyways, Diablo 2 already had many many cameos, and D3 will probably have more. I look forward to blizzard because they've always been good with easter eggs.
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    Thanks for warcry sticks thing. I didn't know I could vendor them, so I went and vendored them for my switch for all of my 3 barbs. :)

    Anyways, I'll respec soon, thanks for all your advice guys.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 windows 7 theme
    I don't even have Windows 7 so a screenshot would be appreciated so we can appreciate what you've done.
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    posted a message on Community Spotlight
    Wow I ought to check out the fanfic section more, it's really quite amazing.

    I love community spotlights yay!!!
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    posted a message on Help with Berserker barb
    What would I put into the Tombs three sockets?
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    posted a message on Help with Berserker barb
    I'm not planning on lvling to 99, I might get him to low 90's, he's lvl 89 atm. I would invest his skill points into everything but Howl and then put whatevers remaining into howl last.

    I'm thinking of going fortitude for the extra damage. And apples makes a good point about my strength and how it's unnecessary for me to get godly defensive gear.

    I know about CTA but if I dual wield hotos or cta its 6+ in total.

    What is a Tomb? I can't find it on the wiki anywhere.

    "ed jewels or res jewels are the best for a socket in arreats because you wont need more ias with a mancatcher than 40."
    Having had a look it really is amazing how much difference that extra 10 ias the mancatcher has makes. I hit the final breakpoint so easily.

    One friend suggested that I go for an enigma in a breastplate as my defence doesn't matter and dump all points into vit unless I need the dex for weapon.

    He will not be doing pvp. I never got into that and am not interested in it.

    I just want this guy to be a monster basher, and be able to solo hell baal with pretty much my current build, then I will truthfully be happy with him and can put him to rest. I've always been in love with the whole titan idea because it's so different from max vit build and it makes him a bit of glass cannon and he takes more skill to play with juggling howl and taunt.
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    posted a message on End-Game Event Ideas
    I do like this idea of randomised content.

    But to be honest I think they could do it more like Median XL. Where you have lots of challenges to complete that are all very difficult and most are story-derived. I think Diablo 3 could take leaves out of some of the mods for Diablo 2's books.

    I can see why someone wouldn't want a time-trial mode, as in Diablo 2 it would mean that everyone would just go around creating light sorcs with map hacks in order to get the achievement. But diablo3 is a different game where it will be more balanced, fair and overall easier to finish hell with any class. So a time trial idea isn't a bad one as long as they don't implement enigma again... And they could even balance the times depending on what class your playing. As the wizard class has teleport, allowing it to dismiss large parts of the dungeon.

    Fastest full clear times anyone? Like the den of evil but who can do it fastest?

    And I personally am looking forward to being able to create 100s of games in the space of 10 minutes and not be temp banned for it... seeing as bots have it written into their scripts nowadays to delay their creation of games so that they don't get this temp ban anyways.

    And for the end game 'events' that could be like a weekend event, but I hope that they keep it in the spirit of the Diablo series. NO valentine events like in WoW please.

    Possibly the event could be like the siege of harrogath... except harrogath is actually getting attacked, and monsters are trying to come through the walls and batter them down. If they have destructible environments... well, yeh.

    The main thing I want them to do is make it so that these things needs friends to complete them. It's not as much fun unless the game is driven by social interaction. Which is a large part of what Diablo 2 is missing, especially with rushes and so on.

    EDIT: I did not know that they had put a male wizard model up on the site yet... O.o kewl.

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    posted a message on Beta
    I'm pretty sure it'll work like Starcraft 2 did really, I can't see it happening any other way.
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    posted a message on Help with Berserker barb
    So I've started looking at berserker barb builds to respec my barbarian into. This is because he is currently a pre 1.13 Whirlwind build, and with the removal of iron maiden he doesn't need berserker, but I don't really like WW as the core game mechanic of him, so I'm switching him to berserker. I'm on non-ladder so I can't 'up' via cube any of my gear etc. so he'll probably never be 'perfect' in my eyes. But, that said, I'd still like him to kick-ass!

    My gear is:

    Arreats (suggestions for what to socket it with?)

    Verdungos hearty cord.

    2 x Ravenfrosts (17 dex, 232 ar. 17 dex 242 ar.)

    Cats eye ammy (Looking for HighLords)

    Laying of hands. (I have a spare steelrends but I plan to keep these ones)

    Infernostride demon hide boots (really want gore riders)

    The gladiators bane wire fleece (want an enigma or fortitude in a sacred plate with above 557 base defence)

    At the moment I am using a bonehew with a shael and pul rune in it. I want to know what the best 2H weapon for a Berserker barb is? I would like everyone's suggestions and preferably I will be using an Ebotd item :).

    And on switch I need 2 x CTA so that my BO makes him awesome.

    20 Battle Orders
    20 Berserk
    20 Wpn Mastery (a 2H mastery spear or polearm)
    20 Shout (defence and Berserk synergy)
    20 Howl (Maxing out last)
    1 Battle Command
    1 Natural Resistences
    5 Pre Requisites
    1 Increased Speed

    If you've ever wondered that shout is a completely retarded synergy for berserk, it is. However I max it before howl as howl is a panic button that I press if surrounded and definitely dying. While shout gives me synergies to BO and BC.

    My stats go something like EVERYTHING INTO STRENGTH. That's right, he's a strength pure and thus no armour is too heavy for him. Some of you will be crying HEALTH! But never fear, with enough life charms he can raise his base hp to just above 1k, and then with BO he gets a little over 2k. Atm I gave all my life charms to my smiter so his base hp with everything into str is 661 and 1.1k with bo, and that is without the +6 to BO via call to arms. But look, I'm respecing and then going for the perfect weapon as an order of importance, therefore I will put enough into dex to make sure I can wield it.

    Look, the reason I wrote this all up for you, is because I'm not sure what I should do:

    Should I go enigma? OR
    Should I go and spend a lot of money (game money not real money) on a fortitude in a sacred plate for the extra damage? OR
    Should I go Chains of honour instead?

    What would be the best thing to put in my arreats face (and then what is an affordable option to put in it :P)?

    Should I instead ditch the whole pure strength thing (he does alright with WW and stuff in this gear so I figure with berserk but much better gear he'll do even better) and go for max vit with minimum str?

    And the biggest question of all, what weapon should I use? I want to use a 2H weapon for no reason other than it looks cool and everyone uses 1H'ers. Even though 1h'ers are better...

    What would be the best items to put in my merc to complement me? I am currently thinking might A2 merc with a Pride for concentration aura, but does his might aura and concentration aura stack?

    Really, I just want to know what to do for a godly weapon, but I would value your opinions for everything else too.

    Thanks guys
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    posted a message on Who's up for some Wc3?
    I know that this is completely off-topic.


    Nice dp! :)
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    posted a message on Might play again
    Quote from Lt. Venom

    USEast is full of spammers and other bots.

    Same for USwest.

    But you're on hardcore, and I imagine that the situation is pretty different there. I don't know but the ladder would be populated.
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    posted a message on Wilson on Diablo III and Press Conference
    Why don't they just setup 2 different skill trees, containing the same abilities but one is balanced for PvE and one for PvP? Seems like it could work to me. Just implement a system when you can't PvE while in PvP spec and vice versa. That way nothing in PvP has to be op because they won't nerf it because of PvE. And you will of course be able to set both at the same time. When you enter Arena it switches to PvP spec or whatever. All the other time (unless they allow non-arena private duelling) you run around in PvE spec.
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    posted a message on Buying WoW (from scratch)
    It really depends on how fast you are at lvling.

    One of my friends got to 80 within a month on one of his alts. So if that's the case (your playtime and playstyle is such that you will level very fast) then buying them all at once makes sense.

    If however you are like me, and are going to spend months leveling to 80/85, as well as leveling alts at the same time as your first character, leveling professions, achievement whoring, playing the auction house (making money in other words). Then buying classic (and bc for the 2 other races) would make sense as you'll probably save money in the long run as a few months down the track they'll all probably cost less anyway.

    I wish that I had not bought classic, bc and wotlk at the same time as I could've saved a lot of money.
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