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    Quote from italofoca

    Paladin is the best PvM class imo. Everyone knows what a hammerdin is. But almost any of his mainstream builds is very strong (smiter, tesla, zealer).

    paladins can pretty much solo the game halfnaked. I want to bash paladins some more but this thread has managed not to so I won't.

    Also all the really viable builds for being able to do hell solo with bad gear have been names.
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    Quote from Conax

    Remove the globes in the arena. You win you earn, you lose you learn.

    Just chiming in to say, even if you win you should try and take something away from the battle. Even if it's how to not play the game.

    Health globes in arena sounds like a mechanic that will define the arena experience of Diablo 3 if they keep them.
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    I haven't watched bleach, one piece or naruto and I love anime, does that make me a bad?

    stuff by jun maeda like angel beats!, or Clannad (if you watch the afterstory and don't cry you're a monster.).

    Chrome shelled regios was pretty darn good but lacked explanation that was necessary to find in the manga.

    Black Butler was pretty amazing

    Zero no Tsukaima for those that like fan service because half the point is the underlying sexual tension.

    Other than that I also advise watching the american cartoon Avatar: The last airbender (or the legend of Aang), which is drawn with an anime feel, and is one of the best anime-like-things I've ever watched.

    Also on the dub vs jap sub debate, I always watch an anime in japanese with *insert language here* sub, I don't know why really I just somehow feel that it retains more of the original feel. (such as, at one point, Nagisa saying 'me and tomoya are doing ecchi things together!' which got dubbed into 'me and tomoya are having sex!' which is a pretty (to me) important nuance and I like that sort of thing.)
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    I think that there will be lots of end-game stuff to keep the game alive. When it was just diablo 2 the graphics sorta made the grind feel okay,and the familiarity and all that.

    I hope that they will have random (or organised :thumbsup: ) encounters for a weekend in a certain area. Something that requires more than one player to tackle so that folks'll group together to finish the event. I also think that there will be many many many alts made. many many many.
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    Quote from Kickin_It

    WW Barb is pretty straightforward - 20 WW/Weapon Mastery/BO, 1 Iron Skin/Natural Res/Berserk/Battle Command. Battle Cry can be useful to reduce your incoming damage and make monsters easier to hit. Put all your extra points there or in Shout. Use a 2H weapon that has a decent range (4+) or you won't be hitting as many enemies as you'd like. Just master what's called the "Dance of Death," WW'ing in short, triangular paths through the monsters. This will maximize your number of attacks. WW costs a lot, so you'll definitely need to have a decent amount of Mana leech, as well as enough Life leech to keep yourself alive. Overall, I think Frenzy would probably be an easier build for SP, but I don't have any personal experience to attest to.

    I agree 100% with the barb WW build. I've played 2 before. Though I advise one point into increased speed and increased stamina. The extra speed you get is absolutely invaluable. It makes running anywhere so much easier.

    With barbs you have to choose very carefully what weapon you're going to use for weapon mastery. Honestly as your in SP I would choose swords as they are by far the most common drop.
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    I voted august and beyond. I think the game is getting there, but it isn't close. as anyone here could say they expect a Q1-2 2011 release, of atleast some people do, that why I believe that it will be atleast 3/4s of the way through this year, to give us a beta for a maximum of... 6 months. I wouldn't want it to on longer than that.
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    Lol hardcore arena battles would either consist of completely amazing pros or extremely bad noobs. And I can't imagine finishing my character in HC that way unless I was bored and up for some good PVP.

    However I like achievements. I'm an achievement whore. I admit it. I love getting them , it gets the reward centres of my brain active with a flood of dopamine.

    Anywhoo I hope they have lots of achievements so that you can never really feel like you've finished and I hope that they make the main end-game interesting enough that I never feel the need to complete reems of achievements except on the side.
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    Despite having done ubers many times, I never got the opportunity to do Dclone. And it is the one thing that I haven't done in D2 (other than create a 2nd of every class...) that I always wanted too...

    Anyways yes this is a pretty standard method and there's nothing wrong with having it on the forum.

    And also, generally for renegade runs they have to sell more than 10 nl SOJs. Sometimes for private organised walks they won't tell anyone and they'll choose a server with little to no SOJs sold.

    Dclone walks are all done using duped SOJs (that was kinda the idea), but all it did was create a market for SOJs where the Anni charms were more valuable so people duped more SOJs. Generally from what I've seen in and around different D2 Dclone running communities is that people generally buy from some site duped NL SOJs (130 duped SOJs are pretty cheap) after organising a walk and then sell them ingame.

    TL;DR: Don't ever sell your legit SOJ's. Ever.

    anywhooo :whistling:
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    Quote from Lt. Venom

    I want to play a game.

    Thread derailment. Super meat boy sound good to you? It's :wallbash: fun.
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    posted a message on is this the wow forum?
    Welcome to the forum. I was actually merely curious if someone could possibly mistake this for a WoW forum.

    Anyways may you live long and listen! (aha.)
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    What I don't understand is how you're supposed to create a build if the stats are auto-leveled?

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding or merely ignorant of what this auto lvling feature is?

    Anyways I was never into D2 in a RPG way, it was merely an obsessive drive for better gear that kept me going. I don't know how anyone could possibly play the game otherwise past their first character and difficulty level. Once you hit nightmare on your first time you realise that your build was probably shit and you can't continue. All immersion is gone.

    So them making the stats work this way is a great and refreshing way of make the stats important to the game. Good on em.

    Also I can see many builds based around precision. So many builds. But the question is at what point do they cap your crit chance? Or do they just give you impossible diminishing returns so that you can never realistically achieve a certain crit percentage. The thing about the latter is that people will just mathematically work out the point that investing more points into crit chance becomes worthless and stop. And there's nothing wrong with the former. Or even combining the two.

    And then there could be builds focused on getting the highest crit chance while trying to sacrifice as little damage as possible. Ahhhh dear I like precision. Attack speed and crit chance build with chance on crit to stun (pvp)? oh yes.
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    posted a message on Ahhh TITAN confirmed.
    Ahhhh isn't that just... infinity?
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    posted a message on "Islam is not a religion"
    I'm just saying, it's not spelt masque. It's spelt mosque. If you're doing an assignment or something that would probably lose you marks.

    Anyways, I don't agree with her opinion, but I would fight to the death her right to express it.

    And that is all I have to say.
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    Quote from maka

    yeah, that's the problem with this game......you slip one millimetre in the design of the game, and it's gonna get exploited to death. give one area a slight edge in drops or whatever, and everyone's gonna grind it 'till the wheels fall off. damn power gamers....

    Well it's going to take longer due to no waypoints and tps. And also no bots. which will change the whole economy.

    I too search for some whiteys and I always pick up ethereals/socketed items or whatever in the hope of them being good.

    The other thing about this business of a whole room filled with whites is that if gold is going to be set up to be actually VALUABLE and a viable currency for player to player transactions then that room filled with whites ripe for selling is gonna get valuable really.

    EDIT: My opinion is that this mechanic is definitely NOT viable for a Diablo game.
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    what about the amazons magic arrow ability? huh? huh? yeh.

    And btw, in terms of class-specific weapons, repeater crossbows make sense? I mean... why would you give her a huge bow when that's not what's advertised when you play her character class?

    I'm not saying "no bows" but dual-crossbows seem to be her thing.
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