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    posted a message on D3 Quick Season Start Tracker - DiabloSeasons

    Are you going to update this at all for s21? Maybe add the cursed chests method?

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    posted a message on Barbarian Community Buff Proposal is LIVE!

    Amazing work Free and Rage!

    Make Barbs great again!

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    posted a message on Build Guide Section Suggestions

    So I have been trying to get my first build up onto Dfans today and noticed some things that could be tweaked. So I got a non-Latin Unicode error the first time I tried to save my build. While this wasn't an issue to get sorted out the form didn't save my build at all other than the text I had put in the buidl guide so I lost the item, skills, gems etc. Any way to keep that saved if something errors out when the build is submitted? Also my build guide is being copy pasted in from a Word doc and the word doc has formatting already done, bolding, bullets, numbering etc and it seems that doesn't copy over well once I save the build so for a bolded word I get the on either side of the word. Any way to make importing language in from Word for formatting friendly? Thanks!

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    posted a message on Diablofans is back! ? !!!

    Sanctuary has been restored. Super happy this site is back.

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    posted a message on New Site Starting

    so will the site be set up like how this one is? Really need to be able to pull in the skills and items like how dfans and icy veins does to be successful I think.

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    posted a message on <Exile> Exiled-One, Mumble-based clan, currently recruiting

    Just wanted to say I've been in this clan now for a little over a week and it's been a great experience so far. Great group of people to play with and there is always people online and willing to help out. Even casual conversations has greatly heightened my Diablo 3 experience. Can't figure out the issue that one

    guy had who posted here because there has been 0 drama. If you are looking for a great group of people to play Diablo with then join up!


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