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    Also, we get some scarce info on the Monk's Resource. I guess the most interesting part of that is how Blizz refers to the monk as a Holy Warrior.

    It's not really interesting. Monks are supposed to be Holy Warriors
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    run in administrator mode (right click program)

    I have to do this for Ventrilo and Diablo 2 with Windows 7
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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to post something amusing I noticed lol.

    2 of the 5 skills revealed by blizzard for the monk class were undoubtedly 100% ripped off from the anime Naruto. Specifically one of the anime's characters called Neji

    Its not THAT big of a deal, since games are notorious for stealing ideas and skills from each other all the time. The new dragon age game has so many skills straight out of World of warcraft and often have the same name

    But nevertheless, I just thought it would be an interesting thread for the diablo fan

    One of the monks skills is called "Impenetrable defense", and its a taken from Neji's "Absolute defense" the Kaiten. Here is the monk using impenetrable defense. Notice the defensive wall of blue mana around him that blocks attacks from any direction

    Then Look at Neji using "Absolute defense" Kaiten. Notice the exact same blue sphere which also blocks attacks from any direction. In the anime they call mana "chakra". Of-course the anime came out years before the Monk was released

    And the more obvious example comes in the monks other skill, the "seven sided strike" Notice the rapid attack movement, and the big giveaway being the pattern or design on the floor that occurs when the monk uses the skill. A big round circle pattern on the ground that appears when he uses the seven sided strike.

    It's taken from Neji using his "64 strikes of devination" technique where he hits the opponent very rapidly at 64 points on their body. Notice before he uses the skill, a giant circular pattern appears beneath him just like the monks skill

    You should look into a small game called Dungeons and Dragons and take a peak at a few moves the Monk class has there.
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    Alright. This has gone too far.
    DotA was not the first of its kind. Aeon of Strife was.

    So don't say anything is a DotA clone. Because DotA is a clone of AoS.

    By your logic, all games were rips from something, and eventually the only "true game" out there would be Dungeons and Dragons, cause lets face it. All the companys out there are heavily influenced by Gary Gygax

    HoN is a DotA rip, not AoS..They specifically take heroes from dota and port them over to HoN, as well as making completely brand new heroes.

    This game is really good. I don't understand why everyone says they enjoy DotA more when it's the EXACT same...Except HoN has better graphics, better gameplay, and better features such as the reconnect feature.
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