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    I have to disagree with you. To echo Huck, Sixen and quote DBZ powerhouse Super Vegito "It's quality, not quantity."

    It is my belief that those who see the post count as a dominant factor on fansites such as this are superficial. I liken it to this - if we took everything Sarah Palin and Albert Einstein said and place it in one forum dedicated to the documentation of both people, you'd probably see that Sarah probably has said a little more than Albert, but Albert has said things that hold more meaning to the average person than Sarah. That would be because Albert has, understandably, more intelligence and common sense than Sarah. In the end, though, to me, the post count, no matter how high, means absolutely nothing. It is the quality of the thought, not the number of them.

    To the topic of the spam forums - No, I don't believe it hurts to ask to bring them back. However, whether or not that happens is up to the people with the pretty colors in their names. Specifically, the red and blue ones, I believe.
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    I lol'd! That was awesome. All I can say about the story is....

    Poor Stormy.
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    I was going to post something incredibly long and ranting, but upon further thought I decided that rather than get banned for devulging my utmost animosity for these people, and probably scaring the bejeebee's out of most people here, I'll just say this...

    Sterilizing the sexual reproductive organs of these people would be a blessing for the rest of the world.
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    Welcome to Diablofans! We have all sorts of sales going on today - we have a 50% off special at the Butcher's deli, a liquidation sale at the aptly named River of Flame auto shop and, as an added bonus, if you buy something at one of these locations, we'll give you, as a one-time offer only, a shard of the Worldstone free of charge. Please, keep it with you at all times and our customer service representitive :bigD: will help you in soul payment solutions.

    We hope your stay with us is enjoyable and we look forward to doing business with you again soon! :cheers:
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    Quote from "RedRocks" »
    I realy do hope that gold will be the main currency in D3. It would be soo much easier if everything could be bought by gold, and if gold was rather hard to earn. Even if you only find small piles of gold they will eventualy end up in a big pile. Having a currency like runes, wich are hard to find at all and comes in various shapes, is mad.

    -English is my secondary lenguage and this was writen on an iPhone. And the goddamned thing tries to replace every word with a similar Swidish one. Please neglect my spelling errors and gramatical failures.

    Not many, friend. I'd excuse 'em anyway. It's the internet so not many people go completely nuts sh*t over grammar. If anyone does, though, please feel free to point them out so I can practice my form of anesthetics.

    *grabs sledgehammer*
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    Oh, harro! :cheers:

    Welcome to Diablofans, where tonight's local dish is hack-n-slash with your choice side of either PvE or PvP dipping sauce. For dessert, our specialty for tonight is hellfire roasted marshmallows and authentic Tristram vintage Farnham's Special. Please feel free to have a seat and our waiter :bigD: will be with you shortly to take your soul!

    Enjoy your stay!
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    I realize that some of us are a little frustrated at Blizzard for prolonging the creation of Diablo 3. I am no different. The purpose of this poll is to let of a little steam but not to the point where you're blowing off so much steam that you make an embarrasment out of natural spring geysers and saunas all over the planet. Just a brief opinion will do. Nothing outrageous or speculative. I realize we all have differing opinions so, at least as it concerns this particular thread, let's have a small amount of tolerance for other people's opinions, no matter how "wrong" their opinion seems to you.

    Allow me to set the example...

    Blizzard, I realize that you really want to make a great game in Diablo 3 and I'm cool with that. In fact, I hope you make this the best game you will ever create. But, uh.....can it be done a bit faster please? Thanks.
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    I came across an interesting scenario running through all of the things that have happened in the course of Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. Remember waaay back in Diablo 1 where the hero found the Staff of Lazarus? It was around either the 14th or 15th dungeon level. Anyways, we all remember that Lazarus went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and that the hero had to slice him up, riddle him with arrows or fry him with various magical spells - whichever class you were, you did one of the following. Now, to get the quest to find Lazarus, you had to find his staff and give it to......Cain. I've looked at every possible Diablo lore I could find, looked at websites pertaining to both Diablo games, questioned a few people about it and NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT STAFF AFTER IT WAS GIVEN TO CAIN! No one knows if Cain studied it, which would be the most logical explanation, immediately discarded it or attempted to bury or destroy it, like his Horadrim forefathers did before him, or made a little cash and sold it. It would not be a stretch to assume this, though - since Lazarus himself was corrupted by Diablo's influence, it is highly likely that his possessions, to include his staff, other armaments and his armor, also held some demonic energies, if only slightly. At one point, though, the staff must have left Cain's possession because it is a Unique weapon in Diablo 2 (see Spire of Lazarus) but, for how long Cain had it is anyone's guess.

    This alone, however, is not justification to suggest that our trustly scholarly friend might be somehow involved with the forces of evil. The next point I'd like to make has us fast forwarding to the beginning events of Diablo 2. The heroes, in need of advice on how best to deal with the demons and tackle Andariel, make a magical trip to Tristram to rescue Cain. Here's the next problem I run into - the Horadrim were the group of guys that sought, battled and imprisoned the Three Prime Evils and left them to their solitary (well, somewhat solitary in Baal's case) confinement. If I was a demon and I came across one of the followers of the Horadrim, I'd tear the hell outta the guy. After all, they would be considered to be a living symbol, in Cain's case, the last living symbol, of the mockery of my masters. That'd make for a nice war trophy, wouldn't it? WHY DIDN'T THE DEMONS JUST KILL HIM OUTRIGHT? It would make sense to me that this would be the natural course of action for demons bent on slaughtering everything and everyone they come across. Cain even said so himself in Diablo 2 that Hell's actions always seem bent on destruction (I cannot remember the exact quote) so why did the demons not do so in this case? They left him to die in a cage, which, for anyone who has watched the movie Willow knows, is not always the surest bet that someone would die that way.

    One final point I'd like to make and that is what Cain does during the events in Diablo 2 and that is - EXACTLY WHAT WE WOULD EXPECT DECKARD CAIN TO DO. He studies and more than likely documents everything. "What would he study" you would ask? The heroes he accompanied. And how they fought. Who they fought, what they fought, how to overcome who and what they fought, what things they ventured across, especially if it was of a magical origin, how quickly they adapted to new adversities, and probably the most important of all - he more than likely studied the aftermath of the Battle for Mount Arreat. Your answer for why the forces of Hell would keep the last living member of the Horadrim alive - furthered accumulation of knowledge.

    Think of this, Hell is always looking for a new edge, a stronger power to wield and conquer all of creation. And, don't forget! Hell can adapt, too. Look what the Prime Evils did with the knowledge Izual gave them about the Soulstones. Then, look what that knowledge combined with Tal Rasha's power accomplished. What power is there in knowledge? A great deal of it. Who specializes in accumulated knowledge and proficient use of it? The Horadrim...or, at least, they used to. There's still one left, though, he's not the battle hardened mage warrior his forefathers were. Imagine this - Baal has Tal Rasha's powers and knowledge. Diablo learns that information from his older brother and takes it for his own. He then gains the accumulated knowledge from Cain and adds that to his list of powers. Diablo would then have - Diablo 1's hero's fighting prowess, Tal Rasha's magical prowess and knowledge, all of the information on what the Horadrim has and had ever done plus all of what the other human clans have and had ever done up to the beginning of the events of Diablo 3.

    Now, whether Cain might be a sort of sleeper agent or if just in coming in contact with an item that contains demonic influence or energy, such as Lazarus' staff, allows the greater denizens of Hell to peer into one's mind is arguable to any extent. However, when Diablo possessed the hero that sought to slay him, he must have been aware of Cain's knowledge and the extent of how it could be used. After all, the hero of Diablo 1 used it to great extent while battling through the levels of the cathedral, and the labyrinth below it, in order to solve the mystery of what happened to Albrecht. A mystery that Cain was very much involved in, to include partially solving that mystery himself! My belief is that Diablo knows Cain's value is in his intellect and intends on, somehow, collecting it and using it against any other group of heroes that would, once again, attempt to stop him.

    Your thoughts?
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    posted a message on Cheer up console fans, your day may come.
    Quote from "Destructus" »
    There is 2 up already talking nothing... Ive viewed them both just fighting no one even has thought about the mouse keyboard to consoles... a console is just a computer after all.

    See, that, to me, says "not done in a proper fashion" or done without being respectful to the other gamers on the forum. If I had the knowledge of how to make a thread with a poll, I'd present this issue in the most respectful, yet, thought-provoking manner without encouraging whining and argumentation (though, it is my fullest belief that such things would occur naturally, I would try and minimalize this by careful presentation).
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