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    Quote from "Huck" »
    Thought I'd contribute since I'm new here.

    My cousin on the left.

    You are all too attractive to compete with, though.

    Can I have her number? Both good looking people.
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    I absolutely loved this movie. I could list reasons why, but everyone gets the idea. The movie is just downright beautiful. I watched the movie at an IMAX in 3d. I?m not sure if watching it without 3d would have changed my impression at all. It took me awhile to get use to some of the visual blurriness in the background using the glasses. I recommend anyone who hasn?t seen it, to see it. I feel a little femmy saying this, but Titanic is another one of my favorite movies.

    Character development is my only criticism of the movie. There?s not a lot of transition from, ?Jake Sully, just doing his job?, to, ?Jake Sully, empathetic towards the Na?vi?. His personal conflict didn?t really portray on screen very well.

    The criticism I don?t understand is the predictability of the plot. Any plot is fine if it?s executed well. How many times must Mario save the queen from Bowser before we get tired of the games? Never!
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    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    Which part wasn't a personal attack?

    The part where you assumed everyone from Geeksquad (where he works) knew nothing and got paid too much?

    Or the part where you actually said:

    He could of been more helpful in his first post, but he's not at work, he gave the OP a few ideas of what to look for.

    On the other hand YOU came in and made it your prerogative to make a personal slight against him and where he works.

    Lesson learned for you?

    Fair enough. Conversation is over.
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