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    I honestly have the same issue. Did 62 without any problems. Todays I tried 66 and had to give up after 2 hours of dying. I'm para 670 and have full ancient gear with 4.3k dps Ik wep. I literally can't get much better gear and just can't survive 66 without taeguk stacks (even with them I sometimes die to white mobs). Watched Alkaizer clearing 69 where he didn't have much problems with survability. That's one thing I don't understand. I also tried the BK/WW build as there are more and more barbs clearing 67-70 with that setup, but that does no dmg even with perms wrath. Dunno how and what they snapshot to do that.

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    Hi guys

    I found "The gavel of judgement" like this:

    3.972 dps

    1237 str

    1405 vit

    34k life on hit

    I don't know whether i should reroll vit or loh into dmg %. Not sure if 34k loh is that good.

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