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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack

    So....... You're trying to make an argument for Thud not being considered cheating?

    How ridiculous is that?

    You're right it's more than just map-hack, it also lets you know probable locations of shrines, monster affixes before encounter, et cetera. Yes, clearly those things don't give you an unfair advantage, not intended (read as sarcasm).

    Lets also not forget that this unfair advantage saves precious time while hunting down elites, or moving between floors, or, or , or... You get the point.

    But the worst part is that you're probably not even on the 1000 spot leader board and still cheat, and that's sad.

    Get Good!

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    posted a message on And after Ancient items?Whats next
    Quote from undefined »

    That's such a nut-hugging way of looking at games. People that bow down and accept that pathology are the reason that the gaming industry is slowly, but surely, heading in that direction.

    No, D3 is a content driven game, there has been more changes made since ROS released than there ever were before. The game is headed in a positive direction, but there are more ways they can implement changes to make user reception a more positive experience. Personally I feel ancient items are a good idea, they have now realized that the majority of Diablo fans are not Blizzard fans. And, in their moment of realization they have been enlightened to the fact that while we like a challenge (greater rift system), we also like to feel overpowered (enter ancient items + high paragon v.s T6).

    With that said, and like I said, there are still aspects they need to change, as well as systems to be implemented to complete the user experience. I think now that the new team is in full swing, now that some of the new long term systems that have already been (recently) introduced are close to being in a good spot, we will start to see some new things emerge again.
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    I guess they posted on Twitter there was a power outage.
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    posted a message on Where to find white weapon "Tecpatl"
    go to normal difficulty act 1 and just do the cursed hold hall's etc... You can find it on normal though so no need to struggle. Also, if you want to be lazy go on story mode and go to the seige breaker, get the checkpoint there and usually there is 2 or 3 weapon and/or armor racks there... just keep making new games till you get what you want.
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    Quote from drvic10k

    What would ever be the point of making 2 of the same character class? a male and a female, wow.... they could have took that extra space and made a few more classes.

    there's a huge difference in time needed to make a new model and design a new class, not talking about that it's done by different people

    They had a decade... Also I know the time it takes to design and implement things into a game, I spent six years in school for double bachelor's in electrical and software engineering, interned at Capcom Toronto (whom offered me a position), and now work at a small company in Michigan.

    I had to laugh at a lot of the jive Blizzard was pushing during production, all those cuts they made etc...

    It does not take as much time as you think. What takes time is creating tools, and they already had those at that point. The time the spent making a different gender for each class and all the designing that had to be done just for that, easily would have been more than adequate for one or two more classes. And because Blizzard copied characters from D2 it would not have taken very much in the brainstorming stage, nor deciding on character progression or skill development.

    Point is they had time. Instead of a little more thought, they copied and pasted if you will.

    (Edit:) Take a look at "Path of Exile", the team working on the game is minimal and they have done a wonderful job making a game that is almost (minus a few aspects I dont like) exactly what diablo 3 should have been. Yet they still take feedback from the growing fan base and actually use it to make a game people want, which is a better solution than cosidering yourselves rockstars and telling people what is fun and how things ought to be; you cant really do that with a classic game. Also for the size of their team they have no problem dealing with time.
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    Quote from FoxBatD2

    Were you even around for the launch of diablo 1 or 2? because they started out great, and became epic

    I remember American closed B.net being all but unplayable the first 2 months, and we were all very happy our community could play open during that time. I also remember the best items being mostly rares that were hardly a step above what you could find in normal difficulty, a hell difficulty that anyone could just roll over at level 50, corpse explosion destroying 8 player games almost as bad as hammerdins and unrestricted static field + orb, etc. It's OK to have higher expectations of a company this large in 2012, but let's not be looking at the past with rosy glasses.

    Ok, 2 months is a vast over exaggeration, and yes I give you that, that was one hitch. However, the game was extremely large, and really they had no idea what to expect server-wise: the same however cannot be said for Diablo 3.

    We can agree to disagree, I dont remember rares being the best items in the game. Maybe for the first 2 weeks, however the community has established that legendary items as they are will not be viable at all in diablo 3 end game.

    Yeah, how long was it before people figure that shit out? and even then comparatively speaking those and other skill exploits where fun all around, the skills they just patched just made you invincible (basically) and were easily (and should've been) forseen.

    Moreover, The point of that whole paragraph was gameplay, the story was cool (they didn't hype up the lore and then fuck it up), the item system was cool, the quest system was fun and non linear except to advance to the next act (a.k.a open world which is not what diablo 3 is,) the skill trees were fresh, and you had customization choices. What do we have now? No customization, the item system is lame, you can put a total of 5 things on the merc (what happened to being able to fully gear them like yourself). What would ever be the point of making 2 of the same character class? a male and a female, wow.... they could have took that extra space and made a few more classes. Lets not forget the lack of originality here. Characters in D3 are just rip offs of D2's, I can go on and on with runon sentences and fragments but you get the bulk of what im saying?

    Like I said about the items we can agree to disagree, but Diablo 2 at launch was a great game. Diablo 3 not so much, dont get me wrong its a cool game its just not what Diablo 3 was supposed to be.
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    Let me explain something to the people that believe the item system is fine and that people are worried about color and blah blah blah...

    The designers (Once again mostly people from WOW teams) had little in the way of experience with Diablo. They noticed later on in development that people playing Diablo 2 were hunting for rares, its called consumer research. They took this idea and ran with it.

    In Diablo 2 uniques were meant to be the best items in the game. 1.10 Runewords came along and replaced a lot of Uniques as the best. Meanwhile "elite" players had realized that some blues (magic,) or yellows (rares,) had affixes and prefixes that made them better choices for certain things (mainly in PVP). It was never the intention of the designers for these items to be better it just so happened to play out that way. If you know D2 you know PVP was a last minute detail and they really were not think about items strictly for use in PVP.

    What are these Items? Druid pelts, tri-res boots, Zon gloves, tiaras, jeweler mods, cruel mods, javs, etc.... what do these all have in common? almost 100% of the time they were good for PVP only. And still only a select few that most of you have never found (maybe bought or traded on jsp,) were better than uniques.

    In Diablo 3, like I stated they ran with that idea.

    I give anyone this much, indeed the very best items in the game should be rares, with a few magics having certain traits that make the sought after. But for the majority of rares and even magics to be better than legendaries is outlandish, set items should also hold a value. But as it stands Asshole Sword of Gaping is better than The "legendary" Sword of God..(strictly for example) really? it's the sword of god..... It should be pretty fucking good.

    Those of you making an argument about how the item system is fine, and how you dont care about this or that... why would you care if the legendaries were actually legendary then? Stay out of it if you dont care.

    Its really not that fun to find rares, it is however fun to find a legendary (or unique). If their going to suck why make them harder to find?

    Also It was just stated, today I believe, that inerno was tested but no one at blizzard could beat it. However, previously they stated that end game gear would be a mixture of all types of gear... yeah so actually they are now realizing that the items are underpowered.

    Sorry for the double post.

    p.s. WOW players you know once a new WOW expansion comes out you will be back on there. So my question is why are you arguing with what Die-hard Diablo fans want?
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    Quote from Buffinator1121

    Just let the whiners be whiners there will always be whiners nothing we can do about it. nobody is going to be compleatly happy with diablo 3. we have the same thing in all games that are made. it usally gets better with time.

    Completely happy? how about happy in general? The designers of this game made it so it was more appealing to WOW players, (which judging from your comment you probably are unless you started out on Diablo 3 or on the tail-end of Diablo 2's massive run). Indeed it was their intention to make more money off the WOW community, fuck the Diablo fans they will buy it anyway. From the lackluster story, that was obvious and frankly an abomination to the word disappointment, to the completely none Diablo-esque linear playstation game gameplay, to the fucked-up item system, lack of customization in all aspects, and the fact that a company has been telling me what is supposed to be fun is not fun. I knew it was gonna be bad when J.W. kept throwing out there its not Diablo 2 like Diablo 2 was a bad game or something.

    Were you even around for the launch of diablo 1 or 2? because they started out great, and became epic. Starting out shitty and usually getting better with time is strictly a WOW thing. I think their company forgets because of the multi millions they make every month from WOW, that Blizzard is the house Diablo built. Im not a Blizzard fan im a Diablo fan, and they just gave me some game with the name Diablo on it, plain and simple.

    (Edit:) I should clarify by "tail-end of Diablo 2's massive run" I mean the point at which 85% of people were running bots and d2jsp took over and ruined the sense of fun the "in game economy" once had.

    Quote from Phrensta

    Some things get worse with time to, fruit, lymph node cancer. DIII needs some surgery, so can all the people whining and complaining stop chewing up the valuable time of blizzard employee's and let them do what they have to do, to balance this game and provide a reason to keep playing it beyond item farming.

    Dont be a fanboy, thats why they have a PR department... I would say it needs massive recontructive surgery. Staying quiet has never gotten anything accomplished. When enough people speak up is when shit gets done. Its about time to lower Blizzard from thier rockstar pedestal, as a supplier they do have to answer to your consumer.
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    posted a message on The Auction House Explained
    LOL, The AH is a joke it has ruined the game before it even came out. Gold is going to be a joke after about 6 months it will be abundant whether or not its highly valued for use in the game. So there goes that idea of using gold to get currency. Also there goes freebies and hand me downs and all the shit that made the previous installments cool. EVERYONE will sell there "lengendary items" and higher end stuff for "real cash" not to mention mosstly everything else. Also mention that it eliminates trading period, so theres no more "wow thats what im looking for""Wug for it""I got this this and this""oh i'll take that and that" <- thats gone, that was part of the fun, Just like it was eliminated in Diablo 2 by Fucking D2jsp, AH is D2jsp. And to everyone who thinks that the money thats going to Blizzard is going to benefit the game, your wrong and nieve. Blizzard doesnt care about shit but WOW, when it comes to adding content on a regular basis. They should have just left it alone, made a clause to shutdown and sue websites-webhosts who when selling virtual property owned by them (yes it was that simple I did a lot of research on it) The game is going to be region coded anyways so..... the "Asians" would not have been a problem here in the USA. Also no skill points and gear being SO important to build strength now is really gay and noobish. Anyways I hate everything they have done with the game recently, I have decided not to buy it/play it, if I change my mind it will be strictly for the story.

    So with a sincere Fuck you Blizzard (and Jay Wilson), thanks for making me wait 11 years for nothing, should've done more to keep your actual talent instead of being cheap.

    Peace, nice post btw.

    *Edit* PhrozenDragon, Sixen, ScyberDragon, and everyone else I missed, you guys are the shit thanks for all the good work, and keeping this site as awesome as its been.

    *Edit 2* Blizzard said that they did "what everyone seemed to want" with the real money buying items deal. How come they didnt listen to anything else that everyone seemed to want?(there are plenty of examples on this site as well as the other fan sites with people saying it would be cool if there were this and there were some things that a lot of people liked none of which got implemented) sounds to me like they were just after what they wanted, money.
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    posted a message on Mods plz read
    Dear Mods,

    I am very displeased with Blizzard about not having a Barbarian, or a Witch Doctor trailer. Is there any way in which we could make a petition? or something along those lines to "ask" Blizzard to make these?. As it is, it really seems stupid in the first place to not have a CG trailer for all classes. But seeing as how the Barbarian is the longest running class in diablo right now I think they should at least give us a CG trailer for him/her. Please let me know if you think something like this could be organized or not.

    Thanks, Nanaki
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