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    so i think its safe to say 90% of people agree it has to be a ranged class...

    i agree....

    my beef with the starting lineup now is that it lacks beef... theres not alot of armour going on. barbs only wear pants when they arent running around like a bunch of little girls, and arent very big advocates for shirts or helmets...

    monks are the same way it looks like...

    witch docs arent huge armour wearers, and obviously mages arent either.

    so this leads me to think that our ranged class might be bulked up a bit. not necessarily... but if we want some beefy armor designs, itll have to be.

    so heres a brainstorm i had....

    trag'oul (or trang oul) is a huge dragon that the world rests on. he is a huge part of diablo lore and is the deity worshipped by necromancers.
    so what if we had a bowclass or spear class character that was hybrid with necromancer. im friggin SICK of ranged units always being these neutral characters.
    why? why do they need to be neutral?
    so im thinking a amazon sort being infused with the evil of the necromancers bone and undead spells with a dragon like design. dragon helms ect... to pay homeage to trag'oul.

    oh wow, i just realized.... im totally thinking along the lines of blood raven.... thats funny.

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